The Kidnapping of Legolas

by Dinledhwen
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This is a hybrid story combining elements from LOTR, POTC, and a nameless island somewhere out to sea...

The Kidnapping of Legolas - Part 1

When Legolas discovered late one afternoon a bag of fan mail belonging to Will Turner amongst his own the elf frowned. Now he had nothing against the young man despite the fact he was a pirate. Instead it was the fact that he had to go down to the port’s docks in order to be able to give Will his mail. Now this was the only place he was afraid to go to on this nameless island where all completed story lines converged and he silently chided himself because there was no reason why he should be feeling this way since the island had always been a safe neutral site for all. Still he slipped a dagger into the top of one of his boots before he picked up the mail bag and headed out the door of the small bungalow he shared with Gimli.

However the fear quickly filled him again while he made his way towards the docks through the port’s narrow crowded streets where all manner of sea faring races and creatures were now rubbing shoulders with each other. But this time the fear was accompanied by the feeling that he was being followed so Legolas began to walk as fast as he could without running into anyone while he kept his eyes on the Black Pearl which was moored a good distance away at the end of the last dock.

Suddenly the elf felt a sharp sticking kind of pain in the right side of his neck just as he was passing by the last dark alley way before the entrance to the dock. Now this made him wince while it also instantly stopped him in his tracks. Then with his free hand he quickly reached up and pulled out the thin wooden dart and it was while he was looking at it that two things happened in quick succession. The first was a growing drowsiness that was now dulling his near panic and his strong urge to run while the second was the appearance of two fierce looking Corsair pirates swiftly approaching him from behind. Then they each quickly grabbed one of his arms in a vice like grip and forced him forward into the alley which caused Legolas to drop the mail bag and dart. It also jerked him wide awake for the moment so he could show the two muscle bound men just how strong an elf can be when he easily broke free from their grips and next landed some hard solid punches to their faces and bodies which leveled them both. Unfortunately he soon found himself sinking to his knees and unable to move any further when this wakefulness vanished while a third fierce looking Corsair pirate stepped out from behind some nearby stacked crates. Now this one grabbed Legolas by his long blonde hair and roughly yanked his head back before he stuck the opening to a long neck bottle into the elf’s mouth. Now the sneering man had made sure that the bottle was in only far enough so as to not cause a gagging reflex. However that also meant that Legolas couldn’t avoid swallowing the bitter black liquid that was contained within it either and once he had done so the Corsair let go of his hair. After that he was sent quickly into a deep dreamless sleep by whatever was in that liquid and when his body slumped forward the third Corsair smiled with satisfaction.

The gentle pitch and roll of a ship under sail was the first sensation Legolas was aware of while he slowly woke up. However he still felt lethargic so it was that several minutes passed before he realized that he was lying stretched out on his right side on the bare wooden floor of a large iron cage that was tall enough for him to stand up in although at the moment he doubt he could even get to his feet. Then he noticed that the cage was secured by chains to the deck of a dimly lit cargo hold that was also filled with crates and barrels of all sizes. Now this only deepened his growing confusion even more when he slowly began to remember what had happened to him earlier in the alley way. After all he knew of no reason why anyone would want to kidnap him since this was clearly that. However his thoughts were suddenly interrupted when there was a loud banging of a wooden hatch cover above and behind him which allowed the light of day in and was soon followed by the sound of a single pair of booted feet coming down creaky wooden stairs. Nor was it long before the owner of the booted feet was standing before him and when he looked up and saw that it was the third Corsair pirate Legolas slowly frowned.

“Sleep well?” the Corsair asked in a mock caring tone of voice with a smile that revealed a gold upper front tooth.

“Who are you? And what is the meaning behind all of this?” Legolas demanded as forcefully as he could. Still he sounded weak and when he tried to sit up his lethargy soon had him slumping back down with a barely audible groan after he had only raised himself up a few inches.

Meanwhile the Corsair was watching this with a look of satisfaction on his face. Then that changed to one of pure hatred when Legolas focused his attention back on him again. “I’m your worst nightmare elf!” he said in a now deadly tone of voice. “Remember that man you killed before that now poor excuse for a King unleashed that dead horde on the black ships? Well that man was my older brother and I intend to avenge his death by making yours a slow and painful one once I have you back in my home port.”

Now this sent a cold chill through Legolas for he instantly realized that he would die unless he was able to somehow free himself and escape before the ship reached that port since none of his friends knew where he was at.

“As you can see I’ve spared no expense to make your stay aboard my ship as comfortable as possible,” the Corsair continued this time in his mock caring tone of voice while he tapped his finger against one of the cage’s bars before him. “Oh and that black liquid I had you drink earlier was a long lasting potion to insure that you remain nice and quiet for the whole journey so you will be well rested and able to enjoy your death to the fullest!” Then the man let loose with an evil laugh which sent another cold chill through Legolas.

“Captain you had better come and look at this!” another pirate’s voice suddenly came down the open hatch.

Instantly the third Corsair was running for the stairs and Legolas forced himself to roll over onto his left side so he could watch the man disappear up through the large square opening through which he could see a bit of blue sky amongst the gray sails and rigging. Now much of his confidence at being able to escape on his own from this ship had vanished after he had heard what the Corsair had said about the potion since that meant his lethargy wouldn’t be passing any time soon like he had hoped that it would. And it was that which soon had him dozing despite his wanting to listen to what was happening above him in case there was a slim chance that it could somehow help him out of the present dire situation he was in.

The Kidnapping of Legolas – Part 2

Suddenly there came several loud booming sounds from outside which startled Legolas awake. Then he just managed to cover his face and head with his arms when what followed next was a large black cannon ball quickly smashing through the starboard side of the cargo hold which showered him with many pieces of splintered wood while it past by his cage and out through the opposite side. Now having never seen a cannon ball before the elf had no idea what it was. But the fact that it had caused the ship to shudder violently under him made him wish that he wouldn’t have to face it again. Fortunately for him no more cannon balls seemed to be forth coming at the moment.

Meanwhile the many shouts of men eagerly entering into a fight up on the main deck came down through the open hatch. Soon the sounds of swords clashing against one another were mixed with the shouting from those rising up to meet their challengers as were the occasional cries of those whose lives were ending. Now all of this caused Legolas to cautiously uncover his head so he could look up through the hatch and just as he did the dead body of a Corsair toppled into the cargo hold and landed with a bone cracking thud on the hold’s deck a few feet away from him. After that Will Turner peered down through the hatch and when he saw Legolas he smiled broadly in relief.

“Legolas is down in the hold!” the young man then shouted over his right shoulder to someone out of the elf’s sight before he was quickly forced back from the opening by the sword wielding third Corsair who had a murderous look on his face.

Now the sight of Will renewed Legolas’s hope of escaping and this drove him to try and force his lethargic body into getting up off the cage floor so he could be ready to leave when the opportunity presented itself. However once again he only managed to raise himself up a few inches before falling back this time with a soft groan of frustration at not being able to move like he wanted.

In the meantime the third Corsair had reappeared by the hatch. But this time he was desperately trying to fend off someone’s sword with his the murderous look on his face now replaced with one of determination. Then he suddenly broke away from his opponent and ran down the stairs and on over to the cage. “Your friends will not rob me of my revenge!” he said angrily while he knelt down next to the bars closest to Legolas’s head so he could reach through them and grab the elf by his long blond hair. Then he roughly jerked his captive’s head back while he dropped his sword so he could withdraw a hidden dagger from his boot. Clearly he intended to slit Legolas’s throat which was something the elf wasn’t about to let happen.

“Nor will I allow you to have it either!” he said weakly while his need for self preservation suddenly gave him the strength necessary for him to withdraw his own hidden dagger from his boot which was something he only now noticed that he still had. The he used it to swiftly slice open the back of the Corsair’s hand which held his hair while hoping that it would cause the man to let go of him. Fortunately this had the desired effect and the Corsair vehemently cursed him as he let the elf go. And once he was free Legolas moved back away as far as he could from him. Then he went limp when his surge of strength began to wane.

Now this also distracted the pirate enough so that he was unaware of Will’s presence behind him until the young man had reached the bottom of the stairs. Then he quickly grabbed up his sword in his free hand and turned around. However he wasn’t able to raise it in time to keep the blade of Will’s sword from the left side of his neck.

“Give up this folly! By now all of your crew have either been killed or captured!” Will said firmly and to prove his point the sounds of fighting up on the main deck was diminishing amongst a rousing cheer of success led by Captain Jack.

“You have a lot to learn about what it takes to be a true pirate pretty boy!” the third Corsair replied smoothly with a sneer while he slowly lowered his sword. Now Legolas perked up a bit when the seasoned warrior in him picked up on the hidden threat contained in the man’s voice. Unfortunately Will only heard an insult so when the Corsair swiftly drew back his arm in preparation to throw his dagger at the young man he was momentarily surprised and froze.

But Legolas didn’t and with the last of his extra strength he rose up just far enough so he could quickly throw his own dagger at the third Corsair’s back where it lodged deeply while piecing his heart. Now this instantly produced a look of surprise on his face as well as stopping his throwing motion. Then the dagger as well as his sword slowly slipped from his now lifeless fingers and both fell to the deck just as his body pitched forward and hit the deck face first.

Meanwhile Legolas had watched this with a weak smile of satisfaction on his face before he collapsed the strength he had mustered together now totally spent and his eyes began to close despite his not wanting them to as a wave of sleepiness threatened to engulf him again. It was then that Will recovered from his surprise and when he saw the elf lying so still on the cage floor he frantically said “Hang in there my friend! I’ll have you out of there in no time!” After that he started to search the third Corsair’s body for the key that would unlock the cage door. Fortunately he found it quickly on a cord around the man’s neck and soon he had the door open and was kneeling down next to Legolas while Captain Jack and Elizabeth rapidly descended the stairs.

“Oh no we’re too late!” the young woman exclaimed in dismay while she paused just outside the cage’s open doorway with Captain Jack.

“No he’s still alive. Remember what the parrot said about seeing him drinking something while he was being kidnapped? No doubt that is what has him so limp now,” Will said firmly while he gently rolled Legolas over onto his back which along with his friend’s words gave the elf enough incentive to resist the sleepiness and to slowly force open his eyes.

“The parrot…saw?” he managed to ask weakly the relief that someone Will knew had seen his dire predicament now showing on his face.

“Yes he did. And the sooner we get you back on the Black Pearl the sooner we can figure out a way to free you from the affects of that drink,” Will replied with a reassuring smile.

Suddenly the deck under them all began to list towards the starboard side of the ship which caused Captain Jack and Elizabeth to quickly grab a hold of the cage bars next to its open doorway in order to keep from sliding into cage while Will tried to keep Legolas from sliding into the opposite bars before him.

“And the sooner is the key word here since this ship is now sinking savvy!” Captain Jack said in an urgent tone.


The Kidnapping of Legolas – Part 3

So the two men from The Pirates of the Caribbean swiftly picked up Legolas by his arms and once they had them securely about their shoulders they began to drag him as quickly as possible up the stairs while Elizabeth went on ahead of them just as water began to pour through the hole made by the cannon ball. Now moving the elf this way soon proved to be a not so easy task since he was like a dead weight between them and the ship was listing more and more towards the starboard side with every passing minute. And when they finally did reach the sun lit main deck they were confronted with the sight of all manner of loose floating debris including the corpses of the Corsairs swirling in the water before them while the ship’s railing began to disappear beneath the surface. Beyond that was the old man and his parrot waiting in the small rowboat that would take them all over to the Black Pearl which was anchored and waiting a short distance behind the smaller one.

“Leave me…save yourselves!” Legolas pleaded weakly after he slowly realized what a daunting and dangerous undertaking it would be to get him over to the small boat since the sinking of the Corsair’s ship could suck someone down to their death if they were still next to it.

“No we won’t!” Will said firmly while the deck under their feet began to tilt even more and to now cause them all too slowly start to slide towards the water.

“Gentlemen I don’t think any of us have any choice now but to swim!” Elizabeth said frantically before she slid shrieking feet first into the swirling water next to the ship. Fortunately the water wasn’t cold and when she kicked her way back up through the floating debris to the surface she was in time to see Will and Captain Jack take the plunge with Legolas between them. Unfortunately for the two men they both painfully collided with a large wooden barrel that had floated in each of their ways at the last second. Now this caused them both to lose their grip on him and he quickly slipped beneath the surface since he lacked the strength to tread water.

Suddenly the Corsair’s ship stopped listing and started sinking rapidly straight down and the suction this created soon began to draw Legolas down as well since he was the closest to it while Will and Captain Jack drifted further away during their short recovery from their collisions. Surprisingly he felt quite calm with the knowledge that he appeared to be the one who would die like he had earlier thought while the ship took him deeper. Meanwhile he could see Will and Captain Jack treading water above him and just as the meager air in his lungs was about spent the two pirates quickly dove down to him and grabbed him by his arms before swiftly ascending to the surface with him once more between them. Then while he coughed and sputtered the water out of his lungs the third Corsair’s ship finally slipped totally beneath the water with a dying loud gurgle which left behind only all the floating debris and corpses to mark its resting place for a short time.

In the meantime the old man had rowed the small boat over to the trio which now contained a relieved looking Elizabeth. Then with her pulling on his arms and with the two men pushing him up from behind Legolas soon found himself tumbling head first into the boat and lying in a soggy heap on its bottom. After that he could no longer stay awake and he was sound asleep before Will and Captain Jack had a chance to climb aboard.

Some time later the gentle rocking of the hammock he was lying in began to register through the hazy of sleep in his mind while he slowly woke up. Then the sensation of being dry followed quickly by the feeling of a fresh sea breeze blowing across him caused him to open his eyes. It was at that moment he saw that he was now up on the Black Pearl’s main deck while the ship sailed under a starry night sky. Unfortunately he continued to feel lethargic and this frustrated him for in a way it meant that he was still a captive of the third Corsair even though that man was dead.

Meanwhile the sound of booted feet slowly approaching from behind had him wandering who it was until Will came around into view at his right side while he carefully carried a battered silver tray which held a chipped white china bowl full of something that was steaming and a silver tankard. Now this reminded him just how hungry and thirsty he was for it appeared to be a soup in the bowl.

“I’m glad to see you are awake my friend,” Will said with a smile after he had set the tray down on top of a nearby barrel. “Elizabeth managed to put together an edible soup from the Black Pearl’s rather limited stores. Maybe once you’ve had something to eat and drink that will counter the affects of that liquid the parrot saw you being forced to drink.”

“I hope so! I’m weary of feeling this way,” Legolas said weakly. “Where is the parrot? I would like to thank him.”

“He’s down in the crew’s quarters with the old man as is most everyone else so you can have some peace and quiet since Captain Jack has broken out the rum,” Will said with an amused smile while he helped Legolas to sit up and to stay that way by sitting down next to him so he could lean against him.

Now this brought out a similar smile onto Legolas’s face for he knew just as the young pirate did that Captain Jack never passed up any opportunity to drink rum although in this case it was justified them most. Then he made quick work of the edible soup which seemed to be a mixture of something chickeny, beefy, and veggie as far as he could tell. However after he had taken a big swig of the liquid in the tankard he nearly choked on it since it was rum and something he wasn’t accustomed to drinking.

“Will I don’t think that Legolas should be drinking that rum!” Elizabeth scolded while she ran over to them so she could take the tankard away from the elf who was only now recovering from what he had swallowed by taking deep breaths. “Tolkien never met for him to be drinking like a pirate!”

“But it could free him from the affects of that drink!” Will protested.

“It certainly seems to be doing that now!” Legolas managed to gasp out while he rubbed his watering eyes for he had never felt so wide awake.

“See!” Will crowed triumphantly while Elizabeth snorted in disbelief.

Unfortunately all the strong rum in the tankard was only able to keep Legolas wide awake for a short time. Then he was once again battling to stay awake.

“Don’t fight it,” a disappointed Will said while he laid a reassuring hand on the elf’s shoulder while Legolas lay back down in the hammock. “We will be in port by mid-morning tomorrow. Maybe Aragorn will know what to do.”

So Legolas slipped into another long nap while Elizabeth insisted on covering him with a blanket despite Will arguing with her that the now cooler ocean breeze wouldn’t bother him since elves were quite tolerant of the cold.


The Kidnapping of Legolas - Part 4

It was the invigorating scent of athelas under his nose which woke up Legolas enough so that he could breathe it in more deeply. Then the elf felt someone gently slip an arm under his neck and shoulders and partially lift him up while the rim of a metal goblet was gently placed between his lips.

“Come on my friend. Drink this for me,” he heard Aragorn softly urge.

Now this spurred the elf on and to force his still lethargic self to drink from the goblet. Nor was it long before the warm soothing tea like liquid began to wake him even more. So by the time he had drained the goblet dry he was able to open his eyes and for the first time in what felt like ages he actually thought he could keep them open without much effort. It was then that he noticed he was now lying on his back on the Black Pearl’s main deck with Gimli, Will, Elizabeth, and Captain Jack standing on either side of him. All of whom looked concerned except for Captain Jack who kept looking off to his left apparently at something which was hidden from Legolas’s sight by the ship’s railing. Now this earned him a quick elbowing in the ribs from Elizabeth in order to get his attention back on the elf.

“How do you feel? Has the athelas helped any?” Aragorn asked.

“I’m feeling more awake and able to stay that way so yes it has helped,” he replied although still his voice still sounded a bit weak while he smiled hopefully.

Instantly this brought out similar smiles on everyone else’s faces.

“Can I go now seeing how the elf is better?” Captain Jack whispered to Elizabeth.

“No so hush!” she shot back in a low voice which quickly shut up the pirate although he didn’t hide his disappointment.

Meanwhile Aragorn had helped Legolas to sit up and he lightly continued to support him so the elf could sit comfortably. Then he had Will fill the goblet full of the athelas tea once again and hand it to their friend who could now hold onto it himself.

“I want you to drink more of it now just to make sure,” Aragorn said while turning serious. “Did the Corsair who forced you to drink that black liquid blame you for the death of his brother?”

“Yes he did eventually. But how did you know about that? I thought the parrot only witnessed my kidnapping?” a curious Legolas asked before he began to drink the tea.

“He did only see that. It was the island’s management who got wind of the Corsair’s plan from one of their staff in a dockside pub. Unfortunately they didn’t learn about it in time to stop him from luring you down there with a fake bag of mail for Will. My friend you were kidnapped by a rogue background character who wanted to make a name for himself. So the story he told you was nothing but a lie which he obviously used very effectively to convince those poor souls who died fighting for him into thinking they could be a part of his glory,” Aragorn said in an angry and disgusted tone of voice.

“And just to make sure that no one else bothers you Laddie I and all who are here will keep our eyes and ears open over the next several days in case there are any more corsairs who still believe that Corsair’s lie,” Gimli said firmly which caused Legolas to smile.

“I appreciate that but surely this is all over with,” he said his voice now stronger as the second goblet of athelas kicked in.

“Humor us my friend. We nearly lost you and we don’t want to lose you again,” Aragorn asked while everyone there nodded in agreement.

“Please do as your friends say!” Captain Jack pleaded while he backed slowly towards the nearby gang plank. “There’s new rum in the offering now from the island management and I don’t want to miss out on that by having to chase after yet another ship load of kidnapping phony pirates!” After that he turned around and ran down the gang plank.

“Oh honestly!” Elizabeth exclaimed while rolling her eyes in disgust at Captain Jack’s behavior. “You would think that by now he would have learned that the rum never runs out here!”

“I seem to recall you acting in a similar fashion not to long ago over the opening of yet another new boutique for the ladies!” the Captain’s voice came back to everyone on the ship from the dock down below.

Now that brought out onto Elizabeth’s face a smile of embarrassment as well as a rosy blush while Will had all he could do to keep from smiling himself and then laughing out loud. As for Gimli he just looked a bit confused since the neither activity that was being spoken of was something the dwarf had never heard of before this day.

Meanwhile Legolas had finished the second goblet of athelas tea. “I want to try and stand up,” he said to Aragorn while he set the goblet down on the deck next to him.

“You feel up to doing that already?” the man asked clearly pleased that his friend was recovering rapidly.

“Yes I do! I’m tired of lying about like a limp rag,” Legolas replied firmly his voice now back to its normal tone.

So Aragorn quickly stood up so he and Will could provide steadying hands while Legolas cautiously tried out his legs. And when he was finally standing unaided he felt like his old self before this whole ordeal had started. After that he enjoyed the sensation of walking under his own power down the gang plank and back to the bungalow he shared with Gimli who had taken it upon himself to see to it that no one hindered his progress through the port’s crowded and narrow streets by physically move anyone out of the way if necessary. And once Legolas was seated in a comfortable chair on the bungalow’s patio he sighed happily and closed his eyes.

“Are you alright?” Will asked while he, Aragorn, Elizabeth, and Gimli gathered around him again.

“Yes I am!” he replied back with a contented smile before he opened his eyes. “I’m just savoring the feeling of being back to normal and back in familiar surroundings.”

Now this spurred on his friends to see to it that he could continue to do just that over the next few days. Then he was released from their care and watchfulness since no other corsairs showed any interest in picking up where the third Corsair had left off at. Still it would be a long time after that before Legolas would even think of venturing alone down to docks again.