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Triolet for Tom - Primula
Ten Favorite Quotes from and about Tom - Tolkien
Anagrams of Tom and Goldberry - Primula and Bluebell
Acrostic Drabbles for Tom and Goldberry - Silivren Ithildin
Immortals - Onomir

Triolet for Tom

Who is singing, blue hat feathered,
Cheerful voiced with boots of yellow?
Master of the land and weather
Who is singing. Blue hat feathered,
Against evil darkness gather'd
Stronger songs, this hearty fellow
Who is singing, blue hat feathered,
Cheerful voiced with boots of yellow.

- Primula

Ten Favorite Quotes from and about Tom

1. 'Old grey Willow-man! I'll freeze his marrow cold, if he don't behave himself. I'll sing his roots off. I'll sing a wind up and blow leaf and branch away.'

2. 'Fear nothing! Have peace until the morning! Heed no nightly noises!'

3. 'Eldest, that's what I am. Mark my words, my friends: Tom was here before the river and the trees.'

4. For a second the hobbits had a vision both comical and alarming, of his bright blue eyes gleaming through a circle of gold.

5. 'Hey! Come Frodo, there! Where be you a-going? Old Tom Bombadil's not as blind as that yet. Take off your golden ring! Your hand's more fair without it.'

6. 'Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow, bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.'

7. 'So he sang, running fast, tossing his hat and catching it, until he was hidden by a fold of the ground: but for some time his hey now! hoy now! came floating back down the wind.'

8. 'I've got things to do, my making and my singing, my talking and my walking, and my watching of the country...and Goldberry is waiting!'

9. 'Few now remember them,' Tom murmured, 'yest still some go wandering, sons of forgotten kings walking i the loneliness, guarding from evil things folk that are heedless.'

10.  'Fair was she who long ago wore this on her shoulder.  Goldberry shall wear it now, and we will not forget her!'

Anagrams of Tom and Goldberry:

Glob Ryder: Gravid rut here.

River daughter:
      Guard her rivet
      Revere arid thug
      Drug thrive era
      Avert drier hug

I'd Blab to Mom

Dim blat-boom

I'd blot mambo

Omit mad blob

Atom bomb lid

Dim moat blob
- Primula and Bluebell

Acrostic Drabbles for Tom and Goldberry


T he Elves called him "Oldest". He was an ancient
enigma to them. He had mysterious origins but a
very joyous nature. He loved to speak in rhymes.

O ld being of power who was in no way affected by
the One Ring. Refused the One Ring when Frodo
offered it to him as he did not want to leave his
home or Lady Goldberry. He did not care for any-
thing beyond the forest.

M aster of the Old Forest that lies en route to Bree.
He had to rescue the Hobbits from the evil Barrow-
wights. He bestowed gifts on the amazed Hobbits.


G raceful beyond anything the Hobbits had
ever seen.

O ver the lily-bowls she ran to the Hobbits
with her gown rustling softly as if the
wind in the borders of a river.

L ovely to behold with long blond hair down
her shoulders and with a lovely clear
singing voice.

D aughter of the 'River-woman' of the

B ride of Tom Bombadil.

E nthroned in the midst of a pool she appeared
to the Hobbits when first they met.

R iver-daughter caught by Tom.

R are brooch with many-shaded blue stones she
received from Tom.

Y oung elf-queen clad in living flowers she
seemed to the Hobbits.
 - Silivren Ithilidin

Thinking of love and life and my thoughts return to Tom Bombadil and Goldberry the River-Daughter.

By Onómir

Now that the Hobbits are on their way;
Attending to my Goldberry is the key.
And the merry song I sing the long day,
Is of water and earth, forever her and me.

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