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A little poem - Cadsuane
A Poem on Valentine's Day for all my fellow Ringers - Elizabeth
A Poem to Prim - Varda
A simple good night poem to all - ialegolas
Far over the Misty World so Cold - Primula
If you're waiting for the post - Old Gaffer
Ode to the Fellowship Board - Redbeard
Ode to the Prancing Pony - Fool for a Took
Ode to the Prancing Pony - Lightpoet
Ode to the Prancing Pony Patrons - LilBaggins
Oh wonderful, wonderful New Year's Day - Dandy
Once Again goes Arrarat - Primula, Dandy & Cadsuane
Poem for the LOTR Fanclub Message Boards - Firiel
The pony is the place to be - Tori*Took
Song for the Lurkers - Arwenbloomer
Three Green Rings - Warbird
To Varda - MithrandirCQ
Wasted time - Hobbitlove
When the DVD will Come Out - Merka
You Shall be Called - Telcontar

Wasted time
time well spent
which of these are true?

When I get home
first thing I do
is check my mail again

There's always something
there for me
from friends around the globe.

I answer some
some just read
is this a waste of time?

"they're strangers all"
some people say
yet something says "that's wrong"

what is a friend?
can it be one
who's face I've never seen?

Shelagh, FooFoo, Niphrandil
DT, Lith and Miss Froo too
what do I really know?

I know some things
about each one
some struggles and some joys.

My heart and prayers
go out to them
when God brings them to my mind

Born and Tel, Mirza and Sue
Lilac and Anaba too
I've seen them face to face

Yet some I've not
feel closer still
because we're so alike

In my heart,
I greatly desire
to meet each and every one

Will they still
be strangers then
only time will tell

So, waste of time
or, time well spent
I still don't have a clue

- Hobbitlove

To Varda

Do not think ill and redress
The writing qualities that you possess
Your thoughts and words reply
To your heart's reaching for the sky
Be not disposed to feel remorse
For your wordings stay their course
Through Celtic Airs and Irish bright
You achieve a Cormari's delight.

- MithrandirCQ

the pony is the place to be
for songs and much jubilee!
the pony is where you want to stay
where goo and mushrooms are plenty all day

look in the fridge if you want to find gimli
the fellowship droolers have legolas in captivity
strider is talking to the hobbbits in his room
or maybe they're just hiding from drool!

the people here are very nice
"pints for all" you'll hear more than twice
the rainbow goo makes you float
the guys were kilts, and muumuu style coats

hip hip horray!
for the Pony today!
3 cheers for the actors!
and don't forget PJ!

- Tori*Took

If you're waiting for the post,
Then walk amongst the flowers.
Join the faithful host,
And while away the hours.
With each and every day,
We look forward to our mail.
As packages find their way,
May our patience never fail.
For the fellowship is strong,
And to that we do hold true.
Fret not, it won't be long,
Til a package will find you.

- Old Gaffer

song for the lurkers

night has fallen on the pony
and the seats are bare
maybe in the darkest corners
you'll find a lurker there

we all are wanting to stay
and enjoy another drink
yet sleep calls us to bed
and out the door we slink

Yet always to my surprise
I find the pony to be
filled with lurker eyes
and many who slurp tea

They often comment quick
when we look for those lost
yet they tend to keep quiet
when we they hear the cost

A snicker can be heard
as we split the bill
lurking in their corners
avoiding their self will

To dance about with glee
and sing a merry song
cautious they always seems
yet their silence won't last long

As I light all the lamps
and search everything
all the lurkers will
be on the stage to sing

And we'll have a merry jig
and cheers for the lurkers
as they take the stage
as jolly little workers

My job now is done
as i've leared the lost out
we all can drink and sing
now raise your pints and shout!


- Arwenbloomer

a simple good night poem to all

My eyes are heavy
this I can not ignore
I must set off
to the land of Valinor
to sleep
to dream
to rest my eyes,
that i may live to see
another day and night
to be with friends
in the message boards.
so goodnight to all
sweet dreams
Adieu to all
till we meet again.
- ialegolas

Poem for the LOTR Fanclub Message Boards

There is a place not so far from here
Where lamplight shines on the walls,
Where friends gather round and share jokes and tears
Away from the "Real World's" calls.

Firelight flickers o'er every face,
And laughter fills every room;
A helping hand, and a friendly word,
A song to a lively tune.

I come here whene'er I need a friend,
Advice, opinions, or more -
A merry welcome, a "Come right in!"
Always greets me at the door.

A loyal spirit pervades the air.
All Hobbits and Elves and Men
Who gather here will find good cheer -
May its fires ne'er grow dim!

- Firiel

Three Green Rings

Three green Rings for the Mod-kings in the electron glow,
Seven for the package Lords in their warehouses,
Nine for mortal whiners doomed to crow,
One for the Dark Lord who sees through mouses,
In the land of Decipher where the Moderators know.
One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Decipher where the Moderators know.

- Warbird


What is it about the Prancing Pony
That makes me always return?
Even when I'm not there, I think of it
For ale and friendship I yearn.

It's a place, where at times
Laughter and silliness abounds.
At other times, more serious
A poem from Primula astounds.

Where else, can one find
Smurfs, mumus, hamsters, and goo?
And if that weren't enough,
We now have a cloning machine too!

About this community and each of you
I have really grown to care
Is it because of that one,
Single obsession we all share?

To find others who understand,
I no longer have to roam.
In the Prancing Pony,
I have found a place to call home.

(((PP Patrons)))

- Fool for a Took

Where else can one find
Fool for a Took reciting?
She looks so cute standing there
Pippin thinks its exciting!

Pip leaps up and begins to clap,
His sweet little eyelashes flutter.
Fool for a Took just sweeps him up
And her heart melts into butter.

Fool for a Took you are so sweet
With your poem we all agree -
For the Prancing Pony and lotr
We mambo-dance and SQUEEEE!

- Primula

Ode to the Prancing Pony Patrons

Everyone has a place in mind
Where they will go to find peace.
Friendship, laughter, tears,
All in one special setting.
The problem is that we seem
To think it is a physical space,
Then in fact it is in your heart.
It is the people, the atmosphere,
That we seek out in times of need.
Those that care, and comfort,
And are always willing to reach
Out and touch a lost soul who
Simply needs to laugh.

I have a place in mind
Where I will go to find peace.
Friendship, laughter, and tears
All at the Prancing Pony.

- LilBaggins

A little poem

When I feel down and blue
You know what I gotta do?
I surf the net to tor.n,
For pics of Rosie and Sean.

To see Rosie's face
At that special place,
Makes my heart feel glad,
And I can't be sad.

A wish come suddenly true
Lets my own shine clearly through.
Even though it won't be soon
I will one day touch my moon.

One day I well may,
In my own special way,
Meet Those Eyes and say,
"Hello Mr Wood".

And then I'll swoon!
- Cadsuane

Ode to the Prancing Pony

Oh, as nice as New Zealand is,
I would rather not roam
When I can stay at the Prancing Pony:
My online home-sweet-home!

Though Rivendell is lovely
And so is Lorien
But there's no place I'd rather be
Than our beloved inn!

The "Middle-Earth" board is too serious
And "The Fellowship" is filled with drool;
As far as message boards go,
This one's the coolest of the cool!

Where mushrooms rule, and hobbits sing
And Smurfs forever roam...
Here's to the Prancing Pony!
My online home-sweet-home!

- Lightpoet

A Poem on Valentine's Day for all my fellow Ringers all my fellow inhabitants of Middle Earth:
May Galadriel smile upon you,
Gandalf protect you,
Merry and Pippin make you laugh,
Sam be your constant,
Frodo be your hope,
Aragorn be your strength,
Boromir be your conscience,
Gimli be your percerverance,
Legolas help you find your way safely,
and may Sauron never reach you.
With all my love to you and yours,
- Elizabeth

Far over the misty world so cold,
With friendships deep and jokes so old,
We must away ere break of day,
To sort the piles of posts we told.

The fans of Lord made mighty spells,
Their postings fall like ringing bells,
In places deep, where poems keep,
In Redbeard's halls beneath the fells.

For loving comment and elvish lore,
They many a rhyme there made and more,
They shaped and wrought, and light they caught;
Their pens being mightier than their swords

With silver words and golden tongues,
They praised the stars, and crowns they hung,
For the emotional eyes and varied size,
Meshed hero traits in one moon-eyed son.

With modems ringing o'er hill and dale,
The fans began to look quite pale,
As their families ire, more fierce than fire,
Competed with their favorite tale.

Far over the misty world so dim,
With friendship deep, tho' humor grim,
We must away ere break of day,
To win our place in New Zealand.
- Primula

Once again goes Ararrat
back for number twenty-four
I bet he has memorized
the entire Lord of the Ring score.

Footsteps pacing in the park,
Betwixt each round that he's been shown,
For a breath of air in winter's dark,
Resuming then his kingly throne -

To watch again, on that flick'ring wall.
The finest Lord fan of us all.
He waits again for the call
to see Frodo and Gandalf and then bawl.

When does he find the time to sleep
between post and movie and a new seat?
a walk through the park would be just grand
but to sit through the movie is a better treat..

The ticket stubs his pockets fill,
Where once his wallet slept.
Evidence of an iron will -
A mission quest thing well kept!

He says it makes him feel so young,
This august, lordly figure set
Among Fellowship tales, songs elvish sung,
Thus more childlike every day he gets.

His eyes are large and open wide,
His mouth is often too.
But he can neither eat nor drink
Lest he should need the loo.

We rise and salute you, Ararrat!
The finest fan e'er found -
Inspired by your faithfulness,
You are Middle Earthen crowned!
- Primula, Dandy, Cadsuane

"You Shall Be Called"
From books were born, from books were bred
From learned verse so long oft-read:
A distant land viewed with mind's eye
Of Hobbit-hole and Elven sky
Filled with hope, friendship, doom and dread.

I journeyed there young; I'm journeying there still
Embraced in dreams of fair mithril,
Perfumed by elanor blooms,
Singing there the joyful tunes,
And walking paths that lead where they will.

And with this vision brought to screen,
Forged in gold, scarlet, silver and green,
Are loves renewed and friendships sworn
As our Age in this legend is reborn
To all the sights still just seen.

'There and back again' he wrote
And here we all gather from places remote
To the time and place of Fantasy's birth;
To our cherished Middle Earth,
To refresh ourselves with verse and quote.

The Road goes ever on and on
--As does this poem, some find it too long--
So, to everyone here, I say "Well Met!"
(And also to those who will visit here yet.)
Join me, all: once more, I am up and gone...
- Telcontar

Ode to the Fellowship Board
(made entirely of quotes from subject lines on the board)

ooooooh yeeeeeeaaaahhhh
Can you IMAGine

you got me all worked up over that earlier post!
yeah i wish he would come in here that would be cool
10 days to see our honey on TV is NOTHING!!!

you spoke out of my heart!

Come and join me under the three in the snow then!!
You so nice....we can sing a lament together then!
Wouldn't care to take me there too? this is saad...

Just find an empty patch of snow
Girlfriend! sniff,sniff
I don't get E! *weeping weeping*
That is...(*drying eyes*)...that is so beautiful!

Sean Astin is utterly adorable with those few extra pounds...
And... those delightful dark curls of hair, with those cute pointy ears..sigh.
Doesn't Elijah Wood have the cutest little space in his front teeth
yeah...sobs...we're dreaming...really dreaming- hehehehe, all these dancing stuff...we should stop

wink wink wink
I DO!!!!!
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

Was it hot in the theatre... or was it just Legolas
Orlando is so hot, he makes steam look cool!
There is a lot of love to go around...
For those who love to drool

I would die.
That is soooooooo....sweet

I meant it's impossible and it's crazy...sobz..i KNOW IT WILL NEVER BE possible...*wails*
*sigh*...Viggo, when will your day come????
being in love with something that is impossible is so miserable

What? A bit? Me - giddy???
C''s "swoon-errific"!

Elijah, Orlando, Sean.... so many hunks...
Wishes may come true. If you truly believe or are just that stupid.
lEgOlaS is gOiNg tO bE *my~*hUsbaNd...hEhEhE...
I think I just fainted imagining him saying that!!!!!
Oh, if only he would.

Viggo Mortensen is REALLY cute!!!!!!
I can't believe I missed a swoon-fest!!!
here's the deal, i'll let you have them all but i'll have orli?
You can't have him.
he's the most divine, beautiful, brave, fearless, graceful, swift, handsome.

Oh my god that would be so cool.
- collected by Redbeard

When the DVD will come out
Watch how fans won't gain pounds
They'll be jumping up and down
In the stores they'll be running around
They'll grab the DVD
And that's the beginning you see
Because they'll just stay home
All of them glued to the TV

I can see now lightpoet
To the screen stuck and I know it
She'll be swooning day and night
For Viggo she'll make time
She also has confessed
When she sees him she's a mess
Doesn't mind his greasy hair
But won't let you about it jest

You think I forgot about To Elf
She'll grab the first copy off the shelf
Cause her Orli will be there
At the screen all day she'll stare
With a bucket for her drool
All day she will swoon
If at Legolas you make fun
She'll come at you with a broom
I would not be surprised
If the screen was paused on those eyes
Goldberry it had to be
who's stuck to that TV
Slow motion she would use
to capture all of Elijah Wood
specially his eyes
I hope not his hairy foot!
- Merka

O wonderful, wonderful New Years Day.
The power of the muse did sway.

Quite a few, some say twenty
showered us with rhymes so plenty

and Goldberry's list, what a marvel
I humbly grovel

Do I dare read the postings
My mind will be roasting..

Going back to bed, I pray..
O wonderful, wonderful New Years Day.
- Dandy, January 2002

A Poem to Prim:

She writes her verses in the night
Of yawning mouth and tired sighs
And all that's rhyme and poetry
Meet in her heavy-lidded eyes.

O, Primula the Poetess of Middle Earth!
Your words spill down upon the page.
A poem for each subject that your
Fertile Mind and Thought engage.

Tis wonderful that in this Time of Internet
And Microsoft, electric verses make us smile
Or cry with ready waterworks. O, Prim,
Please keep on writing poems a very long, long while!

- Vison

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