Sam in Lorien, Musing on Gandalf

by Dandy Baggins

Well Samwise Gamgee, you have done it again. Opened up your mouth and stuck both feet into it. You ninny hammer, Da would call you, and he was so right. What were you thinking when you purposed having a Gandalf tribute day? And saying you that would read to the fellowship a bit of your musings on Gandalf

Didn't Gildor say "Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger?" Now see what you have done put yourself forward once again. Well since the idea was yours you might as well start it. Keep it Simple, Da would say. Well simple is my middle name.

Gandalf. Well what does one say about an Icon?

I first met this gentle spirit at Old Mr. Bilbo's hole back in The Shire. How he must be laughing that I call him gentle, but that was my fist impression of him. He was sitting in the garden talking with Mr. Bilbo while I was working with Da. I was a young hobbit still in my teens, and Gandalf and Mr. Bilbo were talking about dragons and dwarves and elves. Well of course I very much like to hear tales like that. So I would sit on the ground behind the hedge and listen to them talking. One day Da caught me behind the hedge and was giving me a proper scolding when Gandalf and Mr. Bilbo, suddenly appeared around the corner of the hedge. Gandalf smiled at me, and it was like the sun came out. He told Da that they knew I was there and were telling tales about the elves, because they knew I was listening. Let him listen Mr. Gandalf had said, it won't do the lad any harm to listen. Bless me, and I thought I was in trouble. Spent the whole rest of that day pestering Gandalf with questions about Rivendell and Elrond. And why do we have pointy-ears like the elves and are we related to them. Oh just a bunch of silly hobbit child's questions but he was so patient with me back then and answered them all. I seem to have forgotten that as I grew older. Yes Sirs, a gentle spirit was Mr. Gandalf.

What else can I say. Oh yes. Mr. Gandalf could make the most unforgettable fireworks in all the world. Fireworks of mountains and forests. Snapdragons and roses. Trees and spears. Butterflies and Birds. Thunderstorms that would rain flowers. What merry times I had watching them from the windows of Bagshot Row when I as suppose to be sleeping. It was like he did the flowers just for me, like he knew I was watching from the window. Did he know I was there? Yep that Mr. Gandalf sure could spin some mighty fine fireworks.

And for intelligence and persistence there is no comparison. Well maybe Mr. Elrond or The Lady Galadrial but that's about it. How he had to delve through books and books to find out the truth about the ring and no one to guide him, but himself. I would've given up long time and not stuck to it like he did. Yep, Mr. Gandalf he had a stick-to-it-ness that would put flypaper to shame.

And finally strength and courage. Well we saw him on the bridge. It was his battle there and he wouldn't let any of us fight it for him. It took courage to hold the bridge against that demon thing by himself and to break the stone like he did to keep the orcs trapped on the other side. It is after Lorien I fear that we will need and miss him most....

Ah I cannot say anymore it hurts to much to talk about it. Sam Gamgee, you ninny hammer. Why did you purpose such a day...

Dandy Baggins wishes the wonderful Sir Ian Mckellen the most happiest of Birthdays..