Songs about Eowyn

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Barbaric Eowyn by Primula
A-O-Y-N by Lothithil

Barbaric Eowyn

(to the tune of the ballad, Barbara Allen)

In Edoras where she was born,
There was a shield maid dwellin'
Made every man cry "well-a-way,"
Her name was bright-haired Eowyn.

All in the sorrowful month of March
When the battle's ranks were swellin'
She pined away, her soul was parched:
For that kingly man cried Eowyn.

"O dinna ye go, Aragorn," said she,
"To the perilous path ye are thinkin',
You'll lead them all unto their death -
And leave your fair-haired Eowyn!"

But he's turned his path to mountain's door,
And the Dead were with him dealin'
"Adieu, adieu, my dear friends all,
And be kind to lonely Eowyn."

O slowly, slowly rose she up,
To the place where he'd been lyin'
And when she drew the curtain by,
The men thought she was dyin'.

"O 'tis I'm sick, and very, very sick,
And 'tis a' for Aragorn willin' -
O held by for me, he's ne'er to be,
Tho' my heart's blood were spillin'

Then slowly, slowly rose she up
For her Aragorn had left them -
And sighing said she could not stay
Dince death of life had reft him.

She'd turned and gone a mile and two:
She heard the battle callin'
And every step to dark field she made
Cried "Woe to barbaric Eowyn!"

O kindred of Rohan, prepare my grave -
O make it cold and narrow!
Since my love died for me today,
I'll die for him tomorrow."

In Edoras where she was born,
There was a shield maid dwellin'
Made every man cry "well-a-way..."
Farewell, poor barbaric Eowyn.

- Primula

A Song For Éowyn

sung by Ray Davies and the Kinks
Merry might sing this song...

... if he had too many pints one night at the Green Dragon! Enjoy!

tune: Lola, by the Kinks

I met her in a place called Edoras
Where you drink mead-wine and it dribbles down your chin
C-H-I-N chin

She walked up to me and she asked me to drink.
I asked her her name and in a sultry voice she said, "Éowyn"
A-O-Y-N Éowyn, O-o-o- Éowyn

Well, I'm the tallest of the hobbit pack
But when she dressed me in armour, if fit like a sack
Oh my Éowyn, O-o-o- Éowyn, O-o-o- Éowyn

Well, I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Why she sounds like a woman and fights like a man
Oh my Éowyn, O-o-o- Éowyn, O-o-o- Éowyn

Well, we mustered the Riders and sharped our lead
Aragorn left to tread the Paths of the Dead
Théoden told me that ,of his service I was free,
But Dernhelm said, "Come ride with me!"

Well, I'm not the world's most perceptive guy,
but I could tell by his size
And his weeping eyes it was my Éowyn,
O-o-o- Éowyn, O-o-o- Éowyn

I hid under his cloak. I rode on the horse.
I fell off (of course). I got down on my knees.
The sight I saw made my heart freeze.

Well that's the way Frodo wrote it in his book
It's not always bad to be overlooked, O my Éowyn
O-o-o- Éowyn

"No man may harm thee" well, I don't wanna give distress
But I think you'd better check underneath the dress
'Cus that's Éowyn!
O-o-o- Éowyn, O-o-o- Éowyn

Well my left arm, it sure is sore
And I never ever killed a Witchking before,
But Éowyn said, "Come not 'tween my kin and me!"
So I lifted my sword and stabbed him in the knee!

Well, I know that Faramir is her mate,
But if I was three feet taller, I'd ask her for a date!
O my Éowyn!
O-o-o- Éowyn, O-o-o- Éowyn
- Lothithil