Songs about Aragorn, Strider, Elessar, etc. etc.

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Some People Call me Longshanks, yeah - Little Elf
Anduril - Lindorie
I Need a Hero - boriel
Addicted to Mud - boriel
The Ranger - Primula
Elven Girl - Primula
Skanky Strider's Imagination - Calafalas
Aragorn's Coronation - Calafalas
King Elessar - Calafalas
Aragorn King - Onono
Aragorn to Arwen on the Bridge - Onono
The Dunadan - Lothithil

Some People Call me Longshanks, yeah

Some people call me Longshanks, yeah
Some call me Captain of the Host of the West.
Some people call me Strider,
'Cause I stalk to defend the smallest.

People talk about me, Arwen
Say I'm doin' nothin, doin' nothing at all.
Well, don't you worry Arwen, don't worry
'Cause I'm right here, right here, right here leading the dead.

'Cause I'm a walker, I'm a rider
I'm a sailor and I'm a fighter
I wield my sword in the sun.
I'm a singer, I'm a smoker
I'm a midnight toker,
I get my lovin' on the run

Wooo Wooooo

You're the orciest thing that I ever did see
I really hate your stink, wannna slice you in three
Fighting orc fighting orc fighting orc all the time
Ooo-eee Lurtz, I'll sure show you a rough time . . .

- little elf (Rowan Twig)


The Scene: Aragorn, son of Arathorn has just received a shiny new sword, the sword reforged....
The Setting: somewhere in Middle-earth where there is a battle about to be fought

The players:
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn
Legolas of Mirkwood
Gimli son of Gloin

Aragorn raises his new sword above his head and sings

Well, this sword is automatic, it's systematic, it's's Greased Lightning!

I'll get some shiny chain maille and an elven made hunting knife

(Gimli and Legolas )
Keep talking, whoa keep talking

Some leather Vambraces and a bow and arrow, too, oh

Ill get the arrows, I'll see you get the arrows

(Aragorn putting his arms around Legolas and Gimli)
With an elf-ground new blade, though the enemy we'll wade
You know we're gonna win, We're gonna make some heads
spin---greased lightning!


Go greased lightning you're slashing up the uruk hai
Greased lightning, go greased lightning
Go greased lightning we'll slay the bad guys by and by
Greased lightning, go greased lightning
(Aragorn alone)Oh what a thrill, my Anduril, is
greased lightning!
- Lindorie