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An Acrostic for Sam - auntkimby
An Acrostic Verse for Sam - Shelob
Happy Anniversary Sam and Rosie - Tori*Took
The time to say goodbye has come - Sam Wood
Sam Looks Over Dr. G's Shoulder and See the Board on Sam Day  - Dr. Gamgee
A thought about Sam - Rosie
I Made A Promise - Peregrine
Samwise Pleads  - Tori*Took
A silly Inkling for Sam...(and 'friend')  - Lindorie
It's your Sam  - Lyria
Another for Sam - Elanor Gamgee
Roly, Poly, Gentle and Sweet, - Elanor Gamgee
What is Sam  - Isilme
Friends to the End -  Isilme
Cinquain for Samwise - Primula
An acrostic drabble for Sam - Silivren Ithildin
Why did I Follow Him? - Queen of Gondor

An Acrostic for Sam

Expressively :

- auntkimby

An Acrostic Verse for Sam

Served his master well
Always a true friend
Made friends with elves
Willing to go into danger
Irresistable smile
Stood up to the Ranger
Eased Frodo's pain for awhile

Gardner of Bag End
Away he went from home
Made rabbit stew in a pan
Gave his heart to Rosie alone
Entered Mordor on a quest
Endured grave danger, passed the test
- Shelob

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SAM AND ROSIE!!! (letter...Frodo to Sam)

My dearest Samwise,

Tomorrow is your wedding day. So much you have been through and for that I am sorry. I thought that after our journey, your life could never be the same, that you would be scarred. But in our time being away from home, I forgot that you had something, someone special to fight for. She will heal your scars, if you let her. You have always been one to protect, take care of, and heal, but your job is over. Let Rose heal your wounds, make you whole again, as she is the only one who can.

Before our journey you did not find any courage within you. You were too shy, and did not think that anyone, even someone as lovely as Rosie, could love you. You were wrong though. I may be a bit older now, but I know when a lass is sweet on a lad like you. You broke her heart, leaving like you did, and you made her wait. But now you are stronger. You have become brave by what you endured, and now I want to see you brave around her (though, I do know how intimidating she can be!). Love her and don't be afraid to show it. Especially now, on your wedding day.

I hope your marriage exceeds your expectations. I hope you have many beautiful children, and I hope all of them turn out as wise as you, Sam. I am truly happy for you, my brother, and cannot wait to see your life fullfilled and made whole. You and your dear Rosie will be the happiest couple alive after tomorrow.

Peace to you and your wife and
much love from your dear friend,

Frodo Baggins
- Tori*Took

The time to say goodbye has come

Let me hold your hand one last time
and look into your eyes.
Your smile cannot hide the sadness
That I know you feel inside.

Don’t you cry, Samwise Gamgee

I did not need to ask. You came with me
when all, but hope had been abandoned
You carried me when I could no longer walk
And at the end of all things you held me.

You were my gardener and my protector.
You will always be my friend
May you find peace and happiness
Where for me there can be none.

I will not forget you, my dearest Sam.
- Sam Wood

Sam Looks Over Dr. G's Shoulder and See the Board on Sam Day

Sam: Doc, what is all this about? What's going on here? Are they pokin' fun at me?

Doc: No, Sam. This is a group of people who have read the Book that Bilbo began, and Frodo worked on, and that you added a few notes to as well. They are amazed at the wonderful tale, especially at the hobbits, who are a wee bit bashful these days.

Sam: But they oughtn't to go on so. I can feel my face gettin redder than the radishes the ol' gaffer used to grow. How I miss him. They should be talking about Mr. Frodo. The folks in the Shire never understood what he went through. Ninnyhammers, all of them! Giving such credit to Merry and Pippin, but not paying any attention to Frodo, who lost a finger to save them from Orcs and what's worse. Not that I can blame them really. Mr. Frodo hid out after his return, and then left with the Elves. But I don't know if I should talk about that.

Doc: Oh don't worry, Sam, we already know where he went, and some of why, and our "Frodo Day" is being held for a special occasion, nearer the release of the final film. The real question that people wonder about, is why you went west after Rosie passed. We were awfully sorry to see her go. You two were a sweet couple.

Sam: I remember. You all sent some lovely flowers from near the banks of the Whithywindel. How did you get Tom to part with them.

Doc: He wanted you to have the best. So did we. But we digress, we were wondering why you went West.

Sam: I don't rightly know myself.

Doc: Some say that it was out of love for Frodo. I was not so sure. I think that is part of it, but not the whole story. You were never as easy to figure out as people thought.

Sam: What do you mean?

Doc: Samwise Gamgee, YOU are an eyeopener, and no mistake!

Sam: (laughing) I suppose I asked for that one, but you really shouldn't quote me like that.

Doc: Why not, it's true! Who was it that quoted the Lay of Gil-Galad on weather top? And who was it that put on the Ring and laughed at himself swollen as a Ruling Gardener, which by the way, makes you the only mortal person who put the ring on (Bombadill is an enigma) and was offered his desire and took it off again and gave it away. Bilbo and Smeagol didn't know what they had while they had it. It ate away at Gollum . . .

Sam: Don't remind me.

Doc: So the fans are quite taken with you. Some have named themselves after you, or claim to be kin to you.

Sam: [blushing]Well, I don't know about all of that. I just take advantage of people's desire to put you in a little shelf and expect you to stay there. I didn't have the schooling of Frodo, but I listened whenever dear old Mr. Bilbo would tell his stories, especially about the elves. People see me and think, "Gardener" which I am, so I get to hear many things because people don't think I am listening or will understand.

Doc: Which is how you got into the Council of Elrond.

Sam: Now Doc . . .

Doc: Now Sam . . .

Sam: [laughing] You do a good impression of me, I'll grant you that.

Doc: So back to the question of "why you went West"

Sam: As I said, I don't rightly know. Part of me wanted to stay with Elanor and the grandchildren, but I knew that they were ok, and Farmer Cotton would look after them. Part of me just missed my youth, when I would go off on adventures. It is hard to see that much of the world, and then when all around you is changing, not wonder what is going on in Rivendell or Lothlorien. And that got me thinking about the elves. And as they were leaving, it seemed the last chance. I thought that maybe if I went west, somehow I would get over missing Rosie. I didn't, but at least now I am in a place where memories of her are not around every corner. And it was great to see Frodo, Elrond, Legolas again. And Galadriel was as beautiful as ever. She absoulutly beamed when I told her about then new Party Tree being a Mallorn. She seemed to think it fit, and was glad that it was being used to celebrate festive occasions. Legolas has not changed much, nor Elrond.

Frodo on the other hand has. He is both nearer and farther, as you might say. He laughs more now, and seems rested and almost healed from his wounds. But he doesn't need a gardener, and I don't need a master, so the old pattern doesn't seem to fit. Not that I'm not happy to cook up a second breakfast for a good eater like Frodo, but now it is for a dear friend, which makes it special.

It took us a while to find a new basis for our friendship. Old habits die hard, but eventually we have found new things to talk about, and the elves are a delight. But somewhat backwards, if you understand me.

Doc: What!?! I can't imagine that. They were interested in almost everything

Sam: Everything living. Silicon doesn't impress them, so they don't have the internet, so I come poking my head around your door now and again to see what is going on in the "Real World" as you call it.

Doc: Whatever the reason, I am glad you stop by. And speaking of cooking up a Second Breakfast for a hungry Hobbit . . .

Sam: [Laughing] Let's go into the kitchen and see what we can find.

- Doctor Gamgee

A thought about Sam

Someone posted the other day, mentioning that Sam had no-one to turn to, and no-one to lean on. One thing I love most about him is that in his moments of despair, instead of giving up he was reminded of the stars, and that goodness goes on despite evil in the world. I can imagine him in Mordor, when things were darkest... looking at the heavens with upturned eyes and finding hope there. :)

- Rosie

I Made A Promise

When all seemed dark and hopeless
And the path was all but lost
We were alone and unable to go back
And the wind grew chill and the sun was gone
And rain fell like tears of the stars
And Winter's grasp
Held ever fast
And the land was dead and pale
And yet he never once did fail
Ever with me he staid
And even when death seemed near
He never once did stray

I asked him once why he went on
When the sky was lost and the stars were dead
And Spring but a distant song
And he turned to me and smiled
Even in the dark
'I made a promise,' he told me then
'to never leave my friend.
No matter what we face or where we go
Through rain or drought or fog or snow
I swore I would see it through
And never leave your side
And I mean that even now
For I would rather die.'

And so Sam and I go ever on and on
Though the road is long and hard
And ever he stays by my side
To see it to the end.
- Peregrine

Samwise Pleads

Please, Please do not do this to me. Only once have I ever felt so much pain and that lasted too long for me to bear, though my pain must have been only a fraction of what he felt. I was scared. Laying there in my arms he felt cold nad lifeless, transparent a bit in his face. My whole world crashed. I felt like it was my fault. A part of me died, my brother, my master. No strength was left in me, but I had a task to do and something to fight for.

But now, you are laying in my arms, cold, lifeless, and I have nothing to live for. You were my life and now you, too, are gone. Nothing could heal my scars and memories except you, and now all I have is the memory of you. A part of me is gone and cannot come back. Please do not do this to me.

Let this one single tear be the lasting touch of my love. I will miss you. And I love you still. Goodnight sweet Rose, my wife, my heart. Be at peace, after death.

Sam feels one last grasp from Rosie's hand as she fades away
- Tori*Took

A silly Inkling for Sam...(and 'friend')
With apologies to Dr. Seuss, I present a conversation between Sam and Smeagol.

Setting: Next to a small campfire
Place: North Ithilien
Time: A mid-morning in early spring, 3019, T.A.

“What’s doing, Precious?”

“I told you a dozen times if I told you once, my name is SAM. Do you hear me? Sam I AM!”

What’s doing precious hobbit Sam?
What’s doing precious, Sam I am?”

“I’m stewing conies as you can see.
Stewed rabbit for Frodo, you and for me.”

“You ruins lovely presents, Sam.
You spoils the conies, Sam I am.”

“You’re ‘opeless stinker, you will see.
Quite tasty this small stew will be.”

“I will not eat it hobbit Sam.
I will not eat it, Sam I am.”

“You’ll eat it cause it’s all we got.
Of vittles we ain’t got a lot.”

“Oh no I won’t eat, precious Sam,
Not spoiled conies, Sam I am.”

“If we had ‘taters ‘twould be quite fine.
With ‘taters I’d bet you then would dine.”

“What’s ‘taters precious hobbit Sam?
What’s ‘taters precious Sam, I am?”

“Po-tay-toes, tubers from the ground.
Crisp golden chips, I’d love some now.”

“Ewww, pbbbpt! I would not eat
Those ‘taters, precious, you can keep.

“A nice fresh fish I’d rather eat,
With moist, raw flesh, tasty and sweet.”

“Raw fish, oh ick, you make me sick.
I’d cook that fish right on a stick.

“Then tasty, flaky it would be.
Broiled fish, now that’s the kind for me.”

“Arrrgh! You ruins it, too, hobbit Sam.
You ruins fishes, Sam I am.

“I would not eat the fishy cooked.
You eats it best straight from the brook.

“You’re ‘opeless precious hobbit Sam.
Stupid, fat hobbit, Sam I am.”

It's your Sam

So much pain
I can see
In your eyes.
You say you're fine
But you cannot hide it
From your Sam.

Dear Master
Won't you let me help you?
I will carry it for you,
To ease your burden.
I do not want it,
Only to Free you

It's your Sam
Who wants to help you...
Won't you let me?
It's your Sam.....
- Lyria

Another for Sam

I know it's not you,
behind those eyes of hate,
I know it's not you,
looking at me irrate,
I know it's not you,
holding out your Sting,
I know it's not you,
it's just that evil ring.
- Elanor Gamgee

Roly, Poly, Gentle and Sweet,
Pointy ears and Furry feet,
Wonderful Gardener, faithful friend,
Helped keep the world from coming to an end.
- Elanor Gamgee

~~What is Sam~~

As a

- Isilmë

~~Friends to the End~~

Sent upon a Quest,
Against his wishes.
Master Frodo’s friend,
With him to the end.
In keeping his word
Sam followed Frodo,
Entered where none could.

Gallant protector,
Always by his side.
Many roads travelled,
Going ever East.
Energy now low,
Ending is not known.
- Isilmë

The stout-hearted,
Your Rosie be-ribboned
and dancing, a memory at
Day's end.
- Primula

Samwise-- an acrostic Fellowship Drabble

S uch a friend you'll be lucky to find. Willing to go to
Hell and back with his friend.

A gardener most extraordinary by trade. Plants and the
dark earth comfort him.

M ighty in heart and couragous in deed, this friend is
all you need.

W ould not allow Frodo to go into danger without him, even
though it looked grim.

I nsures everyone is taken care of. He will do whatever it
takes to help.

S imple and true may he ever stay, his pure heart will help
save the day.

E ntered into the most dangerous journey ever undertaken
just for a friend.
- Silivren Ithildin

Why Did I Follow Him?: A Drabble, Sam muses

Why did I follow him? What in my right mind possessed me to do it? I crave good food again! All I have here is lembas bread, and more lembas bread! I bet if Rosie Cotton made this bread, it would be as sweet as honey, for she is. Yes, why did I follow him? “Sam, we must be moving on now.” Frodo’s voice came from behind Sam. I am so tired, and he is probably more so. I wish I could help him. I know why I came, because in my heart of hearts, I truly love him so.
- Queen of Gondor

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