Future Site

by Agape4Rivendell

He had stood here before - stood next to the king and watched the celebration unfold before him. Dancers, fiddlers, and the ever-present minstrel of Gondorian festivities littered the field of Cormallen. He saw Frodo and Sam walking towards their appointed places. The plans for commendation were now in full swing. In the long past. Yet, one was missing.

Even after all these long ages, when Legolas found himself once again upon this field, he never failed to miss the missing.

Aragorn and Arwen slept, waiting for who knew what Eru had planned for them. Frodo, Sam and Gimli were in Valinor with his father, cousins and friends, Merry and Pippin slept also. Yet, one was missing.

The field was finally being encrouched upon, as the humans of this age always seemed to do, encrouch, then finally o'ertake the land and its beauty, marring it with their paved roads, uprooting trees to build unseemly dwellings, and those hideous steel monsters that belched smoke and ran unaware people over.

He sat on a half-finished stone wall. A sign next to it proclaimed, 'Future Site of Rivendell - Spacious condominiums and Gracious Living at its Best.'

Future Site - he knew the future site of those he loved, Aragorn, Arwen, Thranduil, and so many others, but not of one. One who was missing.

Where did those men go who the world considered failures? Were they with other men who died in battle or in their sleep? Where, in fact, was Boromir, for Aragorn had told him of Boromir's fall.

The last moment. Many said that all were given the chance, at the last moment, to be freed and healed and though the world did not know it, they were indeed free. And happy.

The last moment. Future site. Aragorn had said that was the key and Legolas would believe it. For Boromir's sake, he must believe that Boromir had been freed and healed and would someday be in a site where Legolas could find him.