Verses for LOTR 5

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My Birthday Poem to JRD - Samwisegirl
Hey Ho to the Oscars He Goes - kiwifrodo
Valinor Poem - Queen of Gondor
A Middle Earth Counting Rhyme - Evermind
Gimli Gloin's Son - Mathom
Squish - Starlinguk
The Shopkeeper - Elen Lilta
A dribble or drooble for Middle-earth - Vison
Ode to Sam Gamgee by Mr. Smeagol - Faye
Gollum's Hair - Dinledhwen
Legolas' Rebuttal to Boromir - Lothithil
Best Hair - Lothithil
The Dwarves Delegate Speaks out on Hair - Lothithil & Nuroreiel
Hair, Istari Style - Lothithil
A Poem about Lost Sleep - Halona Treeclan
Merry Merry - Gondorian Girl
Merry Said - Onono Laivindur
Merry on Hair - Lothithil
4 Lantern Poems - JennanOPossums
Golden Hair - Onono Laividur