Lord of the Rings - The Musical!

by DoctorGamgee

Inspired by TITANIC, LION KING, AND BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Broadway producers Wiarjo, King and Howe are in the process of casting the next great movie to hit the great white way: LOTR--THE MUSICAL.

Set in the style of Wagner's Ring der Niebelungen, it is a three part musical, whose fanbase is destined to bring it to the forefront of Musical Theater history. Never has there been a musical triumverant such as this one being undertaken. The entire cast has not been set, but so far the front runners are:

Gandalf--Mandy Patinkin
Frodo--Haley Joel Osmont
Sam--Danny Devito
Rosie Cotton--Rhea Pearlman
Pippin--Gary Coleman
Bilbo--Mickey Rooney
Legolas--Neil Patrick Harris
Gimli--Nathan Lane
Aragorn--Kevin Kline
Boromir--Tom Wopat (fresh from his revival of 'Annie get your gun!')
Galadriel--Bea Arthur
Elrond--Michael Crawford
Arwen--*Winona Ryder (provided she makes parole by opening.)

With the part of Merry in contention, we can let you know that in smaller roles, we have John Goodman as Butterbur, and N'Sync as the five Nazgul seen in the attack on Weathertop. James Earle Jones will be the voice of Sauron.

Notes on the musical offerings have been strictly kept under wraps, but after leaving the theater a few nights ago, Mr. Patinkin was heard by a cabbie to whistle a little under his breath, "Look, Look, Look to the Hobbit/Follow the hobbit who carries the Ring."

Stay tuned for further breaking stories.

- Doctor Gamgee