Songs about Gimli

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Gimli Fighting - Wheathills
I Could Have Fought All Night - Calafalas
O the Mithril - Primula
Khazad-dum - Calafalas
Dwarven Oasis - Lothithil
Gimli's song  - Lothithil
Goin' Dwarfin' - Primula
Lothlórien Lady  - Onóno Laivindur
Gimli the Axe Man - Lothithil
Whistle While You Work - Vison

Gimli Fighting

(To the tune of 'Greased Lightning'..................)

Well, this Dwarf is quite erratic, he's a Tolkien fanatic, his beard is static...
Why! It's Gimli Fighting!!! (Gimli Fighting!)

We'll get a Rrright Rrroyal Welcome at the Moria Mines, oh yeah
(Keep Dwarfing, whoa keep Dwarfing..)
Orcs'll have their limbs off in the film several times, oh yeah
(I'll pluck your eyebrows, you need to pluck your eyebrows)
When you're running cross the Moor you keep sweating on the floor,
Your best friend is an Elf and an axe protects yourself
It's Gimli Fighting
(go go go, gogogogogo)

Go Gimli Fighting, you're catching up with Legolas
(Go Gimli, go go Gimli)
Go Gimli Fighting, slaying Uruk-Hai to death on mass
(Go Gimli, go go Gimli)
A Dwarf Supreme, our Mean Machine,
Is Gimli Fighting!

- Wheathills