Lothithil's Sung to the Tune of...2

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Hobbits of the Shire
Galadriel's Temptation
The Bearer
A Song for Frodo-Lad from his Dad
Gimli's Song
Baggin's Blues
Help Me Song
Hasty Ent Song
The "I'm Bummed..." Song
Frodo Dreams of Rivendell
Cycle of Heroes
A Middle Earth Geography Lesson
The Pipeweed Song
Dwarven Oasis
Bilbo and the Dragon
Hobbits, Rangers and Elves
Bad Times
Hannon Le Mr. Elrond-O
Romantics of Middle Earth
Frodo Rowed the Boat Ashore
One Night in Mordor
Shelob's Restaurant
I Stung the Hobbit
To the Tune of:
Sultans of Swing
Witchy Woman
The Boxer
Southern Cross
Sister Golden Hair
Turn the Page
Help me Rhonda
Feelin' Groovy
Scarborough Fair
For Emily
Blowin' in the Wind
Kokomo Lyrics
Surfin' USA
Synchronicity 1
Friends in Low Places
Time for me to Fly
Teach Your Children Well
Shall We Dance?
Big Time
Domo Aragato
Uptown Girl
Every Breath you Take
Alice's Restaurant
I Shot the Sherriff

Hobbits of the Shire
tune: Sultans of Swing, by Dire Straits

We get a shiver in the dark
It's been raining on the Downs but at the crossroads
East of the Greenway we stop and we hold everything
A band is playing music at the Prancing Pony
I feel all right when I grasp my golden Ring
We step inside but we don't see too many faces
Coming in out of the rain to hear the whispering begin
Not much competition, there no other taverns
Voices of Men and Dwarves becomes a mighty din
Except on downeast way on the Road you'll find another inn
We get supper and a brew from the chatterbox who runs this joint
His name is Barliman, he is a busy Man
He's got a mind like a lumber room, thing wanted always buried
When he brings us all a pint Pippin becomes his biggest fan
And Harry didn't mind letting us in at the gate
He followed us here, he must be on a break
Him and his swarthy friend are sitting with Bill Ferny
My hand drift to the Ring, as if for it's own sake
We are the Hobbits, we are the Hobbits of the Shire
And like a crowd of young boys we're fooling in the corner
Drinking and smokin' pipeweed, and singing a song
We don't give a cram about any strange dark-cloaked Man
He ain't what we call "as handsome does"
And the Bartender ask for a song from the Shire
And then I step right up onto the table
And sing a song about the Cat and the Fiddle
The Ring is in my pocket, then it is on my hand!
I disappear with a flash, and see an Eye of Fire
'We are the Hobbits of the Shire'

Galadriel's Temptation
tune: Witchy Woman, by the Eagles

Golden hair and pouty lips
sparks fly from her finger tips
Echoed voices of singing Elves
Rain down from the trees just like a magic spell

wooo hooo witchy Elf-queen, hear how her voice sighs
woo hoo witchy Elf-queen, she got the stars in her eyes

She held me spellbound in the night
Crystal water and basin bright
Image dancing across my eyes
And I push myself away with a desperate cry

wooo hooo witchy Elf-queen, see how she stands so slim
woo hoo witchy Elf-queen, her words to me are so grim

Well, I know you want it, Lady;
Sauron and his shady
Wraiths have chased me everywhere I led
And there's a Man inside the Fellow-
ship, far from being mellow,
He will try to take it, so
You ought to have it instead.

wooo hooo witchy Elf-queen, see how she fills me with dread
woo hoo witchy Elf-queen, she will sail into the West instead

humbly bows beneath the gleaming axe of her critic

The Bearer
tune: The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkle

I am just a hobbit
Not what you'd consider 'bold'
I am known for my resistance
To a certain evil token that makes loyal friends
Take dangerous quests
Still this hobbit bears what he has to bear
Tho he longs to sit and rest


When I left my home at Bag End
I was only fifty-one
In the company of my friends
Through the quiet trees and greenways, running scared
Laying low, seeking out the unused pathways
Where the ragged Rangers go
Looking for the places only they would know
Lie la lie ... Seeking to reach Rivendell
Running from the Wraiths
But I get further
Than the burned-out ring of Amon Sul, they waylay me
I do declare, there were times when I was so afraid
I was going to die there

mmMmmmmmmm... Lie la lie ...

Then I'm laying here in Imladris
And thinking I am home...
I'm not home
I've been dreaming that the task was done
The Ring undone... going home In the clearing stands a Hobbit
And a gardner by his side
And he carries the reminders
Of the very blow that layed him down
And cut his skin and poisoned him
Hold your breath to hear him say:
"I will take it, I will take it
But I do not know the way."


Lie la lie ...

A song for Frodo-lad, from his Dad
tune: Southern Cross, by Crosby, Stills, & Nash

Got out of Arda on a boat goin' to Valimar
Sailing a reach before a shadowin' sea.
She was makin' for the trades on the outside,
And the downhill run to Eldamar Bay.

Off the wind on this heading lies Tol Eressea.
We got eighty feet of the waterline.
Nicely making way.
In a noisy bar in Bywater I tried to find you.
But on a midnight watch I realized why I had to sail away.

Think about how many times I've been maudlin,
Spirits are using me, larger voices callin'.
The friendship between you and me cannot be forgotten.

I have been around the world,
came home to my Rosie-girl,
I know love can endure.
And you know I must go. And you know I must go.

When I saw the Western Isles for the first time,
I understood now why Frodo came this far.
'Cause the pain he was runnin' from was so great.
But it has faded in the beauty, the beauty of Valimar!

So I'm sailing for tomorrow, my heart is a-sighin'.
And my love is an anchor tied to you, tied with a silver chain.
I am on a ship and all her flags are a flyin'
This is the last task I have left, and I wish to see them again.

Think about how many times I have kissed you,
My Rosie has passed away, she's waiting there, too.
You children are grown and fine, this is my last job to do.

I have been around the land,
Till here at the Havens I stand,
To rest at last will be grand.
And find them again. And find them again.

So we wandered and we tried and we were tested
And Frodo did not fail, though I know he felt he had.
I will feel so much better after being rested.
And I will tell him tales about my son, about my Frodo-lad.
Back in Middle-earth.

Gimli's song
tune: Sister Golden-Hair, by America

I went to Khazad-dum
But I got so cram depressed
Old Balin's dead and buried
Along with all the rest

The hope that I did harbour
Deep inside my breast, it dies...
That is, until I looked
Into her starlit eyes!

Well, I keep on thinkin' 'bout you,
Lady crowned with shining gold
When I asked you for just one strand
I knew I'd been too bold

But you gave me three, and someday
When the Quest is far behind
In a house of crystal
They shall ever shine!

Will I see you in Valimar?
Will you meet me on the quay?
Will I look upon you once more
Before my dying day?

Well, I know she's married
This love I've carried
I'll keep in buried....

music fades out

for Cal and Samwisegirl!

Baggin's Blues
tune: Turn the Page, by Eric Clapton

On a long and lonesome greenway east of Imladris
I can hear Peregrin moanin' about all the meals he's missed
I can think about the Shire or the dark road that lies ahead
But my thoughts soon turned to wandering over all the things I knew
When I'm walkin' on for hours and there's nothin' much to do
And I don't feel much like walkin', I just wish the trip was through

Here I am
On the road again
There I am
Led by a Mage
Here I go
Bearin' the Ring again
There I go
Turn the page

Well, we walk into the Dwarrowdelf, there are sounds only I can hear
And we feel the eyes upon us as we stand shakin' with fear
We pretend it doesn't bother us but the terror is so near
Most times I can't feel the Ring, It makes Itself known
It hangs round my neck now, heavy as a stone
It whispers of the Darkness and eats my dreams of home

Here I am
In the dark again
There I am
Walkin' into a cage
Here I go
Endangering my friends again
There I go
Turn the page

When I see that spear a-coming, I wish I were a million miles away
I use every ounce of energy just trying to get away
But the Cave Troll is too quick, this just is not my day!
Laying on my face, my mind is fading to black
The others have seen me fall, they redouble their attack
I think I will just lie here and take a little nap...

Here I am
On my back again
There I am
A victim of rage
Here I go
Using the first aid kit again
There I go
Turn the page

Here I am
On the road again
There I am
Ending the Age
Here I go
Holding the Star again
There I go
There I go... fade to grey.....

Help Me Song
tune: Help Me Rhonda, byThe Beach Boys

We were minding our own,
riding along the Road toward Bree
When a grouchy willow tried to eat
my buddies and me!

Well, you saved us and you showed us around
But now we are all trapped underground
You gotta Help me, Tom
Hepl me get them outta the ground!

Help me Tom
Help, help me Tom
Help me Tom
Help, help me Tom
Help me Tom
Help, help me Tom
Help me Bombadil!
Get us outta this mound!

I was 'posed to meet Gandalf
Here, he gave me an oath
But only you showed up
And you scared us out of a year's growth!

Well, Strider you caught my eye (caught my eye)
And you gave me lotsa reasons why
I gotta trust you Strider
Help me get to Rivendell!

Help me Strider
Help, help me Strider
Help me Strider
Help, help me Strider
Help me Strider
Help, help me Strider
Help me Strider, yeah
Lead us through the Troll-fells

Well we had a council
I volenteered to take the Ring
At Moria's gate's we ran into
An ugly thing

Now a monster has got my foot
And it looks like the Quest is moot
If someone doesn't up and save me
Oh here we go again!!

Help me Legolas!
Help, help me Gimli!
Help me Boromir!
Help, help me Aragorn!
Help me Merry!
Help, help me Pippin!
Help me Samwise!
Help, help me Gandalf!
Help me Bill the Pony!
Help, help me Someone!
Help me you guys, yeah
This isn't any fun anymore!!

The Hasty Ent Song
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy), Simon and Garfunkle

Slow down, you hasty folk.
I am a walking talking oak.
Just standing here in the sunlight.
Hroom, you little orcs don't look quite right.

Hello Treebeard,
What cha knowing?
Your Entdraught has us Hobbits growing.
Please don't kill my friend and me?
Doot-in' doo-doo,
Don't be hasty!

Got some deeds to do,
Must destroy a keep.
I'm angry and wrathfilled and ready to leap.
Let the Men and Gandalf fight the orcs at Helm's Deep.
Remember this, lads;
Don't make an Ent mad!!

The "I'm Bummed Because I'm Not Going To Toronto" Song
tune: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (Scarborough Fair)

Are you going to Toronto?:
Primula, SWG, RoseGamgee and T-HE.
Remember me to all those who do go.
All of the people that I wish I could see.

Tell them to fill up on popcorn and snacks:
Pilbara, Suzie, Calafalas and Lind;
Fellowshipmallows and crackerjacks,
Watch the whole film from beginning to end.

Tell them to locate their favourite seat:
Little Elf, LithyQ, Rosie and Truss;
Neighbors on both sides they ought to greet
And all their excitement thoroughly discuss.

Tell them to stay in their seats the whole time:
Hobbitlove, Boriel, Mars and Shelob;
Echo each well-known quote, song and rhyme,
Then on each other's shoulders occasionally sob!

and all the folks here and on ME that I see everyday on the 'boards but did not name above, if you go, I hope you have fun!! I will be, too, just not where I want to be, having it!!

Frodo dreams of Rivendell
tune: For Emily, wherever I may find her, by Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

What I dream I had, dressed in elven-grey
Clothed in velvet vest of smoky Burgundy
Softer than the rain

I wandered empty lands, from Bree to the Troll-fells
I heard the sound of bells, laughter of the merry
In Imladris

And when I reached the House, my cheeks flushed with
the night
I walked on frosted fields of juniper and star-light
I reached out my hand...

And when I awoke I felt both safe and warm
I touched my tender wound and wondered how I was
I don't recall...

Oh, Gandalf, what is the time?

Cycle of Heros
tune: Blowin' in the Wind, by Bob Dylan

How many roads must a hobbit walk,
Before he can discard the band?
Yes and how many times must he shed his tears,
Before he may return to his land?
Yes and how many times will he dream if that place,
before he can come there to stand?
When this Age has flown, he will go to Elfhome
He will find his way to Elfhome

How many times must a hobbit look up,
Before he can see a ray of hope?
How many times must he bear his friend's weight,
Assisted by only a rope?
How many times must he watch his friend die?
With how much of that can he cope?
A new Age begins when this one comes to an end
This Age has come to an end.

How many times will these tales be told,
And will they ever be believed?
How often must the great wheel turn,
Repeating the long histories?
How many times can one look at the Sea,
Before they cease to be?
The answer, I say, is known only to Eru.
The answer is is known only to Eru

A Middle-earth Geography Lesson
tune: Kokomo Lyrics by Beach Boys

Erebor, Esgaroth, ooo I wanna take off
To Harlindon, Enedwaith, we'll hide there from the ringwraiths
Harondor, Anfalas, baby they won't find us
Here In the Shire

Off the Bay of Lhun
There's a place called Eriador
That's where you wanna go to get away from it all

Smials in the sand
Homebrewed drink sweating in your hand
We'll be falling in love
To the rhythm of a morris-bell band
Down in Eriador

Belfalas, Lebennin ooo I wanna get in
To Cair Andros, Isenguard, we'll send 'em all a postcard
Forrodwaith, Dagorlad, in Spring it isn't half bad

Ooo I wanna take you down to Eriador
We'll get there soon
And knock on that round green door
That's we're hopin' for
A hole in Eriador

To Westfarthing, where Bilbo hid the Ring

We'll put out to sea
From the Grey Havens eventually
By and by we'll defy the theory of Relativity

Eressea delight
Miruvor and moonlit nights
That dreamy sigh as you lay
On a beach beside the Eldamar Bay
Way out beyond the West

Evendim, Nenuial ah! these places have appeal
Ered Mithrin, Hithaeglir, bring the climbing gear!
Ras Morthil, and Arnor, anywhere but Mordor
Ooo I have to confess
There are some places I will not rest
If Barad-dur is on the list
That's one place
I'd rather miss

Morgul Vale, a locale that leaves me pale!
Everyone abbhors
A little place Mordor
Now if you are a prate
And wanna take the chance of gettin' ate
Go knock on the Black Gate
Udun, Orodruin, my visa I would burn!
Shelob's Lair,(are you spare? I'm not goin' in there!)
Ephel Lithui and Duath, I think I will take a pass...
Ooo my tickets I have hid
Let's not go there
and just say that we did
That's where we don't wanna go
Way down to Mordor

The Pipeweed Song
tune: Surfin' USA

If everyhobbit had some pipeweed
Across Eriador
Then everybody'd be puffin''
Like ol' Mr Bilbo
You'd seem 'em wearing their bracers
Homespun weskits too
With bushy feet and hairdo
Smoking Old Toby

You'd catch 'em blowing smoke rings
Havin' a good ol' time
Hobbiton and Rushey
Brandyhall and Vine
All over Tuckborough
And down Staddle Way
Everybody's gone puffin'
Smoking Old Toby

We'll all be fillin' those pipes
We're gonna light real soon
I'm waxing down my pipestem
The one with the "Gandalf" rune
We will sit here all summer
On the front-porch lee
'Till we run outta pipeweed
Smoking Old Toby

Bilbo and Frodo
Peregrin and Meriadoc
Sam Gamgee and Holman
We'll open the best stock!
And of course there'll be
Mugs of ale on knees
Everybody's gone puffin'
Smoking Old Toby

tune: Synchronicity I

Pipe-weed breath, cold beer flow
You will know

Eat every chance, morris-dance,
Mushroom romance,

A token reprehensible,
Ring makes me invisible
Voice imperceptible
Pippin unquenchable.
Samwise insusceptible
Boromir inflexible
Smeagol is contemptable
Yet nothing is impossible.

If we must share this nightmare
Then we should share the dream
Spiritus mundi.

If you run, as you slink,
The marshes stink,

I feel Him, He sees me

A star falls, a wraith calls,
My skin crawls,

It's so bare, it's so wide
Cannot hide

Nazgul dives with claws
Hear the gruesome calls, terror on me gnaws