Karaoke Night at the Prancing Pony 2

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Songs amid the flotsam and jetsam of this page:
Frodo You (Waterloo) - thegreenwood
Aragorn (This Old Man) - Cadsuane
Welcome to the Pony (Welcome to the Jungle) - Arabee
The Distance (The Distance) - Old Gaffer
Off to Bree (Heigh Ho) - Freedom's Defender
Smaug the Mighty Dragon (Puff the Magic Dragon) - Rosie
Frodo's Sailed Across the Ocean (Pink Floyd tune) - Dandy
Dancing Queen Cotton (Dancing Queen) - Old Gaffer
Close Encounters with Farmer Maggot (Dixie) - Primula
Merry Pippin (Frere Jacques) - Primula
A Ring to Call my Precious (A Kiss to Build a Dream On) - Arabee
Sauron's Theme (Barney Theme) - Dandy
Sauron the One-Eyed Dark Lord (Popeye Theme) - Sarielou
Great Ol' Mr. Frodo B. (Lady Marmalade) - Ardulin
F-R-O-D-O (Bingo) - LilBaggins
Imagine there's no Movie (Imagine) - DesertElf
To Rivendell (Livin' on a Prayer) - LilBaggins
I'm a Little Hobbit (I'm a Little Teapot) - Freedom's Defender
I've Really Got to Pee (Freebird) - DesertElf
For Hobbits (Beastie Boys tune) - StefBaggins
Hobbits in Your Sleep (Talking in Your Sleep) - StefBaggins
Pippin (Spam) - DiamondTook
Mambo #5 (unknown tune) - Mavrielle Gamgee

Eurovision warm up entry ... thegreenwood ... 01.25-17:53
As tomorrow morning approaches here (UK) and I'm not sure I can stay awake for the karaoke evening much as I would love to I thought I'd set a very low standard everyone can improve on :o)

Set to the tune of (and using rather a lot of orignal lyrics since I'm not feeling suitably inspired - hope that's not a copyright breach) Waterloo, ABBA's 1974 Eurovision winner

My My, In Middle Earth Was A Ring Of Great Splendour
Oh Yeah, Many Have Met Their Destiny In Quite A Similar Way
The History Book On The Shelf
Is Always Repeating Itself

Frodo You - Must Carry The Ring Bilbo Gave To You
Frodo You - Promise To Follow The Path To Mordor
Frodo You - Couldn't Escape If You Wanted To
Frodo You - Know Your Fate Is To Where A Mumu
Frodo You -

*An over enthusiastic accompanying blast on the Horn of Gondor blows the microphone and the audience are spared* If we're lucky the lights may fuse too so my turquoise spandex mumu and matching crochet cap are hidden from view

- thegreenwood

Cadsy shyly flops onto the dais, gulps some 'water' and clears her throat. GOOD EVENING ... Cadsuane ... 01.25-19:04
EVERYONE, I am sorry to intrude on your important conversations, but I shall be leaving shortly and I wanted to have a try at a song before I go.
Gimli, be a dear, and set the disco ball turning. Thanks.

HU HUM:...

Sung to the tune of This Old Man (knick, knack, paddy whack)

He was torn;
Follow Frodo, or be sworn
To kill all the orcs that ever he could find,
Bearing hobbits two in mind.

Bold as brass
Walked on snow on Caradhras.
Heard the seagulls calling, "come towards the sea".
Went with Gimli from M.E.

And Gim-li,
Small, not ‘twee',
Followed elf friend constantly.
Killed the orcs in contest till his axe was wet,
Still don't know who won that yet.

Sam Gamgee,
It was he
Who stayed with Frodo loyally
Through the dangers, hardships, evil that they saw.
Sam Gamgee could give no more.

New no fear.
Killed the Balrog. Then we hear
Fell at Khazad-Dum, into chasm very black,
Do you think he will come back?

Frodo wrest
With his quest
To Mount Doom, and then could rest,
For he saved the world and all that it entails.
Elves however set their sails..


(Bows)..(Silence)...Cries of: "What about Pippin?", "Where's Merry's verse?" "What tune was that?"

Cadsuane gets down and quietly wanders over to Gimli to talk about orc killing, ways and means thereof, disposal of bodies, fish...


*ahem* a warm-up song for the Pony to get us in the mood ... Arabee ... 01.25-20:36

Welcome to the Pony
to tune the tune of "Welcome to the Jungle"

Welcome to the Pony!
We've got fun and games!
We've got all the pints you want.
try to learn our names.

We've got squash to go around,
sponges for your needs,
if you've got a muumuu, honey,
you've got our disease.

At the Pony!
Welcome to the Pony!
Sha na nanananaHOOOOOOOOOONK!

oops, where'd that come from? sorry! *blushing*


Here's another for the younger folk..... ... OldGaffer ... 01.25-20:47

sung to The Distance by Cake:

Reluctantly trapped in the musty mine.
Hearts pumping and thumping in time.
The red light flashes,
The balrog is up.
Turning and yearning the gig is up.

They deftly maneuver,
With heat on their flank.
Flames burning hot on an endless tank.
Reckless and wild, the passages turn.
Gandalf stands frozen, secretly stern.

As they speed to the exit,
Gandalf falls down.
The group cries out and they get out of town.
The mine is empty except for one man.
Still diving and striving
As best as he can

The wizard's gone done
And the group made it up.
And in despair the group gave him up.
But he's diving and striving
While the balrog burns.
And thinking of the fellowship,
For whom he still burns!



Not enough beer yet, but here's a little something that Weed High inspired me to sing... ... Freedom's Defender ... 01.25-20:50

Heigh Ho
Heigh Ho
It's off to Bree we go
With a golden ring
about my neck,
Heigh Ho
Heigh Ho
Heigh Ho
Heigh Ho


Rosie, donning Goldberrys generous gift of a pink mumu.......... ... Rosie(moderator) ... 01.25-20:51

Stumbles up tiredly to the mike, her head spinning and eyes googling out from too many hours on the computer....must....do....a....song!! Ok, so unlike Gaffer, I didn't spend the week preparing...and I think its someone elses turn to take notes...Let loners night in the Prancing Pony Commence!

Smaug the Mighty Dragon
Sung to Puff the Magic Dragon:

Smaug the mighty Dragon,
Slept on a bed of gold
Under the lonely Mountain,
In the dwarf kingdom of old,

Bilbo of the Shire
Lived in Comfort in Bag-End
Longing for adventure,
But his garden he did tend.

Gandalf the old grey wizard,
Pushed him out the door,
Leaving behind his hanky,
Traveling with the dwarves.

Oh Smaug the mighty Dragon,
Slept on a bed of gold,
Under the lonely Mountain,
In the dwarf kingdom of old.

He had a great adventure,
trolls turning to stone,
Taken by the goblins,
Longing for his home,

A ring in gollums cave,
Sting the Spiders Bane,
Barrel rider and burglar,
To Dale the company came.

Oh Smaug the mighty Dragon,
Slept on a bed of gold,
Under the lonely Mountain,
In the dwarf kingdom of old.

At last he confronted the Dragon,
In a darkness black as night,
Bard the mighty hunter,
Led the perilous fight.

Smaugs reign is ended,
The goblin army falls,
Bilbos adventures are over,
but another hears a call...

Oh Smaug the mighty dragon
End his story with this song,
But the adventures of the Baggins
Has only just begun... =)


Me next..before I have too many beers and fall off my barstool... ... Dandy ... 01.25-20:58

Those of you who cannot handle my off key singing. Please insert your sponges now. There are extra sets at the entrance. This is for my special hobbit friend (swoon) Samwise Gamgee. Please cue up a little Pink Floyd.

Frodos sailed across the ocean.
Leaving just a memory
Left Sam standing on the seashore.
Frodo why did you leave poor Sammie
Frodo why did you leave behind poor Sammie
All in all it's just a mithril coat on the wall
All in all it's just a mithril coat on your wall

We don't nee no Rings to bind us
We don't need no shadows over me
No Dark Lords in their Black Towers
Sauron leave those ‘Bits alone
Hey Sauron leave those ‘Bits alone
All in all it's a glowing Sting on the wall
All in all you have a glowing Sting on your wall

I don't need no Orc gear ‘round me
I don't need no Gollums to find me
I have see the Cracks of Dooms great fall
Don't think I need anything at all
No, Don't think I need anything at all
All in all it's just another Ring in the fall
All in all it's all just a golden Ring in the fall.

Bowing and quickly chugging a warm German beer....


This one was cut from the script.... ... OldGaffer ... 01.25-21:02

Setting: Bilbo's party, 70's, disco ball, hobbits in bell bottoms and blouses......A tribute to Sam and Rosie......

Dancing Queen.

You can dance,
You can jive,
Having the time of your life.
Rosie, girl!
What's Sam seen?
He's diggin the dancing queen!

Friday night and the lights are low,
It's a party for old Bilbo.
70's hobbit disco music.
Getting in the swing,
Rosie's a cute little thing.
Frodo knows Sam's so shy,
Night is young, fireworks in the sky.
Grooving, moving retro music
Everything's fine,
Frodo's gonna make Sam dance.
And when he get's the chance.

(Frodo pushes Sam towards Rosie)

Sam's with the dancing queen.
Young and sweet, it's the king and queen.
Dancing queen
Feel the beat of the tamborine.....


Primula steps up to the mike... ... Primula ... 01.25-21:03

smooths down her rhinestone-studded forest green muu'muu and flips on the switch for the bubble machine. Awkwardly adjusting the height on the mike stand, she finally settles for standing on tiptoe with her shiny mary janes peeping out from under her skirt...

PHHHH PHHHHH *thump thump* "Is this thing on? Can you all hear me in the back there?"

(to the tune of "Dixie")

Close Encounters with Farmer Maggot

Oh, once in the fields of a farmer hobbit,
Frodo, he knew how to rob it -
Just a lad, but he had,
Quite a taste for that treat!

He's hungry for some mushrooms,
He was! He was!
And Farmer Maggot had the best,
The finest 'shrooms in Shirelands.

Away, away,
He needs to run much faster!
Away, away,
Run away! Here he comes!

Oh that Maggot knew how to make him stop,
Caught young Frodo with his crop -
Told his dogs, they could eat,
Baggins up - every drop!

Years later, grown Frodo did quake and shake,
For Pip had them Maggot's wat to take.
Run away! Here he comes,
With his dogs! How they bark!

Oh, he wished he were safe with Farmer Cotton,
Farmer Maggot's not forgotton.
Run away! Run away!
Here he comes with his dogs!

But Maggot, he runs a fine old farm,
Took them in and kept them warm.
Wagon ride, by his side,
And at need -- quite a friend.



Okay, here's a bit you can all sing along to... ... Primula ... 01.25-21:21
but someone sit on Gimli first, he might get a little crazy here -

Merry Pippin

(to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Merry, Pippin
Merry, Pippin
Here they are
From afar,
Watching Orthanc get treed
Found a cask of pipeweed,
Very fresh,
Low on tar.

Glad of pipe and
Glad of plate they
Found it rare,
Great to share -
When they were a sore sight
Found it set the score right:
With the dwarf,
Wreathed the air.

*kicking the bubble machine to make it go again*


A Ring to Call my Precious

here's a quickie selection from Gollum's Greatest Hits Album ... Arabee ... 01.25-21:32
could someone please cue up "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" on the machine for me . . .thanks.

this is for all you ring-lovers out there . ..

Give me
a ring to call my prrecioussss.
We promisess that Gollum
will ask no more than this. . .
give me,
yes, give nice hobbitsess
a ring to call my prreciousss.

Give me
the ring before you leave me,
or is you being nasty,
yes, nasty Bagginsesss?
Poor Smeagol
he only wantss what'ss hisss --
a ring to call my prreciousssss.


from out of the Purple Goo on the floor rises Barney..and since barney is evil..and sauron is evil. ... Dandy ... 01.25-21:49
Barney is Sauron


I love you, you love me
You're my Ringwraith family
with a great big Eye and
a curse from me to you
I will squash Aragorn in two..



Sauron the One-Eyed Dark Lord

lalalala laaaaa....testing...one...two...testing...alright Gimli, get off the cord! okay..... ... Sarielou ... 01.25-22:01

sarielou looks nervously around the bar......Dandy, you hold Gimli for me.....I want my fringes in one piece when I leave here, Rosie's seamstress is already fixing two of my muumuu's......okay.....here goes...just to warm up.......sung to the tune of Popeye's Song....

I'm Sauron the One eyed dark lord
I'm Sauron the One eyed dark lord.
My eye's lidless and flamin'
My Orcs plundern' and maimin'.
I'm Sauron the One eyed dark lord.

I'm one tough dark ruler
Which hates Ferris Beuller
What ain't all here with me
I burn's em, and scares em'
And always out smarts 'em
Till Frodo sneaks underneath my Shoeler (oh please bear with me...almost done!!)

If anyone dares to risk my "wrath",
It's war and darkness,
then fire Sponge bath!!
That's your one free laugh
At Sauron the One eyed dark lord!

I'm Sauron the One eyed dark lord
I'm Sauron the One eyed dark lord.
I'm lidless and flamin'
My Orcs plundern' and maimin'.
I'm Sauron the One eyed dark lord!! yaaa daaa daa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Great Ol' Mr. Frodo B

Ardulin steps onstage, adjusting the train of her mumu, for her directorial debut.... ... Ardulin ... 01.25-22:03

(forgive my poor French spelling here...actually my poor knowledge of French in general...)

Ladies and gentlemen...I now present to you a CELEBRITY GUEST APPEARANCE in a little rock number parody of Lady Marmalade (yes, the flashy Moulin Rouge version). ::cues music and steps off to side of stage to direct::

SAM enters stage right, wearing a flashy pink mumu and snapping his fingers, sings-

Where's all my soul hobbits?
Let me hear y'all flow hobbits!

Hey hobbits, go hobbits,
Flow hobbits, soul hobbits,
Hey hobbits, go hobbits,
flow hobbits, go hobbits

MERRY struts in from stage right in his risque green mumu, sings-

Gandalf met Frodo down
In old Hobbiton
He just got the ring
From Bilbo
He said
Hello, hey Fro
You wanna go on the road?

Ringi ringi ya ya da da
(hey hey hey)
Ringi ringi ya ya hee
(Hee oh)
Just a shire hobbit ya ya
(ooh yeah!)
Great ole Mr. Frodo B.

Voulez-vous travaillez avec moi
Ce soir? (oh oh)
Voulez-vous travaillex avec moi?
(yeah yeah yeah yeah)

PIPPIN enters in a very flattering red mumu with a glittering train, sings-

He sat in his kitchen
While he packed his bags
Boy, smoked all that southfarthing leaf
When he heated up that ring
Is when he started to freak, ya

LEGOLAS takes center stage again for his gangsta-elf rap solo-

Yeah, yeah, ah
We come through with the
Weapons and the guides
Let 'em know we bout that lembas
'Straight out the gate
We independent men
Some take us for swords
We sayin 'why fight that hobbit's
When you can fight ours?'
Disagree, well that's you
And I'm sorry
Gonna keep playin
Sauron out like Atari
Wear my pointed shoes
Slayin orcs with the dudes
Nine bad *** guys
From the elf city knew
Hey, hobbits, go hobbits
Better toss that ring, hobbits

We wear cloaks with
leaves at the neck
All the time
So we never gotta need to hide!
We gotta ringi ringi ya ya
(Come on)
Just a shire hobbit-ah
Great ole Mr. Frodo B.

One more time, c'mon!

Frodo B.
(Oooo-o-o-ooo yeah)
Frodo B.
Frodo B.

Seeing that eye
Feeling mighty scared
Color of that mountain fire
All right
Made the brave hobbit inside
Try to save their lives

Go! Go! GO-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

Now he's left us
And he's on his own
(on his own)

I won't let him go on his own...

But when I run
Off to leave
Sam tells me to keep him...

Ringi ringi ya ya da da
(Da da-a-a-a-oh!)
Ringi ringi ya ya hee
(ohh ohhooo)
Just a shire hobbit ya ya
Great ole Mr. Frodo B.

Voulez-vous travaillez avec moi
Ce soir? (ce soir)
Voulez-vous travaillez avec moi?
(oh my hobbits, yeah)
Voulez-vous travaillez avec moi
Ce soir? (ce soir)
Voulez-vouz travaillez avec moi?

Come on uh


Mr. Frodo B!

hey, hey, uh uh uh
uh uh uh uh

oh oh ohhhh-oohhh

From the Shire baby!
Mr. Frodo B.
oh ohhhooooo
da dum da dum

Great ole Mr. Frodo B.
ohh-oo-ooo-o-ooo-oooooooooooooo, ye-es!

::curtain falls::


Ahem..Ahem..... ::stepping up to the mike:: ... LilBaggins ... 01.25-22:22

There was hobbit went on a quest
And Frodo was his name-o
And frodo was his name-O!!!!!


sing along! "I want my, I want my, I want my TTT! I want my, I want my, I want my TTT!" nt ... Arabee ... 01.25-22:24

Imagine There's No Movie

Hey all.May I present my Karaoke debut... ... DesertElf ... 01.25-22:38

DesertElf steps up to the mike, adjusts her mummu [which, by the way is made out of hemp in honor of the true author of this song] and to the tune of "Imagine" by John Lennon sings...

Imagine there's no movie.
I know it's hard, but try.
No Peter, Fran or Enya.
No little tickets to buy.
Imagine all the people,
Trying not to cry.


Imagine there's no costumes.
It isn't hard to do.
No mummus to die for,
And no suspenders too.
Imagine all the people,
Living life in jeans.


Imagine no fellowship,
I don't know if I can.
I wouldn't want to live here,
Without that brotherhood of man.
Imagine no Legolas.
I think I'm gonna swoon.


You may say it's a nightmare,
And I only hope you're right.
Because a day without elf ears,
Is a day that really bites.


To Rivendell

Here we go again!!! Rock On, Lilbaggins! nt ... LilBaggins ... 01.25-22:55
to the tune of Bon Jovi's Livin On a prayer

Once upon a time..a really long time ago

Frodo used to live in the Shire..
Then he got the Ring
He's gotta make a trip
It's tough..oh its tough

Sam used to garden all day
working for his master
he went on the quest
for luck...for luck

he says we gotta hold on
to the ring
We can't let it get lost
its such an evil thing

We'll see the Elves
and that's a lot for Hobbits
We'll give it a shot

Oh...we're halfway there
Oh! to Rivendell
Take my hand we'll make it I swer
Oh! To rivendell!

Sam dreams of running back home
he walks in the night Frodo tells him
But we're almost done!
Almost done..

Frodo doesn't want to be seen
Those evil black riders
look like they're awfully mean

He says we gotta gold on
to the ring
We can't let it get lost
it's such an evil thing

We'll see the Elves
and that's a lot
for Hobbits..
For hobbits..

Whoah! We're halfway there
Whoah! To rivendell!
Take my hand.
we'll make it I swear
Oh! To Rivendell

Whoah! We're halfway there
Who-oah! To Rivendell!
Take my hand,
We'll make it I swear!
Who-oah! to Rivendell!


Or...I'm a little Hobbit, short and stout... nt ... Freedom's Defender ..

. . I'm stuck in this backpack, please let me out . . . nt ... Arabee ...
. . having trouble breathing, hear me shout . . . nt ... Arabee
.. .If you tip it over, GB might pout...nt ... Primula ...
MAMBO........SPPPffffffffffftttttttt...oh drats my silly string just ran out...nt...Dandy


I've Really Got to Pee

O.K. this is too fun ,another one for your listening pleasure...txt ... DesertElf ... 01.25-23:15

DesertElf changes into her rinestone studded mummu [which for the purposes of this song has a zippered front] teases up her hair 'till it touches the ceiling and turnes the volume up way too loud. To the tune of "Freebird"..

If I stop here by this tree,
Would you go on without me?
I've been walking for three days,
And I've really got to pee.

If I stay here too long now,
A Naz'll sneak right up on me.
And that'd be so demeaning,
With my pants down by my knees.

With my pants down by my knees.

So bye,bye to my kidneys.
I've lost feeling in my legs.
Strider, please stop for piddling,
Dude, I weeps, moans and begs.

If I stop here by this bush,
Then my bladder will not bust.
Dude, I'll follow you to Mordor,
But first I gotta wet the dust.


Some Beastie Boys tonight? *Stef grabs the mike again* ... StefBaggins ... 01.25-23:40

Man, you wake up late for work and you don't wanna go.
You ask your boss "Please?" but he still says "NO!"
You listen to the soundtrack on the way in your car.
But from your computer screen this journey seems too far.

You gotta fight
for your right
for Hobbits!


Or how about this classic from The Romantics... ... StefBaggins ... 01.25-23:46

To the tune of "Talking In Your Sleep..."

I hear the the secrets that you keep
'Bout the Hobbits in your sleep.
I hear the the secrets that you keep
'Bout the Hobbits in your sleep.


My first post as a gem (txt) ... DiamondTook ... 01.25-23:25
I need to sing a song (still in the royal blue feathered muumuu)

Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin
Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin
Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin
Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin Pippin

hey! i didnt say billy so its okay for this board (creative genius not working this evening)

i am showing my commited loyalty with the name change (for those of u too lazy to read the appendix)

*What* tune was *that* too? LOL! nt ... Primula

Probably the Spam song. (nt) ... StefBaggins ... 01.25-23:33

I know that tune...but I always though it went.. ... Dandy ... 01.25-23:35

Frodo Frodo Frodo Frodo
Frodo Frodo Frodo Frodo
Frodo Frodo Frodo Frodo
Frodo Frodo Frodo Frodo
Frodo Frodo Frodo Frodo


ok lemme try this! ... MavrielleGamgee ... 01.26-12:32

A song of LOTR on the music of Mambo #5

"Fellow #9"

During the counsel of Elrond , noboy wants to bring the Ring to Mount Doom so Elrond stands up and a bunch of gilrs ELves comes out from behind the trees, wearing bikinies, Elrond puts a hat and sunglasses

"1, 2,3, 4,5, everyone join the quest, come on let's try
we gotta trow a ring in mount Doom
Otherwise, we're all be doom
It's not hard to do it, come on let's try...

A little bit of Gandlaf, he knows the way
a little bit of Frodo, cos it's his ring
a little bit of strider, that's what he needs,
a little bit of Boromir, he wants the ring
a little bit of Merry and Pippin,
They bring a lot laughter, that's what they need
A little bit of Lego, he's quite sexy
a little bit of Sam, Frodo needs him
A little bit of Gimli, makes the fellow 9"

Elrond sit back in his chair, the girl disapear.
"There, you will be the fellowship of the ring!"

ok ok it's lame! but i needed to try this! note that I don't quite remember how the song goes...but you get an Idea.
Meneg Suilad  -  Mavrielle Gamgee