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He Lives - Onomir
Shire for the Harrowing - Beruthiel
The Legend of Crickhollow - Beruthiel
Gimli on the Shore - Beruthiel
Gamgee Blues - Lothithil
Nine-Finger Blues - Primula
The Old Forest - Daisy Gold
May Stars Shine Upon Our Meeting - Onomir
Adorned- Onomir
The Calling - Onomir
Harvest Time - Queen of Gondor
A Small Hope - Jimbo Baggins
A Poem for Frodo - Harthad
The Palantir - Harthad
Lord Faramir with Kindness Sowed - Doctor Gamgee

"He Lives"

T’was Ulmo’s petition, heartfelt wish, and desire;
For the defender of Halflings, volunteers of the Shire,
To be returned from the dead, and rejoined to his kin.
A wish denied; He lives in lore, as befitting brave men.

- Onómir

Shire, for the harrowing
This time, the black silks riding
Ever target narrowing
But final outcome biding.

Legal fees or charity?
Sharkey relished such before
Nothing like sweet clarity
Shire, which we here adore.
- Beruthiel

The Legend of Crickhollow

Nine hessian horse-thieves cannonball catering
All seemly creatures speedily scattering
Jack lantern kernels, thinly leering
Crickhollow Fredegar, legend living.
- Beruthiel

Gimli on the Shore

So long ago, across the waves, a single strand of hair
In darker times, so long to go, I named it then and there
Now beard cut off from caves and axe, I love her and despair....
- Beruthiel

Gamgee Blues

My master’s got a gold Ring
Oh Woe! He’s got a nasty Ring of gold
Gonna get us both kilt before we’re old!

I know what my Gaffer would say
Oh, yes… I can tell you what my ol’ Gaffer’d say
He’d take a ‘tater over a gold Ring any day!

- Lothithil

Nine-Finger Blues

*A small hobbit climbs up on the nearby table and sings*

A finger's missin' from my hand,
Don't got ten fingers, done lost one from my hand,
Can't play piano, no, no spinet nor baby grand.

I was a strugglin' by that Crack,
Oh, a mighty strugglin', thinkin' I'm never goin' back,
And then that creature made my hand a snack!


I got the nine-finger blues,
I don't got ten fingers no more blues,
No more Ring, no more finger, paid my dues!

Old Forest

Evil lingers,
Twisted branches grope and sway,
Evil lingers,
Twiggy boughs are creeping fingers,
Scheming how to block your way
by shifting paths to your dismay.
Evil lingers.
- Daisy Gold


"May Stars Shine Upon Our Meeting"

Twilight’s teal blush softly waned before the royal velvet of evening’s cloak.

Garish trumpets of the sun now forgotten, as the overture of a billion stars spoke,

Elves rejoiced, embraced the night, with song and dance, until mid-eve’s stroke.

Dawn’s chill herald again offered greetings, in a couritous Elvish quote.

****Dedicated to Icarus and Rosie's family upon their arrival to their new home in Western Oregon.*****
- Onomir

By Onómir

The fog and mist his forest home adorn
Not even a fox hears his passing stride
Heir of Elendil, son of Arathorn, Aragorn
The nature of a king, he cannot long hide
Upon his brow, will wings of Gondor adorn.

"The Calling"
By Onómir

From Erebor and the Lonely Mountain, south through Esgaroth along the River Running, Gloin and Gimli answered the call.

Beckoned from the North, East, West, and South, the free peoples of Middle-Earth sent representatives to Elrond’s Hall.

Halfings of the Shire, Elves out of Mirkwood and the men of Eriador, and Gondor hastened, none from Golden Hall.

Day and night, rain and shine, mountains deep and cold, over hill and under hill the Fellowship of nine answered the call.

Harvest Time

The party tree is glowing gold, the harvest hills are brown.
And round the hills the young fry run and wear their curly crowns.
The wind blows cold and Gaffer smiles, he pulls his jacket round,
Harvest time has come at last to all the Hobbit towns.
- Queen of Gondor

A Small Hope

Elladan and Elrohir stood before the Black Gate
Assebled there the mighty and just of Middle Earth
Unto the end with no hope left, deliverence came
and with it a new age from little more than hope
and a hobbit, The Mighty Periannath
- Jimbo Baggins

A Poem for Frodo

I do not fear the dark
Why should I?
Why should I,when my Sam is with me?
And then you, with your ghostly pale fingers,with your white gleaming crown,reach for me.
I feel as if I am falling into darkness,falling into shadow.
Then my Sam grasps my fingers and I feel the light again.
I do not fear the dark when my Sam is with me.

- Harthad

The Palantir

A white tree,wreathed in flame.
Strong hands,pulling me back from the gleaming glass sphere.
Forgive me!
For I did not tell him anything.
Forgive me!
For it was such a temptation.
- Harthad

(A Diminishing Verse for Faramir and Eowyn)

Lord Faramir with kindness sowed,
the seeds of gentleness he owed,
the price of Love; fair Eowyn to wed.

- Doctor Gamgee

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