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Mary Sue's Terrible, Tragic, Untimely Death - Kathryne
Dwarven Poem - Namarie
Frodo, I am Tired of You - mrspippin
For Faramir - Firiel
Noble Maiden - Namarie
His Will - Onono Laivindur
A Short Strider Poem - Rycarryjerd
Elvish - Mirelina
Everything - Onono Laivindur
The Passing of Time - Lothithil
Shadow and Stone - Onono Laivindur
Questions - Silivren Ithildin
Elvish - Mirelina
Road to Cerin Amroth - Beruthiel
Eowyn Queen - Onono Laivindur
The Footsteps - Biddy Baggins
Pippin's Nose Twitched - AuntKimby
O Lothlorien, Elven Wood - Rosie Cotton
The Icksy-Sicksy Spider - MrsFrodoBaggins
Fell Draughts Await - Daughter of Kings

Mary Sue's Terrible, Tragic, Untimely Death
for Primula

A beauty such as Mary Sue had not been seen before,
Her dainty feet and long, gold hair men were want to adore.
She ended up in Middle Earth by dreaming on the books,
And so as each event transpired she knew what would occur.

The Elf Queen said, "You're one of us, born out of time and place --
Aragorn's half-sister -- one can tell it from your face!
Half elven, half of Numenor, with eyes of misty hue."
The Elf Queen begged, "Oh teach me how to move with such fair grace."

And Aragorn's eyes filled with tears, "By all the stars above,
I swear were we not kin, I'd banish Arwen for your love."
And Frodo wept, his lack of height placed him below her chin.
And Boromir turned from the ring - her beauty was enough.

Legolas swore a mortal life - the Havens to eschew.
She even won dour Gimli's heart. The Fellowship split in two.
She saw the pain her beauty wrought, a tragic end she claimed.
She died on her own sword; the world still mourns fair Mary Sue.
- Kathryne
Response from Primula:

Poor Mary-Sue, what will we do
Without her ethereal beauty?
A perfect face, half of ev'ry race,
"La beth nin ubla qyoote patootie"

The Dwarves, a race apart
Buried deep within their walls
Secretive and laborious at heart
The strengthening of stone now calls

Lovers of gems and things that shine
Glimmering in the cracks of light
Digging deeper and deeper to find
The mithril rings for their kingly might.
- Namarie

Frodo...I am Tired of You...

Frodo..I must say this
You made me angry again
How could you
How many times are you doing this?

Every day the same old song
But not this time
This time I will tell you
All I think about you

Years you are by my side
I shared all my secrets to you
I took you with me
You are everywhere I go!

Books are written about you
Your journey has been made on screen
Pictures,books and all kind of stuff
Everything is on sale!

But what are you doing to me?
I am tired of you
Everyday it's the main question
*sigh* but I am tired!!

Too tired of you
After all I did for you
Well..alright then...
Sit still so I can fix your legs AGAIN!!!
- mrspippin

For Faramir

In former years I fought the spring,
I kept an armour round my soul.
But when we stood watching, healing,
Upon the walls with sun shining,
The hope I lost again did spring
Within my frozen, lonely soul -
You stole my heart without warning,
And then returned it to me whole.

- Firiel

Noble Maiden

Of Noldor, Sindain, and Edain
Your life flows long
Your bloodline stays the same

Along comes a man of great worth
His hair dark and eyes a journey
Sad, your racial differences now a curse
- Namarie

His Will

One ship beached upon the Eastern shore;
Two Hobbits scurried up the hill,
And one ship drifted over Rauros roar;
Three friends sang Boromir's Will.
- Onono Laivindur

My eyes are closed tight in search of myself
Thoughts delving back and the hard darkness melts
My mind comes clear like a still forest pool
Under my feet felt is grass soft and cool
A fair green country stretches fore my eyes
Sun on my hands as the far trumpets cry
Wind on my brow and a lone ranger sings
Cold is the seat of the throne with no king.
- Rycarryjerd

Swift elvish script,
Begins to flow as
Tales are written
Of the younger days,
As the pen moves
For there are
Many tales to tell.
- IrishStarElf

(To Arwen, From Aragorn)

You gave me your heart,
and even your star.
Though we'er miles apart,
no matter how far,
our love remains the most precious thing.
When you gave me your heart, you gave everything.
- Onono Laivindur

The Passing Of Time

It's what makes the flowers return with the sun
It's the rust on the barrel of the monument gun
It's the way the stone softens after it has been cleft
When I've done all I can, it's all I have left

Water flows onward, washing and rushing
Like the blood in my veins, my features flushing
I cannot forgive but I can sometimes forget
I can learn to feel love, but I will always regret
- Lothithil

Shadow and Stone

I hear her still, soft, calm voice in my head
Soothing my worry and banishing my dread
Feelings of insecurity, always not fitting in
Have ever plagued my soul, since I was ten
She looked upon me, from twice my height
She saw my true nature and inner plight
Her gift I shall treasure, more precious than gold
In the light of her presence, my heart, turned from stone

Gimli, Son of Glóin

( The use of "turned from stone" of course has two meanings; his heart was softened and he embraced the woods)
- Onono Laivindur


Did this have to happen?
For what reason
Did we have to go?
Was it really
Supposed to be our fate?
Could we have
Avoided all the times he was hurt?
Will it ever make sense?
Couldn't it have been me?
- Silivren Ithildin


Swift elvish script,
Begins to flow as
Tales are written
Of the younger days,
As the pen moves
For there are
Many tales to tell.
- Mirelinasilmiriel

Road To Cerin Amroth

The golden leaves float out to sea
A stream of swan prowed boats.
I pick one up and name it kissed
From lonely daughter, to a father missed.

Stars trembling on dark lash, fall free
A dew of silver notes.
And up the slope to keep our tryst
Ever searching eyes, tug at empty mist.

- Beruthiel

"Eowyn Queen"

You can do this, lead them on in my stead,
turning his mount to battle, the King of Rohan said.
She reached out to touch him, her heart reeling with dread,
gathering her strength and people, a Queen marched ahead.
- Ada

This is based after the War of the Ring, when Aragorn's time is up and he passes on, it's really what Arwen might feel. I never really had a title for it though so sorry. I hope you like it.

The footsteps that unwind
In the space you left behind
They take me to a place
That reminds me of your face
For you my heart I lend
I would have been there till the end
And when I start to fall asleep
I start to fall real deep
And I wipe away the tears
That I know will stay for years.
- Biddy Baggins

Young Pippin’s nose twitched with manifest delight, his belly rumbled
And his jam-sticky fingers crept across the table
Until the still steaming tart was securely captured
And he slipped beneath the table joyfully
He was unnoticed by the adults
Free to enjoy his prize
He took a bite
Chewed it carefully
Swallowed it
- AuntKimby

Oh Lothlorien, Elven-wood
To be here feels so very good
After we’ve been through a blizzard
And lost the dear old wizard
In the gloomy Moria Mines -
We’ve really had some bad bad times.
Now among a golden tree
We laugh again with mirth and glee.
- Rosie Cotton

The icksy-sicksy spider
Met up with Samwise stout
Down came the sword
And put her peeper out

Out came the Phial
And gave the crawler pain
So the icksy-sicksy spider
Hid in her lair again
- MrsFrodoBaggins

Arise, arise, Riders of Theoden!
Fell draughts await: pale ale and honey wheat!
Kegs shall be tapped, tankards shall be filled,
a malt brew, a brown brew, ere the sun rises!
Drink now, drink now! Drink to Gondor!
- Daughter of Kings

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