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To the Professor - Lindorie
Estel - Onomir
I Failed - Ashlyn
Ada's Baggins' Birthday Toast - Onomir
O Lothlorien, Elven Wood - Rosie Cotton
Beloved Boromir- Onomir
Theoden's Rose - Onomir
There Once Was a Hobbit - Erech the Undead
O Boromir! - Onomir
The Passing of Time - Lothithil
Shadow and Stone - Onono Laivindur
Questions - Silivren Ithildin
Rose - Onomir
Road to Cerin Amroth - Beruthiel
Eowyn Queen - Onono Laivindur
The Footsteps - Biddy Baggins
Big Ego - pi
Passing Thoughts - Onomir
Until Then - Onomir
Immortals - Onomir

To the Professor:
Crafter of words,
Creator of Worlds,
Giver of Dreams
- Lindorie


The seasons know when to change; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring
The White Tree knew to put forth a bud, at the returning of the King
- Onomir

I Failed

I failed.
      In my pride and folly, left myself open to temptation.
      Listened to the whispering call of the Ring.
      But, worst yet, tried to take it from its rightful bearer … by force.
      My father.
      My brother.
      The Fellowship.

      Payment made.
      In the only coin I have left.
      My life.
      Even though it wasn’t enough.
- Ashlyn

Ada's Baggins Birthday Toast

The Party Tree is bejeweled with lights,
Gifts for all guests, Dwarven Make from afar.
Boffens, Tooks, Gamgees, and Brandybucks invited,
Let us all raise a glass, in Peace and Joy be united.
- Onomir

Oh Lothlorien, Elven-wood
To be here feels so very good
After we’ve been through a blizzard
And lost the dear old wizard
In the gloomy Moria Mines -
We’ve really had some bad bad times.
Now among a golden tree
We laugh again with mirth and glee.
- Rosie Cotton

"Beloved Boromir"

He was called to action, in dreams of white,
Sacrificed for his people to stop the night.
His valor and courage never in doubt, but clear,
The Sword Arm of Gondor, our beloved Boromir.

- Onono Laivindur

“Theoden’s Rose”
By Onómir

Strewn throughout the Westfold plain the Rohan Rose grew wild.
Growing half as high as a bridle, and no broader across than a sword.
Its white petals blushed pink at the tip; its scent was dusty, yet mild.
Upon Theodens burial, Eowyn re-named it, remembering our Lord

- Onomir

There Once was a Hobbit

There once was a hobbit named Bilbo
Whose furry feet went where he will go
As his nephew grew tall
Bilbo gave it his all
To pass on the fell band
Oh poor Frodo!

Foul power now wills the boy Southward
At first he showed no effect outward
As they marched toward the flame
His soul seared with dark pain
His friends saw that he was no coward

The Fellowship was soon rent asunder
Dark sky threatened Frodo with thunder
With Sam by his side
Deep despair was denied
They trod on through the
Black they toiled under

At last fiery Doom was before them
Sam would carry them high
toward their cruel end
But fate dealt them fair
Both brave hobbits were spared
There was light o'er Middle Earth once again
- Erech the Undead

"O Boromir"

O Boromir! From the high walls westward I looked afar,
But you came not from the empty lands where no men are.

O Boromir! Beyond the gate the seaward road runs south,
But you came not with wailing gulls from the grey sea’s mouth

O Boromir! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward gaze,
To Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, until the end of days.

So the refrains of Fellowship sung did in Ulmo’s heart pluck sweet;
He shared thus with his friend Manwe and before all the Ainur repeat,
So sweet and sad the three songs of friends for a noble fallen friend;
That Eru granted Boromir’s wish to watch over his city to the end.

The first three verses are from the songs sang by Aragorn and Legolas as they let the elven boat containing Boromir loose upon the waters of Rauros.
- Onomir
- Onono Laivindur

The Passing Of Time

It's what makes the flowers return with the sun
It's the rust on the barrel of the monument gun
It's the way the stone softens after it has been cleft
When I've done all I can, it's all I have left

Water flows onward, washing and rushing
Like the blood in my veins, my features flushing
I cannot forgive but I can sometimes forget
I can learn to feel love, but I will always regret
- Lothithil

Shadow and Stone

I hear her still, soft, calm voice in my head
Soothing my worry and banishing my dread
Feelings of insecurity, always not fitting in
Have ever plagued my soul, since I was ten
She looked upon me, from twice my height
She saw my true nature and inner plight
Her gift I shall treasure, more precious than gold
In the light of her presence, my heart, turned from stone

Gimli, Son of Glóin

( The use of "turned from stone" of course has two meanings; his heart was softened and he embraced the woods)
- Onono Laivindur


Did this have to happen?
For what reason
Did we have to go?
Was it really
Supposed to be our fate?
Could we have
Avoided all the times he was hurt?
Will it ever make sense?
Couldn't it have been me?
- Silivren Ithildin


Late in September Samwise last gazed upon his Rose,
she had bade him good evening as the tavern did close.
For a year now he'd thought how to ask, be my betrothed,
for she captured his heart, more than The Ring, did his Rose.
- Onomir

Road To Cerin Amroth

The golden leaves float out to sea
A stream of swan prowed boats.
I pick one up and name it kissed
From lonely daughter, to a father missed.

Stars trembling on dark lash, fall free
A dew of silver notes.
And up the slope to keep our tryst
Ever searching eyes, tug at empty mist.

- Beruthiel

"Eowyn Queen"

You can do this, lead them on in my stead,
turning his mount to battle, the King of Rohan said.
She reached out to touch him, her heart reeling with dread,
gathering her strength and people, a Queen marched ahead.
- Ada

This is based after the War of the Ring, when Aragorn's time is up and he passes on, it's really what Arwen might feel. I never really had a title for it though so sorry. I hope you like it.

The footsteps that unwind
In the space you left behind
They take me to a place
That reminds me of your face
For you my heart I lend
I would have been there till the end
And when I start to fall asleep
I start to fall real deep
And I wipe away the tears
That I know will stay for years.
- Biddy Baggins

Big Ego

A Maia who came forth to serve
Learned more than was intended for him
Too big for his britches, his nerve
Grew as he swayed orcs and men grim.

"The White" he was for a time
From the West he came, not alone
His voice subtle, sharp was his mind
Intent upon mastery, never atoned.

One chance left to repent
Soon after his power was destroyed
His machinations of war ever rent
Destroyed ego, service avoided.

North in the end he traveled
And west to the land of the Shire,
Lastly, before he unraveled
Gone up in smoke as from fire.
- pi

Inspired by the picture of Gandalf watching over a grieving Theoden, and the times I have recently lived through, and yet must at the passing of friends, I wrote this as if spoken by Gandalf.

"Passing Thoughts"
By Onómir

"So it has ever been in Middle-Earth, all these long years since the beginning, and though I have seen it a thousand times it still moves my soul. Departing this life for the beyond and the Reward, or the Void, that awaits each one is still a marvel and wonderment, even for one as old as I.
May it ever remain thus, the Parting Grace of Man. The gift of a life well spent.
Eternal Rest."

"Until Then"
By Onómir

There are so many times in life when we call out greetings to a friend, not considering that with each, there must be a goodbye.

I hope that one day each "Until Then", in turn will bring the joy of a whole hearted hello, and thus rekindle the love waiting there.

Many meetings bring many partings, as has been my experience in Middle-Earth, I wish to behold dear Samwise again with my eye

He was always with me, the truest of friends, perhaps by the grace of the Elves there may yet be room for two Hobbits in Valinor.

Thinking of love and life and my thoughts return to Tom Bombadil and Goldberry the River-Daughter.

By Onómir

Now that the Hobbits are on their way;
Attending to my Goldberry is the key.
And the merry song I sing the long day,
Is of water and earth, forever her and me.

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