Adulas' First Snow

by Dinledhwen

This tid bit was something I thought of after I had finished writing Adulas's second story.

Ever since the Valar had bestowed the gift of elvishness upon me I never had the opportunity to really experience the lightness of the Eldar until a deep soft blanket covered Mirkwood. Then while I took my first tentative steps across the glittering surface just outside the Great Gate I was joined by Legolas who watched me with a thoughtful look on his face.

“Is something wrong?” I asked while stopping in my non-existent tracks for I was leaving nary a mark on the snow.

“No there is nothing wrong!” Legolas quickly replied with a big smile. “I was trying to think of the right words to describe the expression on your face just now.”

“And did you think of them?”

“Yes I did. I would describe your expression as one of wonder that a child would have upon discovering something new he can do for the first time.”

Now this made me grin as his words gave me a mischievous idea. So I squatted down and said “You’re right for that is how I feel. After all I am younger then you.” Suddenly I scooped up a big handful of snow and threw it at Legolas’s face while laughing before I ran off towards the beech grove. However I had only gone a short distance when I felt Legolas tackle me around the waist from behind and we fell together into the deep snow where I then learned that an elf’s lightness only applies to being on one’s feet when we sank down into it. After that we laughed while we wrestled with one another between volleys of snowballs until I noticed King Thranduil standing off to one side watching us with a stern expression on his face with his arms folded across his chest.

“Father!” I then exclaimed in embarrassment while Legolas scrambled to his feet. He looked just as uncomfortable as I did.

“When I heard that you two were out here acting very un-prince like I had to come and see it for myself,” Father began in a no nonsense tone of voice. Then he winked at us. “But I see nothing of the sort so carrying on as you were,” he added with a smile.

And so we did by pelting him with snowballs which in turn made him laugh and retaliate to the point where all three of us were breathless from laughter and couldn’t throw anything more because of it. By then it was time for us to return to the caverns and while we were doing so I once again wore an expression of wonder at the fact that I was actually walking across that glittering surface of snow…