Verses about the Fans 4
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A film poem - Lordbg
A poem for inklingers and ringers - Meneloth
A Poem for Lizmybit and all friends of the Boards - Doctor Gamgee
A quizzicle poem for Rosie - Doctor Gamgee
A wee bit of fun with names - Onono Laivindur
Bummed about, frummed about - onone
For Arrarat: Of Rings and Things - Doctor Gamgee
For Estelle - Orangeblossom Took
For Mel Baggins - Orangeblossom Took
Gimli is Missing - Red Leaf
I'm called little Primula - Lindorie
Jan-u-wine - Primula
No matter what the subject - seansbeanie
O Grumpy as a Newspaper - Tom Bombadill-O
Ringers - Jennan O Possums
Tales of Middle Earth - Orangeblossom Took
To little Lena Ellen - HobbitNaga
What is this, a love-in? - AuntKimby
Whenever I am feeling blue - Peregrine
Where is the Post and the Typer? - Bluebell
Who are the Fairest in this Middle-Earth? - Onono Laivindur

A poem for inklingers and ringers

Shake loose from your cabinets
the tales and stories of you:
Joy you have known
and pain,
Dear friends
love tendered
love returned
love asunder
soul burned.
What voice and song and word
has your heart heard?
What do you love?
Have you danced?
Whose child are you?

Shake loose from your floors
your walls and your ceilings
the tales and stories of your people.
What do your people love
and breathe and give and dance?
What beauty do they see?
What is their hope and glory
and strength and rest?
Are they like my people?
What will I learn from them?
Will I be shamed
or arrogant
or discomfitted by Otherness?
Or will I find something
I've always misssed
a beauty passed
strength ignored
glory hid
hope unseen
a land forlorn.
Will I find part of me?
Are your people...mine?

Do you love them and hate them,
embrace them and cannot escape them?
Or are they hard to find?
Do you run headlong to them
with Joy
when you discover them
over a common Story
and know that you are home?

Aren't you glad
I asked?

I was listening to a psychologist talk this week about how important it is to remember and tell your story, especially within families. Stories about who you are, who your people are, and what it is like you to do. Sometimes it's reminiscencing, or swapping stories, but also movies are a commonly experienced story. Which, of course, made me think of LotR and Ringers. We can communicate so easily in this common story, and found out more about ourselves and those we would consider peer-hearts, our people.

My last poem was about who I write for (or who inklingers write for), who our people are.

This poem asks to hear and celebrates the heart to heart meeting over a common story.

- Meneloth

A film poem

This Summer will bring great movies
It won't bore us ringies
As we wait for the final chapter
So we can get our tickets faster
Yes, we may not have a webslinger or talking dog
Or clones to make us get through fog
But we will have great things
To make us glad we are human beings
Hopefully we won't be let down by sequals
Like the men in black and Austin Powers who couldn't be equal
But maybe we will have a suprise hit
Like last years "Greek Wedding" which caused a fit
We have Hulks, fish, and so much more
Which will make us throw Justin and Kelly out the door
But whatever Summer will give
We'll still be glad to live
As we wait
Wait for the bait.

- Lordbg