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A Nod to Mods - Elfriend67
Agape4Rivendell - Primula & Lothithil
Board Games - Pi
Brew, Brew, Brew your Beans - Pi
Haldir - Elfriend67
Her Mithril Glory - Onono Laivindur
It's a Gift - Onono Laivindur
Lothithil the Coffee Queen - HobbitNaga
The lotr forums are great - The Renewer
Meneloth - Primula
New Year's Day 05 - Halona Treeclan
Ode to the Fanclub Boards - Simpetarwen
Of Worth - Onono Laivindur
Precious - Varda
The Primula - Onono Laivindur
Rare Visits - Wheathills
To Rosie - Mathom
This Quiet Elf - Dinledhwen
Tribute to the Older Members - MrsPippin
Worked Hard all Day - Vison


Nasty webs
And tricksy sites
Can I ever
Get it right?
Not the word
And not the book
Tassty fisshes
On the hook
The Age of Elves
Is finished, Preciousss
Cyber orcs
Have come to fetch us...
- Varda

the lotr forums are great
you want to know something.. you dont have to wait...

it brings friends from near and afar
all together as a fellowship we are...

we gather round the boards @ night
always to talk..never to fight...

elves and dwarfs...hobbits and (wo)men
protecting middle earth now and again....

though the best thing about it all
is that we are all friends and will catch you if you fall..
- The Renewer

This Quiet Elf wonders on in
Glad to see this old Pony again
So I let out a sigh
As the fond memories fly by
Bringing to my face a big grin.
- Dinledhwen

A visit to The Pony
Is now quite rare for me,
Where once I kept a vigil
I find it hard to be.

I really miss the banter
With my friends, both far and wide,
So to limit my involvement
Was a tough thing to decide.

But my home, my work, my family,
The life I choose to live
Means my 'me-time' is restricted
And something had to give.

But don't think you're forgotten,
If you miss me - look above.
And there carved in the rafters
You'll see "Wheathills send her love"

Board Games

The “Middle-earth” boards are the best
When compared to all of the rest
Some like “Bag End,”
To find a new friend,
But here is where my head will rest.

Then those who like “Rivendell”,
For fan club announcements are swell
But will “Prancing Pony”
Be ever so lonely
Without those off topics to tell?

“The Fellowship” is last that I state
Talking of actors ‘til late
Into the night
When gone is the light
Til morn and you need coffee, mate!
- pi

It's a Gift

it's a gift
this paraphrasing
this illiterate literacy
no knowledge or diploma
robes, scrolls or degrees
it's a gift
to bandy words about
twisting, turning them to see
what effort goes into it
what pleasure-pain they be
it's a gift
often free, sometimes coaxed
inspired by others insanities
it's a gift
it's a gift
you gave to me.


The unlearned
- Onono Laivindur

Ode to the Fanclub Boards

Can you hug old boards that aren't there?
They've vanished into the ethernet's thin air!
Though their history is now past
On they will last
No-one ever promised that it would be fair.

As long as we've got each other we'll be fine
Our romps on the Boards will age like fine wine
After all, don't you see?
We're a virtual-real fellowship - whoopee!
(But my heart after the old boards may still pine.)

Nonetheless, to Pony NOGs I'll be true
Whenever I've nothing better to do
Than to play fun and games
With folks with odd Middle Earth names
And run and hide from the virtual goo!
- Simpetarwen

Lothithil the Coffee Queen

Of Lothithil the people'll sing,
and of her coffied crazy thing.
in dark beans and coffee black
they'll find her sanity to lack.

Oh, great were the things she did write,
of milkiness and cream thats white.
but her coffee didst sway her
and in the darkness did change her.

Now in fervored elven dream
she brew's the best you've ever seen.

Crazy did it make her soul,
And of caffeine she felt the pull.
and with her brew she'll craze you
once you've read none can save you.

Stuck you are, though try you might,
none can turn from this dark sight.
and with her coffee she'll rule all
until her sugar high does fall.

Deep is the brew and dark as black,
she'll see that humor never lacks.
and of her people will ever sing
of Lothithil the Coffee Queen.

Three cheers (and a pint) for the coffee queen!
- HobbitNaga

Agape, the well-named,
Great-of-heart, and
Always sweet of spirit.
Precious are your words,
Every one.
4 all of us
Read them with affection;
In your tender thoughts,
Vine-tendril soft and
Ever fresh from the streams
Neath green boughs.
Delight of the heart,
Evermind of the memory,
Leaves evergreen and sparkling, our
Love of your presence with us.
- Primula

Sun warm lift the rising mists
From all the caressing waterfalls
In this valley, peace and music
Flow with the laughter of the mountain river
Leaving us all agape for Rivendell

((((((((((( the Agape4Rivendell ))))))))))))))
- Lothithil

Brew, brew, brew your beans
Drink your coffee straight!
Only Elves and girlscouts
Use flavoured Coffeemate!
- pi

Today to all who mod
We offer a deserved nod:

Its really not a whim,
The way we feel for Prim.
A hobbit who makes with poetry free,
And runs the scriptorium in Bree,
Hoarding all our treasure,
With her quill of feather.

Our hearts are safely kept,
And or boards are briskly swept,
By a hobbit, sweet,
With undoubtedly hairy feet.
I speak or Rosie, fair,
She has ribbons in her hair.

And what is that we hear?
Why, its music to our ears!
Its the famous Dr.G,
Who is not one mod, but three!
Nothing could be finer,
Than Doc, Mrs. G. and G-Minor!

And now its time to clink our glasses,
To one more of our brave mod lasses.
Our own dear Lith, of shodden foot,
Clad in mithril, in form a boot.
And what is there more to say?
She's prepared to use it! Run away!
- Elfriend67

Of Worth

In Michel Delving, the gathering hall, treasures are there found
Both small and great, of worth or not, above and below ground
From far and near, both worthless and dear, are displayed to be seen
But now as this last Age does close, the most precious is the Magazine
- Onóno

New Years Day 05

Thank you for the stars above
nights sweet song of sleep
and all around the village tonight
swordsong fills the air
All in all the year was spent
in very wonderful ways
past the hours spent here amongst such folk
who know how to pass their days
so here it is a new year now
a new beacon lit
this year as with them all
we humbly accept the gift.
- Halona Treeclan


Write me a poem, write me something about Elves -
Elves of grace, not fighting Elves -
Rivendell & Lorien, write me something about them.
You do not understand the value of your words,
You do not see the artwork that is a poem.
It has worth, a value of its own.
Write me a poem about
- Primula

Her Mithril Glory
by: Ada

I remember the first on-line time I met Lith
She was polite and kind and fun to jest with
I saw her bright-eyed photo from a distant Moot
And when I posted without NT, promptly got the BOOT
She also has John Lennon’s Mithril Hammer
And would wield it like Gimli if you tossed Goo at her
Finding her at the Pony at all hours of the night
Playing with the NOG’s was glorious sight
Sharing her tales of those she’s had Fellowship with
Has endeared all our hearts, to our steadfast friend
(((( LITH ))))
- Onono Laivindur

The Primula
by: Ada

She arrives in Colours of Green and Blue
Violet, Sea Foam, and Earthen hues
Shod in leather or tennis shoe
She selflessly cares for me and you

As many colors as the Primula plant
This noble Lady, has as many talents as that
Her cheery smile and brilliant eyes
Are the reflection of a soul that's wise

Her love of God and human-kind
We witness in her servants guise
Prim is blessed, and filled with love
Her sure reward, is in heaven above

All that met her can honestly say
Their world grew brighter on that day
And should our Fellowship break, and be no more
I hope once again we'll meet, on heavens shore.
- Onono Laivindur

I happen to know an elven lad,
To have his friendship makes me glad!
He's HaldiroftheWoodlandRealm!
He calls Lorien and these boards home!
He's full of ideas for all of us to try!
He's our cruise director guy!
And he cares about our fellowship health!
Always willing to give of himself!
From him we get a youthful view,
And wisdom beyond his years some, too!
This is a tribute I am pleased to give!
'Cause here we all know, "Haldir Lives!"
- Elfriend67

I have worked so hard all day
So I deserve a rest.
I've balanced all my bleedin' books
And breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked;
And after little children looked--
My house is such a mess!

I see a contest shining plain
Upon the other page.
It's time to get the inkling writ
That contest's mine! I'm winning it,
So don't you try, you silly twit,
I'll push you off the stage!

Though I don't see you all as much
As I was used to do,
I think so fondly of this place,
Of each and every friendly face!
I won't go off without a trace
I never will leave you.

Pretty poor poetry, but written on the fly, so to speak. :hug:
- Vison

Sweet older members so dear to me
I love you all as you can see
No one is less than us
I love all the older people so called 40+
What would this community without you
How can this all keep continue
So let´s remind all of us to the older fans
You see ..age makes no difference
- mrspippin

When Rosie’s not read
Her fans are all blue
But Rosie’s a mother
With too much to do!

Our Rosie’s a great Mod
So brave, kind, and true
We love our dear Rosie
(And Icarus too!)
- Mathom

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