Miscellaneous Rohan Bits
short verse, silliness and more for Theoden and Eomer

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Syllabic Rhopalic for Eomer - Primula
Two acrostics for Rohan - Shelob
Cinquain for Theoden - Primula
A horse is a horse - Halona Treeclan
Two Cinquains - Fan of Faramir
Cinquain for Rohan - Beruthiel
Seriously Rohanoid - Beruthiel
Syllabic Rhopalic for Theoden & Eowyn - Primula

Syllabic Rhopalic for Eomer

For Rohan, loyalty undivided
Tho' banished. Eored's companionship
E'er beside, patriots unrequited;
King's faithful sister-son abandonment.

False counsel replacing lucidity
A facade; rotteness, secretiveness...
May healing - surprising rapidity -
Bring anew Meduseld's beauteousness.
- Primula

Two acrostics for Rohan


They tirelessly guard Rohan's borders
Hurrying to Gondor's defense
Eager to protect their people

Riders brave and proud
Over streams and fields they gallop
Hoping to reach Gondor in time
Into the dark night they ride
Running fast over Rohan's plains
Returning to fight for their King
Imminent danger, they distain
Morning brings a red dawn


White as a summer cloud
His eyes of gentle brown
Image of a beauty proud
Throughout the land, renowned
Even the eagles, to him, bowed

Snowy coat glistens in the sun
Noble sire of Rohan's horses
Only the King will he bear
Warrior horse goes into battle
Moving fast over Pelennor Fields
Alas, he falls upon his side
Nevermore, to rise again
Eternal friend and master's bane
- Shelob

Cinquain for Theoden

Golden horses
Gleam in this red'ning dawn
Carven eyes so bright and lifeless
Like yours.
- Primula

A horse is a horse of course of course
and no one can talk to a talking horse
 unless his name is,Gandalf.
- Halona Treeclan

Valiant soldier
Fighting, defending, honouring
A hope for the future

Slender, fragile
Yearning, loving, missing
Most sorrowful of hearts
  - Fan of Faramir

Cinquain for Rohan Day

Footsore horselords.
Pastures sweet, orc trampled.
Silently gnarled roots drink darkness.
Hail Dawn!
- Beruthiel

Seriously Rohanoid
Sonnet 121 by Grima Shakespeare

'Tis better to be false than vile esteemed
My flowery words received reproach so stinging
And all my freedom lost, or so it seemed
To gain her feeling by this wizard's spinnings
For why should others' false with elven ties
Give jubilation to orc sportive blood? (to rhyme with good in the old tongue )
When kingly frailties with my whiter lies
Will keep this land from bad which they think good?
No, I am not a lamb, and with the devil
My trade abuses fester on their own
But I throw straight and may someone dishevel
Though all is lost my tears must not be shown
Or they this general evil will maintain
All men are bad and let my badness reign.

( it is not sure where this was written as Grima was raving a bit by then and continued so for another 33 sonnets ....)
- Beruthiel

Syllabic Rhopalic for Theoden & Eowyn

No battles; unheeded shieldmaiden
Set aside, deceitful malevolence
In golden Meduseld's degradation
Still whispers enshrouded recontrivance.

What plunder, peaceable mortality;
A decay replacing courageousness,
The shadows deepening. Temerity
And brightness forfeited; advantagous
Yet deathly attentions - replenishment
And wholeness, valient confrontation
Here unknown...despairing abandonment
Is declared destiny's confirmation.

Fate cages, silences opposition
Yet cannot encircle eternally.

Lift upward, Theoden! Destitution
Rules instead, repealing infernally
The whispers. Awaken, scintillation
Of heart! Remember monarchical
Just rulings, honesty's revelations,
To restore Edoras remarkable.

Lift upward, victorious!
White Lady, awaken! Encouragement
To embrace; hopefulness recovering.
- Primula
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