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Legolas (double dactyl) - Primula
Legolas (also a double dactyl) - pilbara orc
Alliteration for Legolas - Primula
Triolet for Legolas - Flip the Supercat
Legolas Greenleaf - Elvellon Ringsbane
Excerpt from Son of Gondor - Linaewen
I Made Them Myself: A Drabble for Legolas - Aunt Kimby
A Drabble for Legolas Day - Lizmybit
Legolas Greenleaf: An Acrostic - Shelob
When Legolas Flees - Peregrine
My Ode to Legolas - Guru
An Alliteration for Legolas - boriel
Acrostic for the Council - Primula
Triolet for Legolas - Primula


Elvisheyes, Schmelvisheyes
Legolas Green-of-leaf
Springy and svelte.
Shot from his bow with his
Pliant agility,
Orcs always felt.

- Primula


Legolas,Woodland Elf
Effacing modesty
Isn't to blame

Scoffing-down Lembas-bread
Breakfast of champions
Warrior's bane
- pilbara orc

Alliteration for Legolas

Leaping lizards! Lithe, light-footed Legolas leaped laughingly, levitating over loads of blizzard-leavings to liberate the lamentably latent leaders.  Leadership laying low under leaden lofty snowfall weren't lax or lazy, but were longsufferingly lumbering.  Legolas' loquacity to the legitimate legerdemainist for locale of the luminary light meant less lounging, a little liquor and a loophole for leaving their lapsed lane.  Lala!

- Primula

Triolet for Legolas

On Mirkwood elves? A velvet dress?
At a council, which they wore.
It looks quite odd, I must confess
On Mirkwood elves, a velvet dress,
And yet their swooners are no less
And ever seeming at the fore.
On Mirkwood elves - a velvet dress
At the council - which they wore.
- Flip the Supercat

Legolas Greenleaf

Elf of the woods, swift with the bow,
No mortal man can match your skill.
Evil best flee, or be laid low.
Elf of the woods, swift with the bow,
Like shafts of light your arrows flow.
Quivering string, singing to kill.
Elf of the woods, swift with the bow,
No mortal man can match your skill.
-Elvellon Ringsbane

Unfortunately, I'm traveling and involved in meetings, so I haven't had time to come up with anything new to honor Legolas on his day. But here is a small paragraph or two from my Boromir inkling, a nice moment between Boromir and Legolas, as they prepare to leave Lothlorien. If you watch the Extended Version of the film and look beyond Galadriel and Aragorn as they talk together, you will see this little scene played out...

From Son of Gondor Chapter 51

...Galadriel accompanied them to the landing, where Boromir and Legolas finished loading the boats with the last of the parcels. Aragorn moved to help them, but Galadriel drew him aside.

More secrets! thought Boromir, but before his mood could turn sour, Legolas in passing slapped him on the back in a friendly manner.

"We will be on our way soon," said Legolas with a smile. "You must be pleased to be starting again towards your home; I know you have chafed to be away."

"Yes, I am glad," replied Boromir with a broad smile, forgetting his irritation. "I do not wish to offend you, Master Elf, but I must tell you that I have had enough of this place! There are too many trees here! My heart yearns to see the wide plains of Rohan and the Pelannor, and to feel stone under my feet again instead of leaves."

"Ah, that is a pity!" exclaimed Legolas. "I had hoped to persuade you to visit my Mirkwood home after our Quest together is finished. But I am afraid there are trees there as well."

"No doubt," laughed Boromir. "Well, I will consider it, but only if you first come with me to my City. You will not have seen the like of it before, of that I am certain."

"I will come," agreed Legolas....
- Linaewen

I Made Them Myself: A Drabble for Legolas

Archery Lesson: A Silly Drabble for Legolas Because Lizmybit Told Me To

Legolas received his first bow and arrow when he was five. Unfortunately, he lost far too many arrows, and Thranduil finally told him that he would have to make his own, hoping that would encourage him to show more care. Legolas came home with a quiver of arrows fletched with brilliant golden feathers, and proudly displayed them. Before Thranduil could speak, his wife appeared with a puzzled look on her face and said, “Mellon nin, Gwahir is here…when he woke up this morning, his tail feathers were gone.”
- Aunt Kimby

A Drabble for Legolas Day

Long, pale, slender digits enveloped thick and ruddy hands. Emotion spilled from the Elf’s eyes, cascaded down his cheeks, as he beheld the once sturdy body of his friend, now still and lifeless. So many plans they had together, now they shall all be forgotten. What good was it to live forever, when those you love the most are gone? Even Arda could not keep what did not belong. Legolas leaned forward kissed Gimli’s forehead, “be at peace my friend, be at peace.” He exited the hall, making the choice of Luthien and Arwen before him, was never seen again.
- Lizmybit

Legolas Greenleaf: An Acrostic

Leader of the Elves of Mirkwood
Eyes far-seeing and blue
Glorious hair of gold
On the snow, alone he stood
Loyal to his friends and true
Always fond of stories old
Stalwart defender of all good

Grieving the loss of his friend
Racing to rescue two little ones
Eager to complete the quest
Ever ready, to fight to the end
Noble Arod, horse of Rohan, runs
Leaving Middle Earth to go West
Evening shadows, a shiver send
Away in ships, across the sea
Forever in our dreams, he will be

When Legolas Flees

Legolas fair we doth admire
But of screaming masses he does tire
As they hound him mercilessly
He races away fearfully
Blond hair streaming behind
Poking people in the eye--ah! I'm blind!
- Peregrine

My Ode to Legolas

Oh my Orli where have I BEEN all day.
Thanks to you my Legolas.

It was you who taught me the meaning of obsession

who sparked my imagination to wonderous things

You caught my breath at first sight

And held my heart forever after

My Ode to Legolas

I run with you through the woods
And dance with you in the moonlight
I sit with you and dream with you
Of you

Your strong arms around me
Holding me tight
Soft whisperings and sing
Sweet lullabies at night

Tell me I'm the only one
Tell me I compare to none
I give you my heart so tender and fragile
A heart that melts at your lips sweet smile

Kiss me softly on the cheek
It gives me strength and makes me weak
- Guru

An Alliteration for Legolas

Legolas limberly lifted his lithe form onto the large lofty lapillus(stone)to look lingeringly at the landscape laid out before his lynx-eyed lovely looking liquid gaze.

Lo! he lamented, looking up as he loitered on the lapillus, "large loathsome crebain -locally living in dunblain."

Leaping lightly to the loam, Legolas loudly livened up the little people to do like he and leave the lea (field) and lunge for a lacuna in the lapillus to lie low until the lethiferious birds left.
- boriel

Acrostic for the Council



Triolet for Legolas

From Mirkwood came swift Legolas
With eagle's eye and courage keen,
As Council found doom come to pass
From Mirkwood came swift Legolas
White knife swift and bow held fast,
He fought for them, in brown and green;
From Mirkwood came swift Legolas
With eagle's eye and courage keen.
- Primula

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