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A Board was Made - MrsPippin
Belateds for Prim's Birthday - Frodosmiss
Belladonna - Elfriend67
Doctor Gamgee's Birthday - various
Downfall (and replacement) of a Hero - Lindorie
Dream This! - Lothithil
Dreaming away this Foggy Morn - Pi
For Linaewen - Orangeblossom Took
For mrspippin - Kathryne
Hoy, Linaewen! - Agape4Rivendell
I Was Led here by a Star - Rosie Cotton
Just a Thought- Beruthiel
The Lin - Primula
Once a year - Onono Laivindur
Prim's New Place - Pi
Salute to Strange Elf - Primula
There Once was a Lass - Elfriend
The Twelve Days of Posting - Primula
Unfinished Fanfics - Lothithil
Walk On - Onono Laivindur

This poem is for the wacky gal from Never Netherland.
The one when I am trying to post - I can't get a word in!
The one whose talk of hobbits always gets under my skin -
The one who calls herself MrsPippin!

So when you see her name appear - post fast while you still can!
For soon she'll overwhelm your posts with hobbits and their kin.
Look out! 'Cuz when your back is turned she might become your friend...
The one who calls herself MrsPippin!
- Kathryne

Downfall (and replacement) of a Hero

He's met a foe he cannot best,
Ranger, king, man of the West.
A beast with ice blue flashing eyes,
Who cares not where you peacefully lie.
I gasped with fear to find you gone,
From the place where you have stood so long.
Guarding me from evil here,
Atop the monitor, no fear
Could keep you from your task,
No finer hero could I ask.
But now behind the desk you lie,
Atop your head, your boots sky hi.
The beast did send you and then fly.
So innocent this beast appears
You didn't think of him to fear
He disarmed you surely with a purr,
This stealthy, lean, tan ball of fur.
And now I must find out a way
To move this desk, it is no play.
T'will be a task not for fainthearted,
A task not easily done or started.
Now with a heave, a shove, a groan
I lift you to your lofty throne.
Once more you're in your rightful place,
My monitor again to grace.
A bit more dust, your coat does bear,
A touch more grey upon your hair.
But now you're back where you belong,
The place you've stood for two years long.
A hero still however small,
Twelve inches is to me quite tall.
Beware the beast while I am gone,
That he does not repeat his wrong.
And YOU, cat, you will leave him be!
This toy's not yours he belongs to ME!

Written in honor of my 12-inch Aragorn who guards me and my computer.
- Lindorie

Belladonna's a sweet Sassy lass
And this chance for tribute won't pass
Until I've had my say
In Bella's own lovely way
She sparkles like Galadriel's glass

For those of you who may not yet know
When that light in her heart starts to glow
She drives out the night
Even Shelob takes flight
Do you doubt me? Believe me its so!

So join me Pony Patrons, a toast
To one of the friends I love most
When she gives you her heart
Its a gift like fine art
A treasure of which you can boast!
 - Elfriend67

A board was made by a lady Primsong
She went away and took us along
New forums were ready to be used
And everybody was soon getting amused
The site is growing with 300 members yet
Soon there will be more joining I bet
Now we all are having a new home
And nobody feel any longer alone

- Mrs. Pippin-Took
I Was Led here by a Star...

An evening star
Travelled across the land
And showed me
My way
To a place
I have never been to before
But yet
So strangely familiar.
I recognized friends
Names not forgotten
Closing my eyes,
I saw smiling faces
And the sound
Of laughter and singing
Reached my ears
Like an echo of the past.
Let me sit here
At the fireplace
And rest.
I’m home.

- Upon the opening of the new LOTRfanmb boards, by Rosie Cotton.

Prim’s New Place

A new beginning in a new place
With many a new name and a new face
Yet new they are not, or not all of them
For I have seen them, now and again.

The road goes ever on and on
Or so ‘tis said by Tolkien
But wandering feet here shall stay
At least for a spell, heed what I say

For home is where your heart is found
Even if no one’s around
Except with whom you share your thoughts
So home is here, regardless of cost.
- pi

And home sweet home it would not be,
If not for the presence of all of thee,
So here's to all our fannish host,
In Tolkien's honour I propose a toast!
- Primula

"Walk on"
By Ada 08/10/05

Together as one they hunted wild game through the wood,
He scouted the glen and she the woods where they stood.
Numenorian blood still pulsed hot in their veins,
During these hunts, or making love, or in singing refrains.
Happy days such as these they walked on hand in hand,
Once proud sailors and kings, now a rag tag small band.
Rangeress and her man lived well in the North wood,
The wandering spirit bade them walk on, whenever it could.
So together they sojourn on, hither and near
Following the call of the wild, that rings in their ears

For boriel on her birthday vacation, a poem drabble.
(and those aren't easy my precious, no they are not.)

- Onono / Ada

Unfinished fanfics
They are flickering at me
Cursoring my name
- Lothithil

Dream This!

Daydream, save me from this day!
Lift me up, take me away!
In a far, fair land set me gently down
Where trees can talk and the colour green is a noun!

Take me away to Middle-earth!
(be sure to give the Supervisor's Office a wide berth!)
There's gold in the hills and it's easily found
And there are handsome and eligible bachelors wandering around!

Where the lines between Goodness and Evil are drawn
With a difference as clear as between Ruler and Pawn
I'll learn to dance beneath the trees
And smell the flowers (and sneeze and sneeze!)

But I won't care-- I'll be in heaven
(Though, I will miss my 7-11;
There'll be no more taking lunch off a shelf
I'll have to hunt and cook it myself!)

To a land where many strange creatures dwell
(And telemarketers do not call me on my cell)
Where the Bad Guys wear black and the Good Guys white
And you can say 'thou' without sounding trite!

To live in a great city made of stone
(without electricity, I'll chill to the bone!)
I'll be a princess; every girl's fantasy!
(without a radio, computer, or TV...)

Daydream, Daydream, on second thought
Maybe I'm happier with what I've got!
- Lothithil

Dreaming away, this foggy morn
Looking out my window to see
If Hobbits run by 'neath the window
Or Elves travelled over the sea.

I look through my mind's eye to get there
and stay as long as I can
For in Middle-earth it's fun to travel
Whether you be hobbit, elf, dwarf or man.

I'm there whenever I can make it
Til reality jars me to work
I hope to return fairly quickly,
Despite that my boss is a jerk!

Once a year, from West and East, The Farthings gather here,
to celebrate, with a Hobbity Feast, in merriment and cheer.
Linaewen and Onomir share a birth date, just as do the Baggins,
so come one, come all, and join us today, here at the Green Dragon.

- Onono Laivindur

Wisdom and kindness
Bounty of northern woods
Most noble lady
- for Linaewen, by Orangeblossom Took

There once was a lass underhill
With books she was granted a skill
So they put her to shelving
In ol' Michel Delving
And she may very well be there still
- Elfriend, for Prim

12/06 - for the top12 active posters to our boards so far...

The Twelve Days of Posting

On the first day of reading, our posters were the same...
An FG-Niniel in a Word Game

On the second day of reading, our posters were the same...
Two boasting Lais
and an FG-Niniel in a Word Game


Three Frodos-missings
Four Lady-hawkings
Five Daughters o-o-o-o-f Kings! (did Theoden know there were so many?)
Six cakes from Ashlyn,
Seven Mrsp smiles,
Eight Sili drabbles,
Nine Dinful Elf-swoons,
Ten Ladies Lighting,
Eleven Strange dead orcs,
Twelve films by Gandalf...

And an FG-Niniel in a woooooord gaaaaaame....
- Primula

"Oh no! Oh, my goodness!", I said with a gasp...
"How could such an occasion just slip through my grasp?"
The candles are snuffed, the cake is no more...
The confetti cleaned up, helium balloons on the floor...
Yet this woman is special, there is nobody greater.
It takes more than one day to truly celebrate her!
So, I bring now a cup, filled up to the brim
With belated Birthday Blessings for my darling friend, Prim!

Many, Many Happy Returns of the Day to the keeper of the warmest home and biggest heart in all of Middle Earth!
- Frodosmiss

Doctor Gamgee's 40th birthday had a thread all it's own with contributions from many of our writers.  You may read and enjoy it on its own page HERE!

Salute to Strange Elf   upon her return, yet again, from England

From Home to home, o watch her roam!
Our Elf that very strangely flies,
From Land to Land she makes her stand,
All loaded down with books she buys.

We salute thee, Elf of Strange!
You move about like Rangers range,
From dry to green you make your pick,
And to your cheer like treacle stick.
- Primula

Hoy, Linaewen!

Sung to the tune of Cuckaburro Sits In The Old Gum Tree...

Mumakil stands in the mighty water
Watching and a'waiting, he begins to mutter.

Hoy, Linaewen! Hoy, Linaewen!
Write some more 'bout me.

Posted long ago, mayhap a year or two
Story was started, now I'm turning blue.

Hoy, Linaewen! Hoy, Linaewen!
Have some pity on me.

(Gentle prodding to Linaewen for her wondrous tale, Face of the Enemy, in which she has left a poor and gentle mumak standing in the River Anduin for well over a year!)
- Agape4Rivendell

The Lin
(with apologies to lovers of Poe)

Hear the mumak call for Lin,
Writing Lin!
What a world of readership their trumpets begin!
How they trumpet, trumpet, trumpet
By the lonely waterside,
While the readers try to bump it
All her Muses seem to lump it
When her List of Doom decides
If she'll write, write, write,
Until she's out of light,
To the impatient agitation that gives persistent din
For the Lin, Lin, Lin, Lin,
Lin, Lin, Lin
For the writing and the reading of the Lin!
- Primula


To think that we baulked at Durin's Door dactyls
----- Haiku'ed while sleeping
----- Or thanking our Primula
------Unloved we felt not.
Grudgingly picked at fresh 'inards or crusty
Hail! Fellowship of poetry.
Together we have grown.
- Beruthiel

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