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An Alliteration for My Man Merry - Lizmybit
Merry’s Mountain of Mathom - AuntKimby
Verses for Merry - Stef Beandybuck
A Tribute to Dominic Monaghan - Legolas 74
A Poem For/About Dom - DOMin8ed
Two Double-dactyls for Merry - Lothithil
A Quick Alliteration for Merry - onónë
Merry Merry - Gondorian Girl
Aching Breaking Heart - Daisy Gold
Merry's Hair - Dinledhwen
Merry Said - Onono Laivindur
Merry in the Library - Daisy Gold
A Thought about Merry - Frodowannabe
3 verses for Merry - Frodowannabe
Merry on Hair - Lothithil
Three Double-Dactyls for Merry - onónë

An Alliteration for My Man Merry

Merry the magnificent Master of the Manor
after much musing made up his mind to go
mushroom marauding.

Merry the magnificent Master of the Manor’s
Main motivation in marauding for mushrooms
Was to make a marvelous meal for a maiden named Mercy.

Merry the magnificent Master of the Manor
Marched through the middle of the meadow mirthfully wearing his mail
Much to Merry’s delight and Marvel he found a marvelous
Measure of mushrooms just before the marshes

Merry the magnificent Master of the Manor
Meticulously measured a mass of mushrooms
Then in all magnanimity and magnificence
Made them for Mercy’s mid-day meal.
- Lizmybit

A Miniscule Mathom for Merry to Mollify Marigold :
Merry’s Mountain of Mathom

“Merry, I must make mention of the multiplying mountains of mathom monopolizing your room!” Merry’s mama mourned. “I mandate that not a modicum or molecule of mathom may be maintained- and that is mandatory! Now mobilize and it must be metamorphosed when I return from the market!”
Merry mumbled miserably in a melancholy mood but to mollify his mama he took his mop and meandered to his room to mitigate the mess. “Mama is mean and meddlesome,” he muttered moodily. “Maybe she maintains that many mice and musty mufflers and maggoty muffins and mildewed marshmallows and moldy mushrooms and mushy mincemeat and murky mirrors and mangled models and mossy mulch and muddy mattresses are merely mathom but I mightily maintain her mandate is monstrously misplaced and I’m mad!”
Merry mopped with momentum as he muttered and mumbled and minced no monosyllables as he mutinously mitigated the mountains of mathom in his room and moderated the mess to mollify his mama. She magnanimously made him munificent mounds of meringues for managing this mission and Merry felt mollycoddled and magnificent instead of mad and mutinous.
- Auntkimby

Verses for Merry

Merry of Buckland
Heir to the Master
Leads forth his friends
To avoid much disaster.

"You can trust us to stick to you
Through thick and thin"
And indeed he'd be willing
To protect 'til the end.

Faithful this friend
To Frodo's great quest
Each path to survey
Each stranger to test.

His path went with Frodo
and Pippin and Sam
Through miles on forward
West and South lands.

Rivendell was
To be the last leap.
But he chose to press on
His friends he would keep.

He pressed on with diligence
Faithful and true,
Contributing companionship,
Intelligence, too.

It was his persistance
To press to the end
That fixed his broken will
After Amon Hen.

A loss of a new friend
A journey with an old
Brought them to Fangorn
Treebeard to behold.

Flotsam and jetsam
And Gandalf the White
And off to Rohan
Full of brand new insight.

He pledges allegiance
To a father and King
And soon he would ride
With the great Rohirrim.

A battle-worn body
And a tears from more loss
His heart sank quite low
And his spirit was tossed.

But his friends returned favor
As he healed from his wounds
His dearest friend Pippin
Lifted spirits anew.

The Ring was destroyed
No help from his sword?
No, think again,
For Merry deserves an award.

For his friends he would do it;
Would fight, kill, or die,
On his faithful leadership
His friends still rely.

Leading back to the Shire
His magnificence waxed great
Bringing hobbits together
To change their weak fate.

Now known is his leadership
Throughout Hobbit-kind
And Men still exault him
For his bravery and mind.

But he only did what
He thought was the best
To protect his dear friends
And hold off the rest.

To Merry, Magnificent,
Faithful and true
We lift our thanks up
for the things you did do.
- StefBrandybuck

A Tribute to Dominic Monaghan

To many of us
you seemed to have appeared
from out of no where.
On that big screen
in the Fellowship of the Ring
you brought our Merry to life.
But as time moved on
I learned of the road
that you took to get
to where you are now.
After Sixth Form College
you got your first break
As a teenaged shop-lifter
turned private eye named Geoffrey
in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.
Then there was Sasha.
Young, innocent Russian submarine sailor
who watched helplessly as a friend
sacrificed his life to save the rest of the crew
in Hostile Waters.
poor, misunderstood Etienne.
To quote Legolas:
"For me the grief is still too near"
The emotions you brought to that role
in Monsignor Renard
always bring this she-elf to tears.
That brings us to This is Personal
with you as Jimmy Furey.
I wish I could tell the tale,
but, alas, I'm not from the UK
and still have yet to find it
here in the US.
And now, as the cliché goes,
All that hard work has paid off.
You've gotten your big break
and are one of the stars
in our beloved LOTR.
May your acting career road
Go ever on and on

- Legolas74

A Poem for/about Dom

D ynamic actor
O rdinary he's not
M akes you laugh
I nteresting storyteller
N ose, how cute!
I nsane he can be
C harming

M outh, that sweet crooked smile
O ne of a kind
N o one can compare
A ccent, he has one
G rin, so cheeky
H air, always perfect
A lways spending time with his friends
N ice to all his fans
- DOMin8ed

Meriadoc, Meriadoc
Brandybuck, tummy-tuck
Flees from the Shire with
Frodo in tow

Came clean on the spying
Vigil on the One Ring
Fessing up now

Brandybuck, Brandybuck
Hobbit with all the luck
Gets himself enlisted
For the One Quest

Goes along just as mapped
'Til he is hobbit-napped
Could use a rest!
- Lothithil

A quick and silly alliteration for Merry

Midnight. Merry masterfully melted margarine midst Mrs. Maggot’s mushrooms. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Merry mouthed. "Masticate more!" Meanwhile, more Misty Mountain monsters mysteriously multiplied, making mighty men mutter. Mrs. Maggot’s mushrooms made Merry mightily miffed with marauding monsters. Moreover, multiplication made Merry mad. Merry moved mightily and marauding monsters melted. Mighty men mumbled, “Mrs. Maggot’s mushrooms midst melted margarine made munchkins mighty.”
- onónë

Merry Merry not contrary
To the things Pippin wants to do
Eat some more food, light a big dragon
Gandalf isn't pleased with you.

Merry Merry quite contrary
What do you have in your sack?
mushrooms and apples, tomatoes and corn
Farmer Maggot wants them back.

Merry Merry not contrary
Follows Frodo whereever he will roam
Pledge allegiance to Rohan, fight for your King
Great your reward is at home.
- GondorianGirl

Aching breaking heart

As dark shadows cover the sky
On the battlefield see Merry cry.
All around him is death
And Sauron's evil breath,
At his side he sees his king die.
- Daisy Gold

Merry's Hair - A Lantern Poem

Home Perm
Sleeps in curlers
- Dinledhwen

“Merry” said Sam, “You saved Eowyn.”
“Pippin” said Frodo, “You saved Faramir.”
“Frodo” said Pippin, “You saved Middle-Earth.”
“Sam” said Merry, “You saved Frodo, you saved us all.”

"Ringers" said Ada, "You saved Me"
- Onono Laivindur

(I often wonder what the hobbits did to past the time whilst they were in Rivendell.)

'Merry in the library with the ---'

Merry entered Elrond's library, his gaze wandering around the sunlit room.
Stopping before the desk he eagerly began to study the maps.
A strange ball caught his eye. Merry was astonished to see a map
of Middle-Earth drawn around it.

Next in an open drawer he spied, half hidden under papers, an imposing book.
Quickly he lifted it out and read -
"The Extremely Secret Diary of Elrond the Great"
Curiosity gripped Merry. It was very wrong but he wanted to do this.
Inside the back cover he wrote,

"By hook or by crook
I'm last in your book. Merry"
- Daisy Gold

I have always thought that Merry had the best name of any of the LOTR characters. Some of them have names that are interesting (Arargorn), or common (Sam), or even strange (Eowyn). In fact the first time I heard of Frodo, I thought it a rather silly name, although I quickly got used to it and now couldn't imagine any other.

Yet Meriadoc Brandybuck is such a fabulous name! It looks wonderful in print and is very fun to say. It is a name that at once sounds regal and mischievious. I even love his nickname, which describes his personality to a tee.

Just a thought I've had in my head for a while.
- Frodowannabe

Ala Langston Hughes

He delivers his news
With laughing eyes
A clever conspirator


In Fangorn did Merry meet Treebeard
I believe that he found him quite weird!


When King Theoden would not abide
Lady Eowyn came to his side
And the smallest soldier did ride
- Frodowannabe

Merry on Hair
 (no one gets the last word on Merry!)

Now that the others
Have had their chance to air
Their philosophical debates
On who's got the nicest hair

We can turn our attention
To things of greater import
(and give me suitable time
To think up a snappy retort!)

Strider brought up a touchy subject,
And Boromir made his point,
Legolas spoke most knowledgably,
And Gimli shook up this joint,

Gandalf spoke with wisdom,
Against him argument can be brought,
And Frodo gave a good debate,
But there are more facts here to be sought:

Of all the hobbits, I must claim,
If modesty should be discarded,
I would have to win the game,
If you counted all the broken-hearted --

-- Maidens, that is, I have left behind
All swooning over me
My rogish charm, my clefted chin
And my hair, unkept and free

They follow me; it's not easy,
To be this pretty AND smart
But I gave them the slip, with a lucky tip
And helped Frodo get his start!

You see, it's not the hair that makes the hero
Nor is it the sword or bow
It's not how long, or white, or bushy...
It's where you are and who you know!
- Lothithil

Three for Merry

Merrily, Merrily
Hero of Buckland, he’s
Mischievous Merry and
Loyal to Pip
Even though Merry was
He often wondered why
He’s on this trip.

Bucklander, Bucklander,
Merry, our Brandybuck
Master of herb-lore and
Lover of ‘shrooms.
Our hobbit lad’s full of
For dear King Theoden
And Treebeard’s “Hrooms.”

Jiggery Pokery
Master of Brandybuck
Hobbit-ly dashing, he’s
Carried about like some
Baggage of someone, said,
“I’d rather walk!”
- onónë

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