A Lost Comrade

by Agape4Rivendell
In Remembrance of MissB

“Where is Faramir, Adar?” Boromir was almost turned and out of the Hall before Denethor had even the opportunity to answer. He pointed, knowing Boromir would find his brother. ‘They are too close,’ he smiled, but rejoiced in the feeling of contentment at that thought.

He ran towards the Seventh Gate. His father had not pointed up, so Faramir must be in the stables. ‘Why had not Faramir been at the Gate when I returned from Osgiliath? He knows I only have a short time in the City; only time enough to report to Adar, bath, eat and be back on the road before the day-meal.’

The stable door was wide open and groomsmen cleaned tack, wiped down horses, and laid clean hay in mangers. He looked about and one of them pointed to the back. Boromir nodded in thanks.

‘I will give him such a shaking – not meeting me!’ He stopped short. Faramir sat on fresh straw, a beloved head cradled in his lap. Neither moved. Boromir bit his lip; Faramir’s face was tear-stained.

Quietly he sat next to his brother. “What happened?” he asked gently.

Faramir gulped and looked into his brother’s eyes. “I should have known. His hair was already white, his step halting, but I had hoped…” He swallowed hard.

“Truer friend none could ask for,” Boromir leaned over and patted the unmoving head. “He will be missed.”

They sat thus – for how long, Boromir knew not. The bells announcing sunset and the call to the day-meal brought his head up. ‘Adar!’ he thought ruefully. ‘Captain Amlach!’

Faramir felt the stirring at his side and looked at Boromir, mouth open, face pale. “You have not returned to your post!”

“This post is more important. Mourning a fallen comrade is understood by both Adar and my Captain. Do not be concerned. Shall we take him to Nana’s garden? We could bury him there, under the White Cloud bush. He liked to lie there in the spring.”

Faramir nodded. “I will carry him.”

“Of course.”

Boromir motioned to one of the groomsmen as they left the stables, whispered something to him, and followed Faramir to their mother’s garden.

After they had dug the grave, Faramir lowered his beloved. Footsteps were heard behind them as they quickly covered the body.

“I see he finally died,” Denethor said sadly. “He lived longer than I thought he would. Probably the good care he received.” He looked towards his youngest. “It is hard to lose a comrade.”

Faramir nodded as he was engulfed in a warm embrace. “Even a dog.”

Ladyhawk Baggins and her beloved pet, MissB, have been on my mind for so long... I just had to write something. I know it comes nowhere near close to what she must feel, but I had to share her sorrow with someone and Faramir volunteered to put himself in her place.