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Second Breakfast- Shelob
Strider, by a Bree Tavern Patron- Baron Wilderness
Bucklebury Ferry - Orlindall
For Orlando Bloom - Elwing
Fatty Lumpkin - Shelob
Viggo Mortensen - Elbereth Arathorn
Song for Smeagol - Swept Off
For the Makers - Yaralindi
To the work of Peter Jackson - Old Gaffer
Fishhh - Primula
Ode to Legolas - elf luvr
B'day 2002 - Hasty Ent
A Verse for Eowyn - Rosie Cotton
Frodo Laughing - Primula
Second Son of Gondor - Queen of Gondor
This Sandy Shore - Dinledhwen
Ode the Horn-Blowers of the Fellowship - Elfin Wolf
Poem for the Wide Shores - Meneloth
A Place Where We'll Go - Queen of Gondor
Havens - Knocking Thrush

"Second Breakfast"

Bacon, sausages and tomatoes,
Mushroom pieces and fried potatos.

Hobbits love such simple fare,
Cooked just right, with plenty to spare.

Piled high on china plates,
The kind of food Ol' Gollum hates.

But Frodo, Merry, Pippin and Sam,
Ask for more and say "thank ye' Mam".

The best food in the village of Bree,
Served by Rosie, at the Prancing Pony!!

- Shelob

'Strider' by a Bree Tavern patron.

Always listening, never singing,
Tempers bristling, wisdom bringing.

Darkling corners, pipeweed smoking,
Never often laughing, joking.

Shattered, weapon, solemn marker,
Manner lately, sterner, darker,

Hidden purpose, splendor showing,
Telling nothing, simply knowing.

Fastest walker, swiftest rider,
Stranger, mystery, comrade, Strider.

- Baron Wilderness

Bucklebury Ferry

Secret getaway, you can get there in a flash,
Bucklebury Ferry--follow me.

Take the ferry at night, and the ferryman's charge is free,
Bucklebury Ferry--follow me.

Float down the river, count the shooting stars,
Which log's an alligator, which one is just a stick?
Then we'll fire up Old Toby 'til we haven't got a care,
Bucklebury Ferry--follow me.

Secret hiding place, you can sneak away at night,
Bucklebury Ferry--follow me.

Take a flask of ale, and some bread and bit of cheese,
Bucklebury Ferry--follow me.

Dangle fingertips in the water cool and dark,
Touch a sunburnt nose with a drop of liquid fire,
Fire up your imagination, 'til it takes you from the Shire,
Bucklebury Ferry--follow me.

- Orlindall

For Orlando Bloom

English beauty made Elvish by the waters of Cuivienen
Raven hair more golden than the first rising of the Sun...
Dark eyes piercing Nazgul steed in a flash of blue....

Strength and uncommon grace have brought a warrior to life
Your joy at being Legolas has changed me forever.
- Elwing

Fatty Lumpkin

Ol' Fatty Lumpkin, plump as a pumpkin.
Along the trail, thru the woods.
Leading hobbits in bright hoods.
Of no old barrow-wight scared,
Charges them, teeth bared.
Go away you ghosts old,
Back where lands are cold.
Trouble poor hobbits, never more.
My master Tom, will even the score!

- Shelob

Viggo Mortensen

Flickering images of you.
The outer physical reality of you portraying the inner emotional reality of a caricature written and rewritten by some writer, who knows how many times.
Not the true reality of you.
Does anyone? Will anyone see the true image of you?
The inner emotional reality of you?
Not the part you play to the world but, the man in the corner of a small work shop bearing his soul through the physical reality of art and the written word.
Even looking at your soul laying there naked could we ever understand that to be you?

- ElberethArathorn

Song for Smeagol

"Kill for it!
We must gets it, our preciousss,
We needs it!"

That's what He says, shoving for hate...
Torture, needing it, not having it
Such cold, dark, pain, so alone
Hate it!
And there...nice master...he has it.
And he also has the other -
cruel to me, but not like my Other
my hateful Gollum.
His other, his caring for him,
comforting, holding.
No comfort for poor Smeagol -
No warmth, just cold fishes.
Nice master, maybe...
maybe he cares for poor Smeagol.
Dare to reach out, brush his knee...
So nice, the contact, not alone.
"An old, starved, pitiable thing"
but reaching out...maybe...

His other awakes.
"Sneaking!" he says.
Yes, yes,
Gollum the Sneak.

- Swept Off

For The Makers

Ancient lands play across our sight and we are lost
In your vision of ancient and mythic times.
Your art, presented in sound and light, captivates us
And for a while, we are not ourselves.

It is magic, this spell you have cast.
It is a celebration that leaves us wanting more.
From the soft words of the beginning
To the heroic and inspired ending, we are your canvas.

In creating, you inspire us to create.
In believing, you make us believers.
In dreaming, you enrich our dreams.
In touching us, we no longer fear to touch others.

So, we who have been enriched and uplifted thank you.
With words and songs, watercolor and oil, ink and crayon
We strive in our way to touch what you have shown as real.
Middle Earth lives and we shall never again be the same.

- Yaralindi

To the work of Peter Jackson:

The accolades come to pass,
But the road goes ever on.
The fellowship is built to last,
And welcomed as the dawn.

A new day, the film's great birth
The book has graced the screen.
Beloved, comes our middle earth,
A place we all have been.

Characters we love so dear,
And keep within our hearts.
Brought to life, kept sincere,
Victors from the start.

The fellowship, our cherished gift,
Is given life anew.
Thank you for inspired vision,
To it we will hold true.

- OldGaffer


Fishhh for Gollum, fishhh for strength,
Fishhh of any size or length,
Silver fishhhes, soft and sweet,
Always Gollum's favorite meat.

Fishhh in moonlight, fishhh at night,
Rapid fingers stop their fight,
Into the mouth, though wiggling still,
Tasssty fishhh, too good to kill.

Fishhh all juicy, fishhh to taste,
Never lets thems go to waste.
Slavering, slobbering over fishhh,
Always Gollum's favorite dish.

- Primula

Ode to Legolas

A fine blond one on a quest has gone
In fellowship of nine gone forth onward
Chosen as a symbol of the Elven kind
Arrows, bow, silent slippers feet be found shorn

From your limbs flow stealth and gentle grace-
Your aim does prove deadly.
Heart so faithful, true and vallian warrior!
Never turn from bravery!

Deeply touched, you feel the danger
A sence of sorrow; expression of care
Your face does set my heart alight
And your voice to me--fresh morning air.

Blond caresses your shoulders your face
Temples adorned with small braids tight.
One tall thin male is enough for me
But alas! we see a fading light!

Stayed true to his path, Legolas hath stayed
He has fought quite well as any
But wartime behind he chooses anew
To leave Middle Earth--sail far away

My song will end, for him will die
Its forces no further past his sea
Though stron was sung for the one I love
He untimely died before my eyes could see.

- elf luvr

B'day 2002

Colonizer of dreams, they say
is what J.R.R.Tolkien is today,
Frodo lives, they cry,
for the Ring Bearer never dies,
A treasured gift has Tolkien bestowed
a grateful world has much love to show,
From the Brandybucks to the Old Took,
to Tom Bombadil and Queen Galadriel,
Orcs, wargs and Urak-hai! Oh, my!
Mirkwood, Fangorn and ents
the ent-wives (who knew where they went?)
Oh, Master Tolkien we thank you from our very core
We'll see you someday at The Last Shore...
- HastyEnt

A Verse for Eowyn

The inspiration for this poem was given to me by the sentence " a hutch to trammel some wild thing in".

I'm suffocating
but I long to breathe
I'm paralyzed
but I long to stir
I'm silenced
but I long to shout
I'm blinded
but I long to gaze afar
my claws are cut
but I long to fight
my wings are broken
and I long to fly

- RosieCotton

Frodo Laughing

A cheerful sound, a happy laugh,
He gives in the Shire so green.
He joyfully embraces his wizard friend,
Glad that his waiting is at an end
For the finest party they've ever seen.

His friend returns his warmest hugs,
Gladly enfolds this friend so dear,
In large and gentle hands he holds
One small of frame, with heart so bold
It lights his eyes to have him near.

The sound of innocence and cheer -
This is a valued treasure great;
For such a friendly, welcoming smile
Washes away the weary miles,
And lifts, for a moment, the hand of fate.

- Primula

Second Son of Gondor

The one least loved,
but biggest part,
high in quality,
brave in heart.
- Queen of Gondor

This Sandy Shore

I stood here on this sandy shore
While the waves rolled in around me
And gazed out over this grey sea
To the last ship sailing from me.

Only sadly did I then realize
While the waves continued their rhythm
That I was now all on my own
Here on this sandy shore.

Ode to the Horn Blowers of the Fellowship

We'll start with Mark Ferguson, playing Gil Galad
His screen time's so short, it makes Al, Gil, and Galen sad
He was host of The Mole and New Zealand Big Brother
It's really too bad he couldn't have been cast as another
(with more screen time)

Isildur comes next, played by Harry Sinclair
And there's a certain DOTP who's not willing to share
Just cause he looks so HOT when he's got the ring round his neck
And that arrogant look that says you can all go to heck
(can I say heck?)

Hugo Weaving playing Elrond, lord of the elves
Galen, Al, and Gil fight amongst themselves
Over who gets to be Eldatari, loved and graced

- ElfinWolf

Poem for the Wide Shores

I stand, watching
waves lapping
gulls crying

Two bare stones
from ship to shore

Two bare stones,
counted small
among our long leagues,
counted dear
among my heart-staves

Two bare stones,
the final steps
- Meneloth

A place where we'll go,
where Ecthelion will shine,
The King will return,
All in good time.
- Queen of Gondor


I thought my green haven would
shield me once more
But I still suffer the sting
My stabbed flesh, still sore

It is easy to smile, they do
touch my eyes
Just tired of forcing laughs
So I'll prepare my good-byes

And to a new Haven I'll come,
If for a brief moment in time
Then sail away to silver horizons
This journey has been
- Knocking Thrush

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