Light Verse for LOTR 3
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A Hobbit Blessing - Tinidril
Fell Draughts Await - Daughter of Kings
Food for Thought - Laiquendi
For Aragorn - Nuroreiel
Frodent's Song - Varda
Frodo...I am Tired of You - Mrspippin
The Icksy-Sicksy Spider- MrsFrodoBaggins
The Intrepid Legolas - Dinledhwen
Mary Sue's Terrible Tragic Untimely Death - Kathryne
Merry Merry - Gondorian Girl
Ode to Eowyn's Stew - Varda
Our Leggy Went to Sea - Peregrine
Pippin's Nose Twitched - Auntkimby
Pleasant Distractions -Lothithil
Samwise Says His Piece -Lothithil
Sept. 22nd- Primula
Strider's Version of the Bath Song -Evermind
Trying to Rhyme Legolas - mousechief
Where now the Stick and the Mallow? - Primula
You Think You Know Everything - Agape4Rivendell