Karaoke Night at the Prancing Pony 4

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Collected by Lizmybit
March 14, 2003 at the Prancing Pony Board

Songs found amid the nonsense on this page:

The Rousing of Rohan (Doo Wah Diddy) - Lothithil
Gettin' Hazy (Take it Easy) - Calafalas
The Eye (Purple Haze) - Lothithil
The Ringbearer (Sounds of Silence) - Lindorie
Here Comes the Knight (unchanged) - Orangeblossom Took
Silver Tree (Ballad of the Green Berets) - Lothithil
Come Sail Away (Come Sail Away) - Tori*Took
I Still Haven't Found Who I'm Searching For (...Who I'm Looking For) - boriel
Road (unchanged) - Oreangeblossom Took
Well, I'm Back (Welcome Back Kotter Theme) - auntkimby35
Elves Just Want to have Fun (Girls Just want to have Fun) -Calafalas
Tookish Child (Wild Child) - auntkimby35
(commentary) - various
That Infamous Day (Gilligan's Island Theme) - AragornLover1981
Little Hobbit Pippin (Itsy-Bitsy Spider) - auntkimby35
Rock-a-Bye Hobbits (Rock-a-Bye Baby) - Lothithil
All that Razz (All that Jazz) - lordbg
Sunny Days (Blue Skies?) - AragornLover 1981
The Unsung Hero (Elanor Rigby) - Lothithil
Minas Tirith (Istanbul) - Lothithil

Loth walks boldly up to the croak-ie machine and thumps it) ... Lothithil ... 03.14-20:57
I call this little number...

The Rousing of Rohan
tune: Doo wah diddy, by (duh?)

Here they come, just a-walking into view
It's an Elf, Dwarf, Ranger, and a grey Wizard, too.
"Gandalf Stormcrow, why should I welcome you?"
And your Elf, Dwarf, Ranger, (such a beggarly crew!)

You walk in... To my Hall
My counsellor... You name-call...

Whoaa! Whoooa!!
I knew I was under a spell...
'Cause I listened to all the lies that Grima'd tell!

Before I know it, I'm riding to a row,
With an Elf, Dwarf, Ranger, and a WHITE Wizard, now.
We're gonna win this fight? (I'd like to know how?)
With just an Elf, Dwarf, Ranger, and ...
... where's that wizard now?

Now together we are riding into fame
With an Elf, Dwarf, Ranger, and Gandalf Greyhame
Kickin' orc-booty and takin' down names
Watch that Elf, Dwarf, Ranger, to Gondor we came.

The field ... of Pelennor
I found... that I'm mortal

But that's cool... I died well
Bid Eowyn... my Farewell!

Speech of the King of Rohan, from TTT:
"Arise, arise, Riders of Theoden!
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!"

(jumps into the bar and blow a blast of a horn)

::Applause:: very nice! i like that song!...nt ... Tori*Took ... 03.14-21:07


Doo wah diddy, yeah. Okay, here's my contribution to this fine evening of levity (txt) ... Calafalas ... 03.14-21:27

To honor the Gwaihir, and the mighty Lords of the West, this is sung to "Take It Easy" by the Eagles.

Gettin' Hazy

Well, I'm a runnin' to Mount Doom
Hopin' I arrive there soon
I've got nine nazgul on my mind
Five that want to grab me
Three that want to stab me
One that wants to steal my mind.
They're so scary, they're so scary
I can't let the sound of their screams drive me crazy.
Fighting them on Weathertop
It seemed as if they'd never stop
The ranger Strider fought them off
I'm gettin' hazy.

Well, I'm a floatin' down a river
Downstream from Lorien
Many strange things to see
It's an elven lord and a mighty dwarf
Actin' like this is a jamboree
Hey now Gimli, look out Gimli
You really shouldn't rock your boat
While floatin' swiftly
You can't swim and you might drown
You better stop playin' around
Or Legolas might throw you down
So take it easy.

Well, I'm a runnin to Mount Doom
Hopin' I arrive there soon
Got a ring of power on my mind
Lookin' for a mountain
To throw Sauron's ring in
It's so hard to find
It's so heavy, it's so heavy
Can't let the thought of my own death make me crazy
Come on Samwise, it's now sunrise
We gotta go to Orodruin
For Sauron's demise.

Whew. Made it through. Need something to drink. What's being served?

(clapping happily) Good one! 'Tender, a drink for my friend Cal! nt ...


Hey Loth! (Hug) Where's everybody? I thought they were all gonna sing tonight. nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-21:33

Not many here, luv. I guess we're on our own. How about this...(txt) ... Lothithil ... 03.14-21:35

The Eye
tune: Purple Haze, by Jimi Hendricks
(puts on sunglasses and sets fire to her guitar)

Glowing eye... in my brain
It's looking... for me again!
Black horse ran and Nazgul cried...
'Scuse me while I run and hide!!!

(throws burning guitar into fireplace and gets out a bag of Midgewatermarshmallows)

Hahahaha! One more, then I have to scoot for a bit...(txt) ... Lothithil ... 03.14-21:47


The Ringbearer
tune: The sounds of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel

I sail in darkness to the West.
I feel I've failed my greatest test.
Tho the world lives on in sunlight,
within my spirit there is only night
And by this crystal
Like a fading star now fanned
In my small hand
I see the Shores of Elfhome

A faded wraith I wandered home
my heart as heavy as a stone
but the Shire's no longer home to me
It's gentle beauty I no longer see
It is achieved!
...and yet my burden is not gone.
A weary pawn;
I dream of bliss in Elfhome

I touch the gift upon my chest
when dark is all around me pressed.
Arwen has chosen to remain behind.
Her place she offers me, she is so kind!
And my vision,
like a fading flower fails
and my heart quails;
I long for the Shores of Elfhome.

Merry and Pip to all have shown
More than in inches they have grown.
Oh, Samwise how can you forgive me?
I turned upon you like an enemy
and my sword,
like the sweetest elven note
sang at your throat...
Unworthy am I of Elfhome.

Yet in this place I can't remain,
I am beset with so much pain.
All my friends are safe, the world is free,
And Sam has started his big family
While I...
seek to sail into the sun
And oblivion...
To find my soul in Elfhome.

Sorry it's so sad... I AM and Elf, you know... - Lindorie (?)
(Sob) That was good, but it would have been better with the guitar! nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-21:50


Here's a Van Morrison song I didn't even have to change to fit into LOTR.....txt ; ) ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-21:42

It could definitely be Aragon going into battle thinking of Arwen. Here goes:

Here Comes The Knight

On the road with my sword
And my shield in my hand
Pressing on to the new day
This love will surely last forever
This love will surely last always

In the valley I see horsemen pass
Baby, baby, baby they don't want this love to last
There's a battle for the throne

And it's raging down in your soul
It says this love will surely last forever
This love will surely last always

I've been accused of truth and alchemy
I've been accused of speaking out for freedom too
I gave a demonstration in front of a crowd
A man saw my hands move and he began to shout

Here come horsemen through the pass
They say cast a cold eye on life, on death
There's a battle for the throne
And it means to thine own self be true

And it says this love will surely last forever
This love will surely last always
you didn't have to change that???? that's so awesome! nt ... Tori*Took ... 03.14-21:44

*bows* thank you, kinswoman. My mother raised me right on Van and LOTR....nt : ) ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-21:46

OBT!! It's perfect the way it is. It's great how many songs seem to fit our heroes! nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-21:47

Yep, isn't it great? The horsemen in this song could even be the nazgul!....nt ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-21:55

Whooo!! I like it! nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-21:49

Thanks, Loth...nt : ) ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-21:55


I have a song for Sauron's Truss...txt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-21:26

Silver Tree
Tune: "The Ballad of the Green Berets" and by SSgt. Barry Sadler.

Silver trees upon their breasts
It is the King of Gondor's crest
They hide in caves, wear green and brown
and never stop
'til Sauron's down!!

*shouts "Come back safe, boys!!*


*steps up to the mic* don't know if this has been done at previous karoak-ie nights but...txt ... Tori*Took ... 03.14-21:41
The hobbits want to give it a try....here we go.....Spoilers down below!

Song: Come Sail Away
Tune: ditto (done by Styx)

::Frodo steps up to the mic and starts to sing softly::

I'm sailing away, set an open course for undying lands
I've got to be free, free to leave this life that's be-hind me
On board, I'm so small, but I walk aboard
we'll search for tomarrow, on every shore
And I'll try, oh Sam, I'll try to carry on

::Sam takes over for Frodo, who is now on the ship, lifting up the light of Earendil. Sam has tears in his eyes::

I look to the sea, refractions of the light spark my memory
Some happy, some sad
I think of earlier days, days inside BagEnd
We live happily forever, so the story goes
But somehow we missed out cause that ring of gold
But we tried best as we could to carry on

::Sam rocks out on the mic and keyboards as Pippin bangs away at the drums and Merry has his awesome guitar solo::

Survived the worst, in mordor, came back, was none too sad
But Frodo, he was different, and Elves, 'tis what they said

They said, come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me lad,
Bilbo too, he went away and said
Come sail away with me,
Frodo then, looked at me, sayin, come sail away with me
come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me

I thought they looked like angels, Frodo and the elves
he went away to peace at last, I will too, but when Rosie's gone
Singing come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me lad
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me.....

::They continue to sing and play, not paying attention to the time...Gimli falls asleep and Tori walks over to Merry who is now on his knees, Rocking away, and she pulls the plug on his guitar...Sam notices and stops singing the line 'come sail away' over and over again. He looks slightly embarrassed....Pippin, however, doesn't realize what is going on and he continues to beat his drums until eventually, his hand, along with the stick, goes through the drum head...and so now the song is done:: ;-D
The four-man all Hobbit band!! Cool! nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-21:44

LOL, Tori! I really enjoyed that. :-) nt ... Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator) ... 03.14-21:46

Awesome, Tori *claps*...nt : ) ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-22:10

(Showers Tori*Took with California golden poppies) WooHoo! That's wonderful. (txt) ... Calafalas ... 03.14-21:45


my own humble rendition of:
I still haven't found who I'm lookin for (U2) ... boriel ... 03.14-22:27

i have climbed the highest mountain,
i have run through pleannor fields
trying to track you, trying to find you

i have run, i have crawled
i have scaled these city walls,
these city walls, trying to find you

but i still havent found who i'm searching for
but i still havent found who i'm searching for

i have kissed honey lips, felt the healing
in her fingertips that burned like fire,
this burning desire

i have spoken with the riders of rohan
i have seen the return of gandalf, who appeared in the forest,
i was speechless for joy.

but i still haven't found who i'm searching for
but i still haven't found who i'm searching for

i believe in the kingdom come, that all the tribes
will bleed into one, will bleed into one
but yes i'm still searching

you broke the bonds and you lost your orcs
were carried off by treebeards cohorts, treebeards cohorts
you know i believe it

but i still haven't found who i'm searching for
but i still haven't found what i'm searching for

I think Bono is a Half-elf. Good song!! nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-23:16

ROTFLMHO...he's just a tad too short to be an elf! but he does have a way with words!!..nt ... boriel ... 03.14-23:27


Here is another song (with few lyrics) that needs no changing to be in LOTR....txt ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-22:06
This could be Sam, right after Frodo leaves for the Havens.

*steps up to mike*

Road by Nick Drake

You can say the sun is shining if you really want to, I can see the moon and it seems so clear.
You can take the road that takes you to the stars now,
I can take a road that'll see me through, I can take a road that'll see me through.

You can take a road that takes you to the stars now, I can take a road that'll see me through.
I can take a road that'll see me through. I can take a road that'll see me through.
Very appropriate song for Frodo and Sam. nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-22:07

awwww! that is so awesome...very fitting...and a good follow up to my song! nt ... Tori*Took ... 03.14-22:09

Yes, isn't that cool? I liked your rendition of sail away...nt : ) ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-22:11

Thanks cousin O'Blossom!.....I've been raised up on Styx myself... ;-) nt ... Tori*Took ... 03.14-22:36

(((OBT))) How lovely!*slides a pint down the bar to OBT* nt ... samwisegirl ... 03.14-22:10

Thank you (((SG))) *takes pint*....nt ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-22:13

I don't know the song, but the lyrics are terrific! Clap! Clap! Clap!!! nt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:11

Thank you, (((auntkimby))) his song "fly" was on the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack and I....txt ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-22:15

Very good...I don't think I have every heard that sone...I liked it!....nt.... ... Lizmybit ... 03.14-22:16


Okay! Here we go (clears throat) txt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:07
Well I'm Back

To the "Welcome Back, Kotter" theme (I hope someone knows it)

SAM is singing

"Well, I'm back"- with these words my tale is all told
"Well, I'm back"- with my dear Rosie I shall grow old
Til one day she is gone, and I'll turn around
And sail to the place where my master's found
Until then, there's much to keep me
My beloved Shire needs me
Right here's where I'm needed
My master's words I've heeded
In my own chair I sit,
And my pipe is now lit
Well, I'm back.
Well, I'm back, well, I'm back, well, I'm back.

(runs off stage)

Paging dr. G.....Please come the the bar you're party is waiting.... Lizmybit ... 03.14-22:09

*claps wildly*....nt ; D ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-22:09

Brav, Bravo, Bravo....encore........Encore....I haven't hear that song in soooo long!!!!.....txt.... ... Lizmybit ... 03.14-22:11
Careful now....you're starting to show your age my dear!!!! :-)

(sticks out tongue at lizmybit) We're the same age, precioussssss! nt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:13

I know Preciuossssss why do you think I was worried!!!!....nt..... ... Lizmybit ... 03.14-22:15

LOL! Wonderful. Bravo! *claps alongside OBT, and whistles for an encore* nt ... samwisegirl ... 03.14-22:11

That was so cute, Aunt Kimby. nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-22:12

*stands up on a stool clapping loudly* woohoo! that's so awesome!..nt ... Tori*Took ... 03.14-22:14

How sweet! nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-23:13


Try singing this one with me. (txt) ... Calafalas ... 03.14-22:19
Elves Just Want to have Fun

Sung to Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

When elves go walking in the starlight
Orome rides Nahar his horse shining so bright
He watches them while they play out in the sun
And elves just wan to have fun
Oh elves just want to have fun.

Melkor comes in the middle of the night
He whispers to the elves better run for your life
Orome is a dark rider of the cold night
But elves just want to have fun
Oh elves just want to have fun.

That's all they really want
Some fun
When the figthing day is done
Elves they want to have fun
Oh elves just want to have fun.

I just pictured Arwen dressed like Cyndi. Oh, Elbereth help us all...nt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:21

With Galadriel and Eowyn as back-up singers? Ha,ha, ha. nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-22:23

And Courtney Love and Kelly Osbourne tossing Glorfindel into the mosh pit. nt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:26

Yeah!!! Very good!....nt..... ... Lizmybit ... 03.14-22:44

Tee hee!! nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-23:13


Now, my song for dear sweet Pippin txt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:16

Tookish Child
To the tune of Enya's Wild Child (once again, hope you know it!)

Ever act too fast?
Do your eyes all glisten
To see a mush-room
Do you ever listen?
Do you need calm reason?
Do you chatter on and on?

Do you stop to think
Before you rush in?
Do you talk so much
Folks are always "Hush!" 'in
But you're brave and loyal-
You're a Tookish child.

You err sometimes,
But you're truly sorry
Because you move too fast
You cause much worry-
But you'll be a great leader-
You're a Tookish child.

(bows and runs)
Awesome!!! *jumps up and down, clapping*....nt ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-22:18

*grabs Aunt K and hugs her* That was wonderful dear! samwisegirl ... 03.14-22:22

Yea!! I love the way you write Pippin!....nt...... ... Lizmybit ... 03.14-22:22

awww! *jumps off of stool and gives Kim a hug* yay! I love my Pippin!..nt ... Tori*Took ... 03.14-22:25

Yeah!! Love Enya and you!! nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-23:11


Ok here it one in honor of my new friend True-hearted and out movie outing....txt.... ... Lizmybit ... 03.14-22:20

If I offend anyone I am truly sorry. The me just preface this by saying I LOVE ELVES!!!!! This s what happens when you go see TTT with a fellow "Crazy Ringer"

Scene: Elves at helm's deep. Haldir has just been killed......Please now throwing any Produce in my direction!!!!!!!
**** lizmybit clears throat****
****steps up to microphone ****

"Another Elf bites the dust, and another one's gone, and another one gone!
 Hey, gonna get you to another elf bites the dust! Dum dum dum...another one bites the dust........

Please, Don't hurt me! It was really funny at the time!

Lizzie, remind me to never go to a movie with you. Ever. nt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:21

LOL....I know I'm sick! But True enjoyed it!!!!!!!....nt...... ... Lizmybit ... 03.14-22:24

LOL, Liz! ....nt ; ) ... Orangeblossom Took ... 03.14-22:24

ILSHIWML. It is funny! You and TH-E singing at the movies. nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-22:25

'Tis enough fer now, friends. Can't keep mah eyes open anymore. The next watch comes (more) ... Sauron's Truss ... 03.14-22:23
all too fast.  Thanks for the warm words and welcome back. I'll see you all very soon.

PS- Rosie, it was great feeling your elbow (is that what she's calling it now?), and EW, well you know. Everyone else, I luvs ya a whole lot. Off to my tent and some deep slumberand dreams of TGOTPP.

Goodnight handsome. Had a good time tonight!! Write you soon. love you. nt ... ElfinWolf ... 03.14-22:24

::blows kisses::... ... Rosie(moderator) ... 03.14-22:25

can I write my name on your knees then? nt ... ElfinWolf ... 03.14-22:27

absolutely! (nt) ... Rosie(moderator) ... 03.14-22:30

you realize I'm not kidding. Bringing the sharpie with me to LA. :) nt ... ElfinWolf ... 03.14-22:31

Bye, ST, it was nice meeting you. Thinking of you every day nt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:27

G'night, Truss! good seeing ya here..nt ... Tori*Took ... 03.14-22:31

Darn it! Just missed you. If you see this before you close those baby blues - sweet dreams!(nt) ... Sierra ... 03.14-22:31

Gosh darn itI I just missed my chance to meet you! (txt) ... True-Hearted Easterling ... 03.14-22:35

See you later, sweetie. Email on the way to you. :-) nt ... Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator) ... 03.14-22:40

BYe.It was nice talking to you again.And don't forget to check your E-mail.I sent you something ... lordbg ... 03.14-22:59

G'night (((truss))). nt ... halavana ... 03.14-23:39


*clears throat and begins to sing*...txt ... Aragorn Lover 1981 ... 03.14-22:22

That Infamous Day
to the theme of "Gilligan's Island"

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
The tale of the Fellowship
That departed from Rivendell
On a long and frightening trip.

Their leader was a wise wizard
Gandalf the Grey they say
Who lead the nine to Moria
On that infamous day. That imfamous day.

*Pippin's stomach rumbles//paralleling with thunder from GI*

They reached the gates of Moria
Gandalf read the inscription
He tried many spells to no avail, Pip said
"What'ya gonna do then? What'ya gonna do then?"

Gandalf being quick to anger
Said some things that were not nice
And Pippin cried, and Merry too,
And Gimli laughed at their plight,
But Frodo said
That he figured out the riddle to
Open the gates out right.

Now this is the tale of the Fellowship
Their end is sure to come
But not before many things come to pass
And death comes to some. And death comes to some.

But you all know the story now
You've seen it a thousand times
Gandalf will fall and Boromir
Will be killed by URUK-HAIS!

*AL1981 runs and hides behind bar*
*Pops head up from behind counter*
"I hope that wasn't too bad. Just thought of it real quick like."
*Ducks down again in case anyone throws mushrooms*
hmm, that might not be so bad... ;-P

*throws mushrooms at AL1981 on the way to the fridge* G'night everyone! nt ... samwisegirl ... 03.14-22:24

AL1981. I don't believe in wasting good vegies. Take that. (throws fish eyes and frog tongues)nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-22:29

Eeewwww! Gross! That smells, Calafalas! Man, now I'm going to have to bathe again! :-P nt ... Aragorn Lover 1981 ... 03.14-22:34

Yea, that was pretty gross, sorry. I guess I'll have to disinfect the Pony when we're all done. nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-22:42

If I didn't stink before I do now! :-D nt ... Aragorn Lover 1981 ... 03.14-22:38

(((Calafalas))) Enjoy the rest of the night. I'm beat! Too much driving today. *tosses...txt ... Aragorn Lover 1981 ... 03.14-22:42
mushrooms to all in the PP* Good night all! Karaoke again next Friday???

Why not? Thanks for the shrooms. Sweet dreams. I hope you get the smell out. nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-22:45


Oh, well, since you asked so nicely txt ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-22:59
Little Hobbit Pippin

Little hobbit Pippin picked up the Palantir
Lights filled his head and his brain was in a whirl
On the ground he fell and
his heart was filled with pain
But little hobbit Pippin got on his feet again!

(Muffled laughter) I thought his brain was already in a whirl before the palantir! nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-23:00

Hey! That's my sweetie you're talking about! (throws dustpan) ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-23:03

(Slinging soapy mop) And the point you're trying to make is...... nt ... Calafalas ... 03.14-23:04

(bursts into tears) No one understands our relationship! (sob, sniffle) ... auntkimby35 ... 03.14-23:07

Oh, I think samwise girl does.....(nt) ... True-Hearted Easterling ... 03.14-23:16

(((Auntie))) you are sooo funny....what are you coming to Milwaukee??? soon I hope!!!...nt.... ... Lizmybit ... 03.14-23:03

*snickering* cute Auntie! nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-23:08


 Rock-a-bye Hobbits... in the deep hole..txt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-23:38

when the wind blows
you'll never know
when the bough breaks
and Autumn leaves fall
then we'll have a party
and dance 'til we fall!!

Can't you just picture Frodo, Pippin and Merry singing this to Little Elenor..?*sigh* nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-23:44

Laughing, I can now. :-) (nt) ... FreeThinker ... 03.14-23:48


All that Razz

Gets on top of the piano to sing a song........(txt) ... lordbg ... 03.14-23:49
oh no this should be......(txt) ... lordbg ... 03.14-23:54
the song they will song at the Razzies
*rises on the piano*

Come on baby,let's put on a show
and all that razz
let's give some movie stars the Hollywood heave-Ho
and all that razz
here we go let's get one in more shot
the comepetition's hot-
the nommines are not-
it's just a yearly brawl
that everybody calls
All That Raaaazzzzzzzzzz

"Swept Away" has got a chance to lose
and all that razz
I hear Madonna and Guy maybe will be singging the blues-haha
and all that razz
hold on,hon','cause Britney may get speared
when and if she does,I'll be the one who cheered
and Eddie's bomb "Pluto"
might beat "Pinocchio"
for All That Raaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzz
O-O-O-O,we're gonna dish out lots of just desserts
and all that razz
yeah,we've never been affraid to yell "JERKS!"(#)
and all that razz
we-e-e-e-e know these are awful movies
everyone has got the cooties
so every year,
we gather here for
All That Raaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Grab a seat,'cause we are 'rarin to go
and all that razz
tongue between your lips,give me one big blow--(razzberry)
and all that razz
come on,babe,we're gonna name the worst
and I can't wait to see who comes in first
'cause the "winners" here
get a kick in the rear
for All......That..........Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

baby,lend an ear
cause we're naming the worst of the year

*spoken* That Razz
a spoof of "All That Jazz" from "Chicago"

#-I had it changed since I thought the word was bad.
(pops fingers to radical jazzy beat) yeah, baby, yeah...nt ... Lothithil ... 03.14-23:54

My computer has a brain cloud because of your song, although I agree with the razzies! (txt) ... Calafalas ... 03.14-23:58

Oh man,maybe I'll post it again some time so everyone can see it nt ... lordbg ... 03.14-23:59

Why is my computer wierd when I sing your song? nt ... Calafalas ... 03.15-00:02

Probably since it is based on possibillities nt ... lordbg ... 03.15-00:03

Hmmmmm. That involves way too much serious thinking for my tired brain. nt ... Calafalas ... 03.15-00:09


The following collected from some Prancing Pony Unplugged earlier...
*clears throat* "Sunny days sweeping the clouds away! txt ... Aragorn Lover 1981 ... 03.12-21:56
On my way to where the air is sweet!
Can you tell be how to get
How to get to the Village of Bree!

Come and stay!
Everything's A-O-Kay
Happy people here is all you'll meet!
Can you tell me how to get
To the Prancy Po-o-ney!

heeheehee ;-P
(claps hands in delight) Thanks! I am laughing!! May I...? (txt) ... Lothithil ... 03.12-22:00


The Unsung Hero
tune: Lonely People, by America

(Loth brings out her battered harp)

This is for all the simple people
living in Gondor and the Shire:
Frodo's gone,
He's just an innocent halfling pawn, who
must throw the Ring into the Fire.

This is for all the rustic Hobbits
safe and snug in houses and hole;
Frodo cares
So much that he goes where no one dares to
though it will cost him life and soul.

Yes... he's gone away
May be back some day
May the Valar guide him home!

This is for all the folk in Gondor
thinking that Hobbits are too weak
Horns that blow
and armour bright; It's so fine a show, but
It makes it mighty hard to sneak.

Yes... he found the way
But he will not stay
His grey ship waits on the foam.

(Loth puts down her harp and sobs wildly on AragornLover's shoulder.)
*sniff* that song breaks my heart!! (wipes eyes)

Waaaaa! Sniff! That was very lovely and very sad. Why are you singing a sad song? nt ... calafalas ... 03.12-22:18

(( Cal)) Well, I AM an Elf...(grins) nt ... Lothithil ... 03.13-14:09

oh how my heart aches to hear that song! *hands Loth a tissue* nt ... Aragorn Lover 1981 ... 03.12-22:20


I'm saving happy songs for Friday, but maybe just a short funny one..(txt) ... Lothithil ... 03.12-22:24
This song must be accompanied on an accordian

Minas Tirith
tune: Istambul (not Constantinople) by They Might Be Ents(giants)

It's the Tower of Guard
Not the Tower of the Sun
It's now the Tower of Guard
Not the Tower of the Sun
Been a long time gone, that Tower of the Sun
Why did Minas Arnor get the works?
Probably 'cause of those Morgul jerks!

Ev-en Wea-ther-top
Was once old Amon Sul
Why'd they change it?
I can't say...
...mebbe they like it better that way!

So take me back to the Tower of the Sun
No, you can't go back to the Tower of the Sun
So if you've a date in Minas Arnor
He/She'll be waiting in Minas Trith!

(throws accordian into fireplace)