Valentine's Day at the Fellowship

A Short One - The Foe Hammer
A Long One - The Foe Hammer
The Heart of the Middle-earth Board - Doctor Gamgee
Sword-Slashing Action - Varda
Valentine's Goof - sunwolf
Roses - Shire Dweller
Ways to Spend Valentine's Day without a Sweetie - Meneloth
To the Fellowship of the Boards - Primula
Orli, Draw Back your Bow - onónë
For Lurtz - Hobbit Nage
Though Swooners They May Be - Elizabeth
The Valentine - Dinledhwen
Lobelia, an Ode - Primula
Lobelia, Mistress of Spoons - Doctor Gamgee

Two Valentine's Day poems for all my ME friends:

A Short One

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
my fandom would be empty,
without all of you.
- The Foe Hammer

A Long One

On this day when we think of hearts
and little cupid shooting darts.
I must admit my thoughts still stray,
to the board I go to every day.

Is this "love" that draws me here?
Does my wife have something to fear?
"Nay!" I say when she asks me this,
and I try to share my board-found bliss.

She'll probably never share my passion,
though she does a little after a fashion.
But she understands why my heart is drawn,
to write and read here all day long.

So this Valentine's Day I share with you all,
my wish of love upon you to fall.
But if you are sitting alone this day,
remember we love you each in our own way.
- The Foe Hammer

"The heart of the Middle Earth Board"

On message boards based
on The Lord of the Rings,
A 'lurker' might see
many magical things:
The Precious, or hobbits,
the flaming red EYE,
Some poems, and lim'ricks
make you laugh 'til you cry.

And on THIS board, there's wit,
Like the grand 'Archer Mice.'
And deep thoughts: "Time as Water"
(Then is Valinor Ice?)
And this: Poetry challenges
Jazzed to the max!
Alphabetically questing
(think above) "rhymes with Flax."

But the magic of this board,
you may not expect.
It's a song by Aretha,
and its name is "Respect."
For we've posters who never
have read Tolkien's pages.
And others have mem'rized them
down through three ages.

And sometimes, when musing
about Faramir,
(A topic which makes
Mith-CQ need a beer!)
we discover conflict:
Was Osgiliath right?
But these talks aren't lit
by the cruel "Flamer's Light."

For the magic here finds
a great love for debate.
It helps us to learn,
and we think it is great.
For when hearts are first open,
then follows the mind,
understanding and friendship
soon follow behind.

(Once again, Doc's longwinded
and going insane,
with poetic rhymes
that are mostly inane!)
And if all this you've read,
then my friends, I shall pray,
that you find health and joy
'til next Valentines Day!
- DoctorGamgee

Sword Slashing Action

To console myself on not getting a Valentine card I purchased the action figure of Aragorn at Helm's Deep. It doesn't look much like him but has a 'sword slashing action', and batteries are included.

As the salesgirl took the money she looked doubtfully at Aragorn in all his glory and said, 'Do you want me to put him in a bag?' (Plastic bags are banned in new ecology-conscious Ireland)

'Gosh no' I said. 'I'll just carry him under my arm.'

I sailed happily out of the toyshop followed by her pitying look and went into another shop to buy something else. I put Aragorn down on the counter as I paid. The shopkeeper was a kindly old man, who could have stood in for Gandalf. He eyed Aragorn doubtfully as I rummaged for the credit card. He looked at the name on the card and said, 'That is a very strange name'

'Oh, it's Anglo-Saxon.' I said (I'm used to this). 'We fought at the battle of Hastings or something. On the losing side.'

His eyebrows shot up.

'..and we have been on the losing side ever since'

the eyebrows disappeared.

'But Aragorn here...' I said, picking up the action figure ' going to change all that, with his sword slashing action. All you have to do is squeeze his legs....'

The eyebrows went into orbit around Pluto...

Happy Valentines day, all.
- Varda

LOTR Valentine's Goof:
I really thought for Valentine's Day my daily LOTR calendar would have a picture of Arwen and Aragorn together - what could be more appropriate?! Instead we have the Argonath, who are neat statues and all, but hardly romantic! Oh well, maybe they'll do better with the 2004 calendar...

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!!

roses for everyone!!!! :D
although tonight i have to work i hope everyone has a very happy valentines day. (((pony patrons)))
- Shire Dweller

Ways to spend Valentine's Day without a sweetie

I too am without a sweetie this Valentine's Day, and I've been contemplating how I could pass this evening. Here are a few of my ideas, but perhaps I could get more suggestions from all you helpful folk?

5. calligraphe classic love poems in tengwar
4. make construction paper hearts that say "Rosie + Sam"
3. curl up in front of a fire with The Book
2. swoon on the fellowship board
1. watch TTT
- Meneloth

Hug your LOTR standee while sobbing at TTT soundtrack! - m4sure

In a long running tradition it's chocolates and a film for me, which to choose though ... I have the rum truffles picked out but where as I used to pick a 'chick flick', as I believe romance gets billed these days, and had been considering Bridget Jones, this year I have Fellowship of the Ring available for home viewing - think I may have to visit Middle Earth, it's one way to spend the evening with a handsome man (or two ;)) - the greenwood


To the Fellowship of the Boards

A Valentine to all of you,
Who dwell within these virtual walls,
A heart and lace, a pleasant face,
And friendly folks by handles called.
We lift our chocolate cupids high,
In toast to faves and loves -
To denizens of Middle-earth
Belows and up aboves.
- Primula

Ok... here's a sure sign I've been spending too much time here:

 As I was driving home tonight, I turned on the oldies station. The song was "Cupid, draw back your bow" etc. And all I could think of was:

"Orli! Draw back your bow
And let your arrow go
Straight to the Uruk-hai for me...."

And then I turned on the classical station. :-)
- onónë

For Lurtz

alright, im going to try to make a poem with lurtz as cupid -
i'm making this up as i go along so wish me luck!!!!!

you have peirced the heart of gondor
you have peirced the heart of men
when thinking of their loved ones
you make women faint again

full of lust for a taste
your mighty cross bow bent
the mighty arrow on its way
with your love sent

be their one who cannot love you
why that just wont do
if he comes with sword ablazing
just shoot him too

for all the arrows that you have sent
i do not think that i could love
when your arrows are ablazing
i .......thwap

- Hobbit Naga

*Bounds forth from the foliage in 'poet garb,' Bows deeply* For the FB, on Valentine's Day

Entitled: "Though Swooners They May Be..."

Here in Middle Earth,
There is a land of mirth,
Where men and elves and Hobbits too,
Gather round to "Sigh* and "Swoon."

Though "Swooners" they may be,
There is much more that they do see.
For they look beyond mere sight,
And search inside for all that's right.

For a "hero's heart" is what they seek,
Those who never will be meek.
They long for more behind men's eyes,
And hope to never say "good bye's."

They pick and choose who has their love,
Whilst always thanking those above,
For blessing them with grand variety,
Wrought with courage, strength and loyalty.

For the 'men,' we have a King,
In Aragorn lies truth to make hearts sing;

But they also have strong Boromir,
Who death caused many a maiden's tear;

Yet hope remains for maiden's hearts,
As Faramir steps up into his brother's part;

And still one more doth ride the range,
For Eomer fights to see all evils change.

Alas, the 'dwarves,' they have but one,
BUT.......he IS Gimli.....Gloin's son.


For the 'elves' it is a choice,
And it is up to them to voice,
Which one they give their bow,
Which one makes their passions glow.

Some has chosen brave Haldir,
And HE'S the elf they hold most dear;

But others choose a Princely Elf,
For Legolas has an assassin's stealth.

As for 'Hobbits,' the choice is vast,
And so, I have saved them for the last.
They have FOUR hearts to arouse desire,
And they all hail from the land, "The Shire."

Some say Sam doth rule their eye,
And his pure heart, makes them all "sigh;"

For others there is Pippin Took,
For he has a most loveable look;

But there are those who crave dear Merry,
For he knew of 'Bucklebury Ferry;'

Yet others choose those eyes which glow,
And have given loyalty to brave Frodo.

And so you see the source of why,
We gather here to "Swoon" or "Sigh,"
For these men be hero's: brave and kind,
And they rule our hearts, our souls, our mind.

It matters not from where you hail,
If your skin be dark, crimson or pale,
For all are welcome to stand up and say:
"I give you my heart on this St. Valentine's Day!"

*Passes out Lembas and an arrow to all the elves,
Gives a "Free Sword Sharpening" coupon to all the men,
Pours Malt Beer in large pints for all the dwarves,
And gives a sample of the finest pipe weed to all the Hobbits.*

Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite land in Middle Earth:
The Fellowship Board!!!!!!!!

*Bows deeply once more to one and all, turns and bounds back into the foliage to pen some more*

- Elizabeth

The Valentine

Alone on this distant shore I now stand
With this red heart Valentine in my hand
A simple symbol of my love for thee
Who now dwells far across this salty sea.

So the tears fall from these sad eyes of mine
To rain gently down on this Valentine
Before I send it away from this shore
Hoping it will reach you in Valinor.

Alone on this distant shore I now stand
With not a thing left to hold in my hand
While I watch my love for you float from me
As it starts its journey across this wide sea.
- Dinledhwen

Lobelia - an Ode

Lobelia, how fine thy breath,
Fine as cheesecloth with more breadth,
Your eyes are tiny, dark and crinkly,
Like sweetest raisins, plump and wrinkly.
And O, thy figure! How sharp, how neat!
What raptures, the curls upon thy feet -
Umbrella-topp'd, a true delight,
I'll watch for thee both day and night.
- Primula

Lobelia, Mistress of Spoons

Lobelia, my yearning heart croons,
And my mind swims and joyfully swoons.
But V-day's gone amiss,
And with Shelob's sweet kiss,
I go West, oh sweet mistress of Spoons.
- Doctor Gamgee

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