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Samwise Says His Piece - Lothithil
Where is the Stick and the Mallow? - Primula
You Think You Know Everything - Agape4Rivendell
Food for Thought - Laiquendi
Rose - Onomir
O Boromir - Onomir
Frodent's Song - Varda
Baggin's Birthday Toast - Onomir
There Once was a Hobbit named Bilbo - Erech the Undead
We Baked a Cake - Primula
A Hobbit Blessing - Tinidril
Legolas He Saw a Lass - Mousechief
The Intrepid Legolas - Dinledhwen
To the Professor - Lindorie
Blocked - JimboBaggins
Estel - Onomir
Lobelia, an Ode - Primula
Loblia, Mistress of Spoons - Doctor Gamgee
Spooning in the Tree - Primula
I Failed - Ashlyn

Samwise says his piece

Now, I'm not one to be a-gettin'
Above hisself in any way
It's not the place of any Gamgee
To be adding to the hair fray!

Yet there is one thing I'd like to add
If you'll forgive me for my cheek
I have a little secret
That I think it's safe to leak:

Fallohide is known for pride
Stoor for their downy chins
But there is another family branch
Who, at the hair game, wins!

Hobbits all have round sweet faces
And Mr Frodo's eyes are known to stun
But when it comes to 'nicest hair'
This Harfoot bows to none!

Upon my toes, wooly grows
My hair; full, fat and fluffy
And the fine threads on my hard round head
Lay soft, curly, cute, and puffy

Other Hobbits have height and poise
Still others a certain Elvish style
But, according to what my Rosie says,
Her Samwise wins it by a mile!
- Lothithil

Where now the stick and the mallow? Where is the dog that was roasting?
Where is the ketchup and mustard, and the buns for toasting?
Where is the apron so tacky, and the cook a-boasting?
Where is the fork and the pickles and the host hosting?
They have passed like cans in the trashbin, like the bags of stale rolls;
The dogs have gone down in the West behind briquettes into charcoal.
Who shall gather the smoke of the dead wood burning,
Or behold the flowing drinks from the keg returning?

You think you know everything, Theoden of Rohan.
Well, you do not.
Long have the people of Gondor roasted marshmallows.
Long has the hot chocolate flowed like rivers of molten lava
Through the streets of our fair city.

You do not know everything, Theoden King
Gondor stands and not without the sweet stickiness of chocolate
To hold up our walls
Nor with the odour of mellifluous
Graham crackers stuck to creamy smooth marshmallows.

You think you know everything, Eorlingas
But you know nothing.
Chocolate is perfected in Gondor by elves.
Yes, elves who live in trees and make wonderful s’mores
The likes of which you, in Rohan, will never understand.

Give it up, Men of Rohan.
Know that you have been bested by the might of Gondor.
Let not your tears fall
As you smell the sweetness that exudes from our mighty ovens.
Nor the tantalizing taste of tempting toffee.

Toffee? It worked with all the ‘t’s.
Leave us alone! We guard you all.
- Agape4Rivendell

Food for Thought

I’m wondering now, as you see
If Frodo would come round for tea
And what you could serve
Since heroes deserve
More than fainting and gigglish glee

Please never let it be said
By any that is not dead
That Frodos abound
As heroes are found
Though mushrooms are ignored instead.

My predicament is clear I’m sure
From the steaming soup de jure
That although it be hotter
Our Frodo is what a
Fine hero should be now and more

Quite insane! I might hear you descry
Debating the humble French fry
Yet its performance is tame
Next to our Frodo’s fame
But tastes better than three noodle Thai.

Tell me kind sir or madame
As you dine on that roasting ham
Inside you won’t find,
Not that you’d mind
A Frodo all covered in jam.

Ice cream with sprinkles on top
Not warm as we haven’t a mop
But inside a prize
With hidden disguise
As Frodo bursts forth with a pop!

So heroes are to be quite respected
But Frodos are never expected
So next time you eat
Watch for a feat
And make sure your food is inspected.
- Laiquendi


Late in September Samwise last gazed upon his Rose,
she had bade him good evening as the tavern did close.
For a year now he'd thought how to ask, be my betrothed,
for she captured his heart, more than The Ring, did his Rose.
- Onomir

"O Boromir"

O Boromir! From the high walls westward I looked afar,
But you came not from the empty lands where no men are.

O Boromir! Beyond the gate the seaward road runs south,
But you came not with wailing gulls from the grey sea’s mouth

O Boromir! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward gaze,
To Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, until the end of days.

So the refrains of Fellowship sung did in Ulmo’s heart pluck sweet;
He shared thus with his friend Manwe and before all the Ainur repeat,
So sweet and sad the three songs of friends for a noble fallen friend;
That Eru granted Boromir’s wish to watch over his city to the end.

The first three verses are from the songs sang by Aragorn and Legolas as they let the elven boat containing Boromir loose upon the waters of Rauros.
- Onomir

Frodent's Song

'Round the next bend
There may be
Some hidden cheese
Or spreading tree

A mousehold unknown
Or rodent fair
With whiskers of gold
Awaiting me there'
- Varda
Response from Primula:

The Cheese goes ever on and on,
Down from the shelf where it began.
Now down my throat the cheese has gone,
And I must swallow, if I can.

Ada's Baggins Birthday Toast

The Party Tree is bejeweled with lights,
Gifts for all guests, Dwarven Make from afar.
Boffens, Tooks, Gamgees, and Brandybucks invited,
Let us all raise a glass, in Peace and Joy be united.
- Onomir

There once was a hobbit named Bilbo
Whose furry feet went where he will go
As his nephew grew tall
Bilbo gave it his all
To pass on the fell band
Oh poor Frodo!

Foul power now wills the boy Southward
At first he showed no effect outward
As they marched toward the flame
His soul seared with dark pain
His friends saw that he was no coward

The Fellowship was soon rent asunder
Dark sky threatened Frodo with thunder
With Sam by his side
Deep despair was denied
They trod on through the
Black they toiled under

At last fiery Doom was before them
Sam would carry them high
toward their cruel end
But fate dealt them fair
Both brave hobbits were spared
There was light o'er Middle Earth once again
- Erech the Undead

Sept. 22nd - a rondelet

We baked a cake,
September's day -
We baked a cake,
Rememb'ring whom the Road did take;
It swept him someplace far away,
Not yet to I stay...
We baked a cake.

  A Hobbit Blessing

May your waistlines never wither
For lack of food or comfort
May your larder never languish
For Parmesan or Roquefort
May your cellar overflow
With Old Wineyard of your father
And may the S-Bs never call
To harangue or bother.
- Tinidril

He saw a lass
Upon the grass one eve

He threw a bass
As she did pass
And hit her on the sleeve

"You sure have sass,
That was quite crass!"
The lass cried in dismay

And threw a glass
Of bad swamp gas
He still smells to this day.
- mousechief

  (Note: Adulas refers to an OC brother for Legolas that Dinledhwen has featured in her tales)

The Intrepid Legolas – A Poem

And so it came to pass
That the intrepid Legolas
Began to search the crevasse
For his brother Adulas.

On and on without repast
Did the intrepid Legolas
Search that daunting crevasse
For his brother Adulas.

Then he saw without eyeglass
Did the intrepid Legolas
A body in the tall grass
Deep within that crevasse.

And so it came to pass
That the intrepid Legolas
Found in that daunting crevasse
His sore brother Adulas.

“Now don’t give me any sass!”
Said the intrepid Legolas
“I told you not to trespass
Into this daunting crevasse!”

“I promise I will bypass,”
Said the sore brother Adulas
“This clearly daunting crevasse
Where I foolishly trespassed.”

And so it came to pass
That the intrepid Legolas
Brought forth from the crevasse
His sore brother Adulas.
- Dinledhwen

To the Professor:
Crafter of words,
Creator of Worlds,
Giver of Dreams
- Lindorie


What to write? It’s such a fright,
To find your mind is blank.
My pen is dry and to be quite frank,
I can’t think of anything right.

So many lands, names and places and such,
in the Professor’s world to aid and to inspire.
Elves and dwarves, Kings, Queens and Hobbits in the Shire.
Looking for rhymes, lines and prose is becoming all too much!

Maybe this offering will open the way,
To fill my blank screen and empty page
Can I find the words I seek and pretend to be a sage,
then to write another poem in this or any another day?
- JimboBaggins

By: Onomir

The seasons know when to change; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring
The White Tree knew to put forth a bud, at the returning of the King Ode...

Lobelia, how fine thy breath,
Fine as cheesecloth with more breadth,
Your eyes are tiny, dark and crinkly,
Like sweetest raisins, plump and wrinkly.
And O, thy figure! How sharp, how neat!
What raptures, the curls upon thy feet -
Umbrella-topp'd, a true delight,
I'll watch for thee both day and night.
- Primula

Lobelia, Mistress of Spoons

Lobelia, my yearning heart croons,
And my mind swims and joyfully swoons.
But V-day's gone amiss,
And with Shelob's sweet kiss,
I go West, oh sweet mistress of Spoons.
- Doctor Gamgee

Lobelia and Otho a-spooning in a tree,
Just above the windows on the Hill, you see -
Close to the doorways and yet out of sight,
A-spooning they are by the pale moonlight.
Strange birds they seem, on the limbs a sittin',
Folk would take a gander but it don't seem fittin' -
What's Frodo see when a look he finally dares?
They've hidden half of his household up there!
- Primula

I Failed

I failed.
      In my pride and folly, left myself open to temptation.
      Listened to the whispering call of the Ring.
      But, worst yet, tried to take it from its rightful bearer … by force.
      My father.
      My brother.
      The Fellowship.

      Payment made.
      In the only coin I have left.
      My life.
      Even though it wasn’t enough.
- Ashlyn

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