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Valinor Poem - Queen of Gondor
The Shopkeeper - Elen Lilta
Saved - Onomir
Ringbearer - JennanOPossums
Golden Hair- Onomir
A Poem About Lost Sleep - Halona Treeclan
Vanity (of an Elf Prince) - Elenaur
Quick Poem for Legolas - Elizabeth
A poem For/About Dom - DOMin8ted
Wandering through the wood - Fuu Greenleaf
The Red Pen - Vison
A Dangerous Business - Varda
Ungoliant/Isabel - geranna
Anagrams for Faramir - MagicDreamer and Lothithil
Frodo - caspar
A Middle-earth Counting Rhyme - Evermind
Two Wizards/ Two Blizzards - Shelob & Primula
My Birthday Poem to JRD- samwisegirl
Her Ladyship's Despair - Shelob
A Short Verse for Frodo - samwisegirl

Valinor Poem

The Elves have all gone,
To glittering lands beyond the sea,
It’s there that I must go to,
And watch my friends say goodbye to me.
- Queen of Gondor

The Shopkeeper

She lingers at the back of the crowd, following the parade of soldiers with her eyes. She longs to be closer, but allows those spaces to be filled with wives, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers.

She is not related to any in the company today, but she knows their faces. She has watched them grow, running gleefully through the streets of the city, growing into strapping young lads and wooing their sweethearts.

Now they are riding to their deaths, with their solemn, resolved faces.

When the last of the company has passed, and the doors to the city are once again bolted, she creeps quietly out into the street and retrieves a single flower, its petals crushed from the passing hooves. It is enough to serve as remembrance.
- Elen Lilta

“Merry” said Sam, “You saved Eowyn.”
“Pippin” said Frodo, “You saved Faramir.”
“Frodo” said Pippin, “You saved Middle-Earth.”
“Sam” said Merry, “You saved Frodo, you saved us all.”

"Ringers" said Ada, "You saved Me"
- Onono Laivindur