Serious Verse for LOTR 4
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Haldir and Eowyn - Evermind
Both Nine - Legolasgirl3
Seriously Rohanoid - Beruthiel
Smeagol Looked - Halona Treeclan
West Wind - Tinidril
A Hobbit Lullaby - Lothithil
Up In a Tree - Dinledhwen
River's Song - Primula
Traces - Dinledhwen
Faramir's March - Agape4Rivendell
Dreams I've Had - TelcontarsAniron
The Fate of Two Brothers - Dinledhwen
Elves - Dinledhwen
Take my Hand - Tinidril
Aragorn's Locks - Evermind
The Passing of the Elves - Silivren Ithildin
Boromir - Dinledhwen
Walks Arwen - Beruthiel
Gimli's Gold - Onomir
Weathering of the Storm - Halona Treeclan