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A Red, Red Rosie - Primula
Christmas Greetings from Old Toby - Old Toby
For Lindorie - Vison
For the Lady of Mirkwood, a Poem - Elizabeth
Free Thinker, Alas - Sagegrrrl
Here's a Poem for the Pony - Tori*Took
I do not write for everyone - Meneloth
My Poem for Peace: Fellowship of the Board - Kaybaggins
NorthStar's Thanks - Northstar
Poetic Primrose - Orangeblossom Took
Queen of Delete - Shelob
Song for a Saturday Night - Vison
There are some Writers, very Few - Lilywillow
There once was a Gal named Linaewen - Cedar Rapids Born
There was a young Hobbit named Rosie - Yaralindi
This Board to me as a Second Home - Lilywillow
Three Cheers for our Good Lady Prim - The Foe Hammer
Virtual World - a Thank You! - Shelob
When first to Middle-Earth I Came - Vison
Why this Place is so Special to Me - Wheathills

I heartily agree with Rosie that the talent on our boards meets or surpasses
what is commercially available in contemporary fantasy. And I have a little
beef with commercial fantasy: it's fantasy, but doesn't have as much depth
and truth as...well, OK, *nothing* comes close to being Tolkien! And besides

So, in celebration and recognition of all our authors here, I wrote this little poem over lunch:

I do not write for everyone
I do not nobly be all things for all people
I do not desparately fashion
what is fashionable
or common
or appealing to all.
Those lazy, scared, recalcitrant
tyrants of consumption!
I love them not.

For those who look up, or sigh, or yearn
For those who wish things were better
for those who long for home
for those who face fear and do not flinch
for those who wish for courage
for those who do what is hard
for those who stretch to be noble
for those who strive to seek to find
for those who walk a lonely road
for those who are bent to the ground and broken
You are my people.
I write for you.
- Meneloth

There once was a gal named Linaewen,
Whose limericks set readers guffawin',
But her plane was delayed,
and the Internet frayed,
Sam 'n' Boromir they're not allowin' !
- Cedar Rapids Born

poetic primrose
posts in colors green and blue
the boards bloom wildly
- Orangeblossom Took

My poem for peace. Fellowship of the Board

On the Middle Earth Board we find ourselves
With names of dwarves, hobbits and elves
A love of Tolkien drawing us together
Laughing at the inklings and musings for pleasure
We debate and question and learn a lot
And maybe we have forgotten what it's all about
Let friendship and peace be ours to hold
For harmony and wisdom never grow old.
- kaybaggins

When first to Middle Earth I came,
I wasn't seeking great acclaim.
I thought a fan club might be fun,
But then the "bug" for writing won
The struggle in my heart and hand
And I sent Inklings through the land.

I write for fun, and not for fame,
But fame is great, and so's acclaim.
Replies that stroke my greedy soul,
And praise my Inklings make me whol-
Ly happy. Sorry for the awful rhyme,
Now I'll leave, and will not whine.
- Vison

Here's a poem for the Pony

I've had a bad day
School went too long
Teacher's were grouchy
Students too picky
we had to sing a dumb song

well I come straight home
and what do I do?
I check the Pony, to see what's new
what do I see? what do I here?
the Pony is Lively with songs and good cheer.

I had a bad day, but now it is good

My day has been boring
been sick all this time
coughing and sniff-ling
I ran out of tissues
and nothing is on the TV

So to make my day? what should I do?
Walk into the Pony for maybe some goo
Old friends in here smiling
or maybe sick too
But all of them happy to see me here

I had a boring day, but now it is good

Today was ok, but nothing too fun
routines are fine but too much the same
Do I expect some excitement?
something to surprise me?
no, but today was ok and so was

But I check into the pony, just to see who's there
and I become surprised by what I see
Patrons on ceilings and confetti on the floor
Gimli out of the fridge, a party going on
so kereoke night surprised me that day

I had an ok day, but Now so much better

every day after being here
I leave with a smile on my face
one thing will happen
that will brighten my day
and I go to sleep, happy for every one here!
Not one of my better poems but I think it gets the point across
- Tori*Took

Why this place is so special to me

You belong to what? they laugh,
They just don't understand
So I just smile and humour them
Whilst I think of 'Tolkien land'

A place where I can run to
Have a laugh, a cry, a *snicker*,
So I'm glad that they 'don't get it'
And hope the day ends quicker

As when I've finished as a colleague,
A wife, a cook, a mother,
I log on to the message boards
To happily discover

That it's Playtime at The Pony
Serving free drinks at the bar
And somone's singing ditties
Whilst on virtual guitar.

Soon I am surrounded
By a rare and precious breed
The Pony Patrons have arrived
So I begin to read

I smile at all their stories
Then begin to laugh out loud, as
I'm happy being Wheathills
And I love this 'virtual' crowd.

'Community' just sums us up
Across the miles we build our bridges
Though how insane we must appear
With what we keep in our fridges!

So, just a short rhyme to tell you all
I think you're great and caring
So I'll blow a kiss across the net,
And just say 'thanks for sharing!'
- Wheathills

Christmas Greetings from Old Toby

A Christmas cheer for all the fans
of Middle-earth from distant lands;
whether Hobbit, Man or regal elf
or comely dwarf from Dwarrowdelf,
I wish thee all a Merry time!
Compose a song or foolish rhyme
like this one and your friends will know
you're truly crazy - it will show!
I'm sure we'll all see IT again,
for the umpteenth time before the end;
in spite of things that may seem queer,
like what's been done with Faramir,
for all in all we must confess
of films now seen, this one's the best!
Be happy Hobbits to the end
and Merry Christmas wishes send
to all who share this one great thing:
the love of Tolkien and The Ring!

Merry Christmas to all ye hobbits, dwarves, elves, and men!
 -Old Toby
Three cheers for our good lady Prim,
for hard work she never does skim.
Now we have a new scrapbook,
with a beautiful new look,
to view our old postings at whim.

- The Foe Hammer

A Red, Red Rosie
(based on A Red, Red Rose, by Robert Burns)

Our moderator is like a red, red Rosie,
That's newly sprung in June:
Our moderator is like the melodie,
That's sweetly play'd in tune.

As fair art thou, our bonie lass,
So deep in luve are we;
And we will luve thee, Rosie dear,
Till we the Havens see.

Till we the Havens see, Rosie dear,
And the net turn into toast;
And we will luve thee still, Rosie dear,
While the fans o' boards shall post.

Fare thee weel, Rosie dear!
And fare thee weel a while!
We will post again, Rosie dear,
Wishing you ten thousand smiles!

There was a young Hobbit named Rosie
Whose name sounds just like a posy.
She made up some plans
To liberate Sam’s pans
And snuggle up all nice and cozy.
- Yaralindi

This Board to Me is As a Second Home

This board to me is as a second home
Where each day after working hard I come
To read my ringer friends‚ fine prose or poem
And share ideas, musings, fun and some
Good company, with those whose pleasure is
Lord of the Rings, the movie and the book
Our common and shared passion in us lives
So that we oft our housework have forsook!
This One, whose messages we seek and share
In inklings of the characters we love
In musings and discussions free and fair
In poems serious and far above
The common, which we too enjoy at times.
I send a plea, no longer remonstrate
For all together, heart and soul, we climb
Community together we create
For richer be our lives if we can share,
And all who visit here connect and care.

- Lilywillow

Queen of Delete

Listen ye' ringers, no line of chat,
Dare to post on Middle Earth's board.
Rosie, lurking, quick as spat,
Strikes you out with her swift sword.

Be sure you speak, inkling, song or verse,
Use no idle words, I say.
Nothing, does a writer fear worse,
Than having our work 'deleted' away!

It's okay Rosie, we love you so
We will stay on topic, you'll see.
Just one more lesson before I go,
More than one line, remember T-X-T!


NorthStar's Thanks

I think that I shall never see
A writer more insecure than me
I worry over every post
Wonder "what will they like the most?"
A piece on Elrond might be good
Or maybe a post from the Golden Wood?

Lillywillow advises, "Write for yourself
About whatever you wish, hobbit man or elf
Remember that your writing is just for you."
And I think, "How I wish that were true."
I have become a slave to the boards you see
And I wait for responses so eagerly.

When I falter and am feeling weak
And post things that show me to be a geek
I can count on you all to make me see the light
And inspire me to try and continue to write.
(Thank god there aren't more works like this
For this poem even I am tempted to boo and hiss)

Prim, Shelob, Elwen and CRB
Lilly, Free Thinker and Lindorie
Ladyhawk, Linaewen and all the rest
You folks on this board are truly the best.
Thanks for patting me on the back
When my insecurities got out of whack.

- Northstar

There are some writers, (very few),
Who aren't as insecure as you,
Who pen their inklings from the heart
And never wonder where to start,
But it's my contention here, you see,
That more are just like you and me,
We worry, wonder and we fret
Waiting for responses, yet
We write quite well, when all is said
So just keep at it, says my head!

- lilywillow

  Virtual World - A Thank You!

Hobbits and elves, such happy people,
Weaving their spells, story, song and riddle.
What they post, we love the most.
On the Boards, others write,
Tales of darkness, poems of light.
Wizards good and wizards bad,
Beautiful ladies, ranger and rider,
Epic journeys, strange and sad
Dwarves, knights and even a spider.
We prance into the 'Pony',
For a pint of rainbow goo.
Real life roads, sometimes stony,
Our virtual world, never blue.
Thanx to all who share the joy,
Including the 'lurkers', silent 'Oh boy'!

- Shelob

FreeThinker, Alas

direct discussion
amid blazing thoughts
not afraid to speak out
inspiration you've got

finding solace in poetry
raucous and true
knowing full well the work
poets yet have to do

want to thank you as fiercely
as my heart knows how
to the person called 'free'
i shout out to you now

whatever you do
however you walk
in this life or another
may you always 'true-talk'

for we all need reminders
to be brought back again
to the place where we recall
how our time should be spent

so without pomp or fancy
no big fuss or ado
to the person called 'free'
simple thanks, me to you.
- Sagegrrrl

For Lindorie

Some minds are not bent, only twisted,
Some thoughts when expressed, make me laugh.
Your poem makes me think you're my sister.
If we meet, I want your autograph.......

- Vison

For The Lady of the Mirkwood, a poem.

Her love is boudless,
Her passion, endless,
for it is within her soul
that Legolas does rule.

She searches far,
she searches all,
to find the man,
who can give her his all.

But she must not lose hope,
she must not lose scope,
she must move ever onward,
or the elf will never discover her.

My sweet, sweet lady,
keep alert, and never grow weary!
For is you ever lose site,
your heart will meet it's plight.

Just a little poem to encourage a dear member of our Fellowship!
May Legolas forever keep her safe from harm,
and may she never lose her charm.
*HUGE Hobbity Hugs*

- Elizabeth

Song for a Saturday Night.

Some folks are at the Movies,
Some folks are at the Bars.
Some folks are out and driving
About the streets in Cars.

Some folks are out for Dinner,
Some folks are with their Friends.
Some folks, like us, are posting
The products of our Pens.

We’re Poets and we’re Jokers,
We’re musing on the Books.
We’re arguing the merits
Of Brandybucks and Tooks.

We swoon for Elven Orli,
And Frodo makes us cry,
While Rosie drools for Sammy
(She thinks he’s quite a guy).

Varda ponders deeply,
And Prim writes reams of verse,
Redbeard keeps the Scrapbook
(That job is getting Worse!).

Our output is astounding!
Still, Moderators wince
At stuff that’s not on topic--
They have to give us hints

To stay with Elves and Hobbits
And Tolkien’s sacred text,
To never be unpleasant
And never mention ***!

Since FOTR opened
This board has been the place
For fans of books and movies
To Meet, not face to face--

But, like the Elves in converse,
We speak from Mind to Mind
Not always in agreement
But trying to be kind

To those we think mistaken,
To those we think are wrong.
And now I’ve reached the last line
Of this my little song……….

I’ve lost my inspiration,
I’ve lost my rhyme as well,
I have to make an ending
As you can surely tell.

For I can ramble madly
Composing nonsense verse.
The only thing’s each stanza
Is getting worse and worse!

- Vison

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