Songs about Lothlorien

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Galadriel - Primula
Queen of the Galadhrim - Orangeblossom Took
Mallorns - Primula

(To the tune of Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond)

Where it began, we can't begin to know when,
But then you started growing strong.
Oh, was it that ring, whooo
That ring really did a number -
Who'd believe you'd go so wrong.

Hair, oh so fair, shining out,
Was it sun? Was it moon?
Oh, Ga-ladriel,
Green times never looked so green,
You've caught a star in water, there ever seen.

And now you, you stand in the night, whooo
And it don't seem so dark now,
You fill it up with lighted stars, oh
And when it's cold,
Winter runs off the leaves here,
Always in gold they wait for you.

Oh, one, shining one, hidden here,
Like a star on your hand.
Oh, Ga-ladriel
Green times never looked so green,
You've caught a star in water, there ever seen.

Ohhh, Ga-ladriel, Green times never looked so green.
- Primula

Queen of the Galadrim
Queen of the Slipstream
by Van Morrison

You're the Queen of the Galadrim
With eyes that shine
You have crossed many waters to be here
You have drank of the fountain of innocence
And experienced the long cold wintry years.

There's a land where all that's gone is visible
Where the firstborn lie in repose
Will you leave and love me in secrecy, and
Will you still be my special rose?

You're away far across the sea
But I will come for you
Tell you everything you know
Baby everything is true

Will the blush still remain
On your cheeks my love
In the light always seen
In your hair?
Many have begged
At your feet my dear
But I know you chose me.
Goin' away... etc.
You're the Queen of the Galadrim
I love you so
You have crossed many waters to be here
And you drink at the fountains of innocence
And experienced, you know very well
- Orangeblossom Took

(to the tune of that much abhorred song, Feelings, an Elf in Valinor expresses his regrets)

Mallorns, nothing more than mallorns,
Trying to forget my mallorns I loved.
Fruit-trees, here there’s only fruit-trees,
Nothing as tall as the mallorns I loved.

Mallorns, in Middle-earth they grow them -
I wish I'd never left my flet;
They'll never grow like those.

Mallorns, mo-o-o mallorns,
Mo-o-o, feel them again under my feet.

Mallorns, mallorns
Like humongous columns,
And mallorns like a city
With so many flets above.

Mallorns, for all my life I'll miss them.
I wish I'd thought to bring some seeds;
They never grow them here.

Mallorns, mallorns – true, they
Never grew fruit,
But mallorns were sure pretty and tall;
And the leaves were so nice.

Mallorns, mo-o-o mallorns,
Mo-o-o, mallorns underneath my feet.
- Primula