Shire Passed On

by Avondster
A Hobbits in the Closet story.

Mara woke up very early this morning, her face still wet with tears. She had taken a day off especially for this day, though her boss did not understand.

She got out of bed and looked into the mirror. A puffy-eyed, stricken girl looked back at her, eyes filled with endless sadness. She had not had much sleep tonight, waking up and checking up on her friend.

Shire her cat had been hit by a car yesterday. For a moment he had slipped from her attention and went outside. Her neighbour had brought him to her, and now he was laying on his own pillow, dying…

But no! he was not.

Mara gave a yell of surprise when she found Shire’s pillow empty. It was so loud in fact that it woke up the Hobbits who were curled up next to it.

“Whazgoinon?” said Pippin sleepily, but Merry was immediately alert and awake, and put an arm around his landlady. “What is it, Mara?”

“Shire… he’s gone!” said Mara, not sure if she would start crying or not. “But he can’t have… he could not even lift his head anymore.”

“He has passed on, Mara,” said Merry softly.

“Yes, but did you see where he went?” said Mara, distractedly looking everywhere in the room. “I’ve read somewhere that cats find somewhere solitary to die, so maybe he’s…”

“No, Merry means he’s passed on,” interrupted Pippin. “To another place.”

“Yes Pippin, I can see that, but where did he go?”

“To Frodo.”

Mara was speechless for a moment. “To… what do you mean?”

“Frodo was here last night, Mara,” said Merry. “We saw him. He was suddenly there and woke me up. You should have seen him, he looked so beautiful and peaceful, and there seemed to be light all around him! And he asked me to pick Shire up and give to him. So I did.”

“But he was very careful,” added Pippin helpfully.

“And then Frodo turned to leave with Shire, and I said to him: ‘wait Frodo! Shouldn’t we wake Mara up for this?’ But he just shook his head.”

Mara put her head in her hands. “Frodo was here and you guys didn’t wake me up for it?”

“No, he said we shouldn’t,” said Pippin, “and I know from experience that you should listen when Frodo says something like that.”

“But he did leave a message for you,” said Merry. “To remember whenever you think of Shire.”

Mara looked up and into Merry’s eyes. “What did he say?”

Merry did not break his gaze while he recited the message, and almost Mara could hear Frodo's voice speak the words, and see his fair face.

“The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass. And then you see it. White Shores, and beyond a fair green country under a swift sunrise.”

Mara smiled as her eyes filled with tears - tears that were no longer merely of grief.

“Well, that isn’t so bad.”

Pippin wrinkled his forehead. “This all sounds incredibly familiar somehow…”

Dedicated to my beloved Shire, whom I hope is running around and having fun in Valinor. I took some liberties as to how exactly he died, but I'm sure he won't mind. (((Shire)))