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Pippin’s Charm - Primula
A bit of Pippinesque alliteration - Auntkimby
P Is For P I P P E N T O O K  - GaladrielTX
How Bout that Pippin - Mr. Underhill
Report Card of Peregrin Took: Middle-Earth Geography - Lilywillow
Events in the Pippin Outdoor Events  - Primula
Pippin Talk: Favorite lines of Pippin’s from FotR - Primula
Took Books - Primula and Anarelen
A Double-Dactyl for Pippin - Onone
An acrostic drabble for Pippin - Silivren Ithildin

Pippin’s Charm

When Gandalf's ire was very dire
One of his fireworks being set afire,
He reached right down to take a look
At one ashy Brandybuck and one frazzled Took -
But then he saw sweet Pippin's eyes
And gave a rare and deep-felt sigh,
For Wizards appreciate beauty true-
So Merry had all the dishes to do!

By himself!
- Primula

Auntkimby indulges in a bit of Pippinesque alliteration
Brought to you by the letter P. I cannot make every word start with P, but you get the idea.
I also don't know if you can pick plums in Pincup; it's the only place name I could think of that made any sense for this. Then again, I'm not sure ANY of it makes sense.

Preciously precocious Pippin persistently pleaded with Paladin his papa to please permit him to personally perambulate to Pincup to pick plums for Pervinca's pie. "Please, Papa, you permit me to perambulate personally only periodically! Please, please, permit me to proceed to Pincup to pick plums!"
As Pippin pleaded he perceived that he had persuaded his Papa Paladin to permit him to perambulate to Pincup, presumably permitted because Pippin had permanently perforated Paladin's patience to the point of a pincushion.
"Please, Pippin, proceed to Pincup promptly!" Paladin propounded piercingly. "Please do not presume to precipitate any painful Pippin pranks as you progress!"
"Prodigious Papa!" Pippin proclaimed, "I pledge to not produce any pranks as I proceed to Pincup to pick plums for Pervinca's pie! My preciosity prefers to perspicaciously prevent me from presumption to perform pranks!"
"PERAMBULATE, PEREGRIN!" Paladin pleaded.
"Papa, Pippin is pesky," Pimpernel pouted.
"Papa, Pippin is pestiferous," Pervinca philosophized.
"Papa, Pippin's palaver is not perspicuous," Pearl persecuted.
"Propinquity is periodically painful," Pippin predicated, and proceeded to Pincup to pick plums.

P Is For P I P P E N T O O K

P is for the pot belly you’ll have some day (hahahaha, pig oink oink)
I is for your irresistible charm (dimples)
P is for the perfect way you smile your way (hey it rhymed, woohooooooo)
P is for the…good lord another P uh Pie I saw you eating yesterday (ugh, I’m defeated)
E is for the endless loyalty you give (oh yeah)
N is for the Nice way you treat your friends (sweety pie)

T is for the terrific bacon you cooked (yummy)
O is for the openness of your heart (awwwwwwwwww)
O is for the ugly Orcs you killed , (uh not romantic but it works)
K is for the..ummmmmmm, K? Kite, uh no…Kinky…lol Uh NO for the OH nevermind

Put them all together it spells Pippin Took
The bravest Took of them all

- GaladrielTX

Uruviel’s addition, to make up for the misspelling of the name:

I is for that innocent look he gives everytime he screws up.
- Uruviel

How Bout that Pippin

How bout that Pippin
Ain't he a ticket,
Eatin them lembas
Out in the thicket,

Eatin his first breakest
Whining for a second one too,
Not even mid-mornin yet
And he's plannin rabbit stew,

On an empty stomach
Pip has an inclination,
To cause Master Gandalf,
Loads of extra irritation,

How Pip survived the war
No one really knows,
He managed to escape disaster
By his hairy little toes.

- Mr. Underhill

Report Card of Peregrin Took: Middle-Earth Geography

Peregrin Took

Middle-Earth Geography D-

Peregrin is a charming but irresponsible student who finds it challenging to remain focused on his lessons. He is easily distracted and sometimes disrupts other students by socializing at inappropriate times. In his written work, Peregrin is a minimalist who seldom fully supports his ideas with relevant or sufficient evidence. In addition, he jumps to conclusions and frequently blurts out incorrect answers. Peregrin lost significant marks by coming to class with assignments not completed as he was ‘‘up to mischief’’ instead. Although he is well liked by his fellow students, Peregrin does not fully participate in group assignments, tending to let others do the bulk of the work. Marks cannot be assigned for entertaining his other group members, however much they enjoy it. He would benefit from studying his map lessons more thoroughly as he failed his recent test on Middle-Earth Geography. He has made excellent progress in fencing and surviving without second breakfast recently; however, as these are not part of the Geography curriculum, they did not significantly affect his mark. I look forward to a more concerted effort from Peregrin next term.

Mrs. Willow

- Lilywillow

Events in the Pippin Outdoor Events

Pint-Toss – Each competing team member must toss back 2 pints, or 4 half-pints. Extra points if the half-pints aren’t cooperative about it.

Pie-Eating Contest – Team whose hobbits can actually locate the pies and eat any of them after the Pint Toss contest wins.

Self-Throwing – Pairs of hobbits must throw themselves the furthest when falling to the ground in terror.  Extra points for exceptional dramatics.

Stone Toss

Tree Climb (advanced level: climbing a moving tree)

Rock Swap – Swap the rocks under wizard’s arms against his wishes. (extra points if the wizard is awake).

Bareback Trivia Gather –  The team whose hobbit asks the most questions that are actually answered per mile from the opposing team’s wizard wins!

ZigZag Marathon – Team members race from the top to the bottom of Minas Tirith before their papier-mache Faramir goes up in flames.
Troll Stab – For lack of willing Trolls, the advisory committee has substituted very large piñatas stuffed with gummy worms.

Good Luck Teams!

- Primula

Pippin Talk: Favorite lines of Pippin’s from FotR

"Aaaaaaaaaah!" Pip's yell when the stolen firework goes off inside the tent; did you hear Dom's comments on that in "Cameras in Middle-Earth"?

"...is a mug of beer inside this Took!" No comment!

"Frodo! Merry, it's Frodo Baggins!" I just love his way of talking there.

"What's going on?" Just before the Ringwraith appears near Buckleberry Ferry. Pippin sounds exhausted and completely clueless.

"What's that? (...) It comes in pints? I'm getting one!"

"Steady on!" So funny in such a serious situation...

"We had one, yes. What about second breakfast?" His face afterwards speaks even more!

"That's nice! Ash on my tomatoes!" If he had yelled a little louder, they might have heard him in Bree!

"Nothing's happening." "What you're going to do, then?" Testing the wizard's patience without intending it...just cute.

”Merry? I’m hungry.”

- Eowyn of Ithilien

Took Books
From the Library of Tuckborough:

Bucklebury Finn
Little Women/ Little Men
Pippin Longstocking
Merry Pippins
Pip Van Winkle
The Maltese Peregrin
Pip Your Wagon
- Primula
Additions by Anarelen:
Canturbury Took
War and Pippin
Pip and the Pendulum, or if you prefer, Pit and the Peregrin
Pip and Prejudice, or Pride and Peregrin

A Double Dactyl -- for Pippin

Perigrine Perigrine
Pippin our Hobbit Lad
Innocent, naïve and
Young in the book
Antics bring on Gandalf's
Fool of a Took
- Onone


P ure of heart, the youngest of the four Hobbits, he
learns so much about himself on this journey.

I ntended to always stay with Merry. When he finds
himself without Merry it makes him grow-up fast.

P ints of ale he wants to drink just like Merry does,
even though they are almost as big as him.

P etrofied he might have to become the Took, he
fears he doesn't have the wisdom.

I sengard feels the fury of the Ents because of his
inspired idea.

N ever expected to have to leave the Shire to go on a
journey. It leaves him totally changed.
- Silivren Ithildin
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