Verses for LOTR 4

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Haldir's lament - halavana
I sit at the computer, which word to use? - Isilme
Rings - Peregrine
For Billy - Lady of the Shire
To Frodo! - Lady Nurlhawen
Verses for Merry - StefBrandybuck
Vanity (of an Elf Prince) - Elenaur
Quick Poem for Legolas - Elizabeth
A poem For/About Dom - DOMin8ted
Wandering through the wood - Fuu Greenleaf
The Red Pen - Vison
A Dangerous Business - Varda
Ungoliant/Isabel - geranna
Anagrams for Faramir - MagicDreamer and Lothithil
Frodo - caspar
Triolet for Legolas (On Mirkwood Elves...) - Flip the Supercat
Two Wizards/ Two Blizzards - Shelob & Primula
Once Upon a Shire Sleeping - AuntKimby
Her Ladyship's Despair - Shelob
A Short Verse for Frodo - samwisegirl

Haldir's lament

Here I sit on my high flet,
Where all can see, I'm not dead yet.


Sipping some wine and eating my lembas
Watching all that happens on Caradhras.

News of my demise, somewhat premature,
Spread by so many, so hard to adjure.

Such tales of wonder, bravery and woe,
Reach me in Lorien, from whence I don't go.

Oh well. Such is the life of a fictional elf.
Now, just a few words with this Peter Jackson,
I'd have for myself.

Just wondering, exactly, how fast can he run?
Archery practice, with him, might be fun... >:-)
- halavana

~~The Muse is Loose!~~

I sit at the computer, which word to use?
Then a voice from nowhere softly says, ‘Try puce.’
Puce I think, how can I ? What colour is puce?
Laughing the voice says ‘It’s what Royalty use.’

Sensing I’m not willing to put it to use,
The voice cajoles me, ‘Boromir’s shirt was puce.’
‘No, burgundy it was. Me you can’t confuse.’
My grammar is incorrect, I’m not amused.

‘You’ll leave me alone if I consent to use,
the word puce?’ My words clear, ‘We can have a truce?’
Silence greets my last request, till she says ‘Spruce.’
I rejoin, ‘Spruce! You want me now to use spruce!’

This banter will go on till I agree to use,
each word or phrase put forward by my muse.

~~(Isilmës' Muse)~~

Definition of Puce: a dark reddish purple.
- Isilme


Heavy, Powerful
Power over all
Cruel in the shadows
- Peregrine