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A Song to Say Goodbye - Rosie Cotton
A Wish - Strideress
An Ode to the Webmistress - NorthStar
The Boards Go Ever On and On - unknown
The Ents are Moving - Silivren Ithildin
Goodbye Old Boards - Halona Treeclan
I Lurk in the Shire - Angel2watchoverPippin
jot-a-lot, jot-a-lot - onone
Light After Shadows - Peregrine
Like an Elf I Will Feel - Dinledhwen
Middle Earth Moments - Halona Treeclan
Ol' Vison - Primula
Poetry for the Prancing Pony - Lothithil
The Pony - Elvenstar
Primula the Moderator - Vison
Some Advice to All - Wheathills
Thirty Days Hath November - Lothithil
To Absent Friends - Lothithil
Toronto: a Poem from the Heart - Vison
We Love the Pony - Simpetarwen

Thirty Days Hath November

Thirty days must this FanClub Member
Patiently await the 18th of December
Each day it draws closer I shall be glad
If I manage not to go stark-raving mad!
- Lothithil

Some Advice for All

For those who've yet to see it
I pass on some advice
To help with your experience
But it comes at a high price.

For once the credits finish
And the film has reached its end
You will realise with sorrow
That some things will not mend.

For your body may be weary
And you may feel overcome,
But the worst is utter emptiness
As your heart and soul feel numb.

For whether you left satisfied,
Or slightly disappointed,
It will begin to dawn on you
That your life is now disjointed.

You cannot function clearly
Or voice exactly how you feel,
As now it all is over.
What was once a dream is real.

For the Fellowship is broken
We have ended our joint quest
And slowly we will fade away
To diminish into the west.

But some things cannot be broken,
They are forged too strong to end,
So I count my many blessings
That I still can call you 'friend'.

Our paths are closely intertwined -
A light that is not dimming,
And rather than the beginning of an end
It is the end of a beginning.
- Wheathills

Toronto: a Poem from the Heart

Blasting into the dawn, thrown back in my seat,
I watched home and daily life speed backward;
Eagerly I looked ahead to when the metal bird set down.

Though my journey took me into the high airs
And not along woodland trails or mountain passes,
I am one of the Fellowship, and adventure called.

Dear faces long unseen! Arms welcoming
And hearty kisses greeted me. This is my other home,
I thought, this is my other family.

How often will it be in our ordinary lives
That such a chance will come our way?
I will seize it when it does. It is rare and lovely.

To Absent Friends

Words echo in the empty rooms
The audience is missing
Why do poets sing their songs
Though no one seems to listen?

The music plays though no one hears
Though no one is here to care
So I sing my songs and speak my words
To friends who are not there.
- Lothithil

jot-a-lot, jot-a-lot
Onónë, Little O
Writing odd poems 'bout
hobbits and Smog
verses flow from her pen--
Loves Double Dactyls,
Original Nog
- Onónë

Primula the moderator
Tarried in Decipher land.
She held a pen of Morgul-green
Grasped in her power hungry hand.
Her eye was keen, her wit was sharp
(At least the half her wit we knew).
Her brow was wrinkled, and her heart
Was cold as e’er the cold wind blew.

In panoply of modern times,
In sweats and thongs she dressed herself;
No Mitrhil shirt, no Mallorn leaf
Clasping closed the cloak of Elf.
Her desk is made of melamine,
Her monitor is worn and old.
Her office floor is stained with all
The coffee spilled that’s gone to mould.

Beneath the moon and under star
She wanders wildly in the night.
To come upon our Primula
Would give a Ranger’s heart a fright.
She surveys all of Middle Earth
With gnashing teeth and heart of ice
No naughty thoughts nor nasty words
Get past her! No, just what is nice.

At times she likes to fool us all
And wield a pen that’s blue not green.
But still her manner ever shows
Her style, although she is not seen.
Things could be worse, I do suspect,
We could have Fili in her place.
Imagine what the Board would be
Beneath his pink and frowning face.
- Vison

Ol' Vison

Ol' Vison was a fan right true.
Of her the posters sing the blues:
of her whose posts were strangely free,
between the the lines she wrote, you see?
Her pencil long, its tip was keen,
eraser crumbs afar were seen;
the countless bits she'd almost say,
then bite her tongue and scrub away.

But long ago she wrote they say,
but what she posted blew away;
for into darkness her post scrolled,
they're never still, they never mold.

Ol' Vison, with the one-eyed name,
Almost a vision but not the same,
Where goes her mind we cannot say
It rolls around and bumps that way.
- Primula

A Wish

I wish I lived in "Fiction",
A world of make believe,
A place that I dream of,
That no one else can see,

My visions are so clear,
It's almost like I'm there,
Strolling down silver streets,
Without harsh thought or care,

It's so warm there, I could fall into a sleep,
Dreaming of the reality,
In whos company I now keep,

I wish I lived in "Fiction",
A place where dreams are made,
To put my heart at ease, to let come what may....

Thank you for reading. I have always wished I could live in my imagination, and thanks to Tolkien and Jackson I can do this everytime I go to the theater:)
- Strideress

Poetry for the Prancing Pony

For hours I could thusly sit
Enraptured by the sounds I hear
Of Adventure, music, banter, and wit
Always able to draw smile or tear

When friends are gathered, magic brews
No esoteric incantations are needed
Just come to smile or drop some news
In our hearts again love is seeded
- Lothithil

A Song to Say Goodbye

Friends from far off lands
Come let’s join our hands
Today for one last time
singing “for auld lang syne”

Asleep is the sun
And I had much fun
And I know it’s very sad
But I have to go to bed

Thanks to dear True
I’m no longer blue
But as happy as can be
A Hobbit named Rosie.

I got my perfect match
Have been given an edge
I really love my Sam
The brave and loyal man.

I hope you are not mad
This verse is really bad
To those I didn’t put to flight
I wish you all “Good Night”.
- Rosie Cotton

We love the Pony
Oh yes we do-o-o
We love the way we play
You keep us true-ue-
When we're not near to you...
We're blue!
Oh, Pony,
We love you!!
- Simpetarwen

An Ode to the Webmistress

While in the scrapbook a' browsing
I found an unlikely thing
for it seems that my story was missing
from "Parodies - Tales of the Ring."

I quickly emailed our Primula
distraught was my tone, I'm afraid
I said, "the parody's missing
my long-labored tale's been mislaid!"

"Don't worry my friend," said dear Prim
"It can't have gone too far afield."
But soon she too became worried
for no story did her fruitless search yield.

"I will search for the link that is broken
perhaps in the archives it dwells."
More comforting words never were spoken
by the mistress of our book of spells.

And soon my fears were allayed
for the tale had finally been found
and thus the link was remade
and a sigh of relief I did sound.

All hail to webmistress Prim!
- NorthStar

  Upon the occasion of the "old" boards being moved to a standardized 'boxy' mb format, 6/04

Middle Earth Moments, a poem

Everything was a mess,panic on every line
all we could do was hope,everything would be fine
banging on the door,standing out in the rain
all we wish to do is release the pressure on the brain
panic on the message boards,the seven are so afraid
they have gone and lost the world,
from whence they had strayed

when all the food in the world wont help
each has gone and lost theirself
oh gold thatched cottage how is this so
how will I write where will I go
am I to be the last one left
on the shore looking west
listening to the cry of the white gulls

so if I am to be the one left behind
surely there are others I can find
such a happy reunion it will be
when everyone finally finds me
what is in a name,anyway
thousands are thought up everyday
- Halona Treeclan

Like an Elf I will feel
When change comes to these boards
For my name stays the same
But for many it won’t.

So this makes me wonder
If this is how they felt
When the time for men arrived
And theirs was running out?

Now please don’t get me wrong
I’m not sailing away
But this change won’t touch me
Like the immortal Elf.
- Dinledhwen

The Boards Go Ever On and On

The Boards go ever on and on
Where first great friends here did bond
And I shall follow if I must
Though this board more I do trust

I shall follow with willing feet
Down a new road or stranger street
And friendly faces shall I see
Out there, somewhere, waiting for me


The Pony
Always full of friends
Always full of laughs
I met lots of people
And shared their pains and laughs

Now that we are parting
It's hard to say good-bye
Though we're going to a new place
You'll always have a special place in my heart

Thank you for the times
Thank you for the memories
I love you so much
It's hard to say good-bye
- Elvenstar

The Ents are Moving

"Where are we going?" Pippin asked Treebeard.

"Ah, come on Pippin, don't tell me you haven't been listening!" Merry exclaimed.

"We are on our way to the new Fan Club Message Boards," Treebeard explained, "All the Ents thought maybe the Entwives and the Entlings might have heard about the big move and decided to go check it out from wherever they have been living."

Bregalad quickly added, "It would be so wonderful to see them again, I can't wait to get there!"

"Now, now, Bregalad, don't be hasty!" Treebeard said, "First we have to stop by Wellinghall to get cleaned up for our first meeting with the Entwives in a very long time."

Bregalad laughed, "Yes, we must look our best. Maybe we can talk them into coming back to Fangorn with us after we check out the new boards!!"

"That would be so sweet!" Pippin exclaimed.

"Come on everyone, to Wellinghall then the boards, but, how about you all be hasty this one time? We wouldn't want to miss all the fun!" Merry encouraged.
  - Silivren Ithildin

Light After Shadows

The Shadows draw across the windows
And fire is dosed in shade
As a chill breath blows 'cross the halls
And swirls the windows close

Many have left, many still stay
All never wish to look away
Still we will come to where we may be
And I shall follow, if someone is here beside me
- Peregrine

Good bye old board,the road is long
good bye old board,here's your song
of days gone past,of thoughts spilt like rain
goodbye old board,it is sad all the same

your wooden beams,so long they have stood
above our heads,dark wooden hood
to gather dust,from neglect
firewood for the wanderers to collect
goodbye old board,though the shadow falls
our laughter will fill your halls

and we will remember you
and all the sights we had put you through
with all the drama spawned of our daily lives
in our hearts,old board survives
- Halona Treeclan

I lurk in the Shire, by the moon lights fire.
Not noticed by the others.
I lurk and I smile, all the wihile
I am talking with Gandalf.
My time is soon, it's nearly noon.
And I will join the Elves.
I'll sail away, some soon day.
The Grey Havens are calling loudly.
As I board their ship, and look around at it.
I leave all else behind me.
- Angel2watchoverPippin

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