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The Eagle that's Napping - Primula
"Elvish Prayer for Gwaihir" - Shelob
Bird-doggerel  - Anborn1
Goo Doo - Shelob
Lord Gwaihir's Ride  - Mithiethel
My eyes see all from this, my bower - Baron Wilderness
An acrostic drabble for Gwaihir - Silivren Ithildin
An Eagle Limerick - pi

The Eagle That’s Napping
Based on Vachel Lindsay’s “The Eagle That is Forgotten”

Sleep lightly ... eagle that’s napping ... upon your nest.
Time is still passing there, though the night has its rest.

"We have fooled him now," thought the orcs, and in secret rejoiced.
They lit a bright fire for their victims, their hatred well-voiced.
They had snarled at you, barked at you, foamed at you, day after day.
Now you were hidden. They forgot you ... and pine-treed their prey.

The others, that knew life in silence and terror and truth,
The hobbit bereft of his pipe, and the dwarf without couth,
The mocked and the scorned and the hounded, the bearded that fought,
That should have remembered your stories ... Knew of you not.

Where is that wizard of yours, on whose strength does he fall,
When lost up in tree-tops? Yours, and you answer the call!
You call on the names of a hundred high-valiant ones,
A dozen strong eagles have risen, the sons of your sons,
The zeal in their wings is a zeal that your dreaming began,
A valor that is rarely offered to the service of man.

The dwarves that clung high, the fire whipping in the breeze,
Felt themselves lifted, the hobbit grabbing at one’s knees
They shrieked and they moaned but to safety were borne aloft.
By the kindness of one wizard, to the eagles their caps were doffed.

Sleep lightly ... eagle that’s napping... upon your nest.
Time is still passing there, though the night has its rest.
Sleep on, O brave-hearted, O wise one that sighted the flame --
To fly with eagles is far more than to live in a name.

- Primula

"Elvish Prayer for Gwaihir" - in 'loose' form or American Indian prayers -

Oh great eagle
Grandfather of the sky
Fly over our treetops
Give elf warriors strength
To defeat our enemies

May the wind be cool
Beneath your wings
Moonlight shining, silver feathers
Safe to your high home
On lonely mountain cliffs
- Shelob


birdie birdie in the sky
drops a whitewash in my eye
I don't scream, I don't cry
I'm just glad
Gwaihir didn't fly by

Gwaihir I don't think it's funny
You regard me as some kind of bunny
So far I've had luck
When you dived I have ducked
I am not going to fill your tummy

birdie birdie in the sky
drops a whitewash in my eye
I don't scream, I don't cry
I'm just glad
oliphaunts don't fly
- Anborn1

similar to Anborn's 'doggerel' - my rendition is called 'Goo Doo' - it's really silly!
ok, ok, stop with the wet noodles! - smile

Goo Doo

Birdie, birdie in the sky,
Dropped some goo goo in my eye.
Flying bird, was an eagle.
Better than a flying beagle.
For a little birdie goo,
Much less messy than doggie doo!
- Shelob

Though my feet are longfellows....with apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow for that TERRIBLE pun
 and, and for the following defilement of the beginning of his Landlord's Tale...............

Lord Gwaihir's Ride

Listen, good Ringers, and you will hear
Of Gandalf's ride on Lord Gwaihir.
Many leagues to bear him,the eagle did strive,
Saruman had barely left him alive!
Isengard's treachery caused much pain and fear.

Gandalf said to his friend,"I must find a steed
To bear me on land Rivendell-ward tonight,
To save Middle Earth, I must travel with speed,
Lest the powers of Evil extinguish all light!

One night if by land, and two if by Eagle,
Great haste is needed, Frodo's followed by Smeagol!
Over every Middle Earth village and farm,
To the Riddermark, to rouse them up and to arm.

Gwaihir set him in Rohan just before dawn,
Bid him "farewell", up he soared, and was gone.
- Mithiethel

My eyes see all from this, my bower,
A mountains' cap my castle tower,
But here is something strange and new,
"A garage sale? I've not a clue!"
Trinkets for sale (and mostly junk)
An Uruks arm, an oliphants trunk,
How am I supposed to sleep,
With all these eaglets, going cheap?
- Baron Wilderness


G lorious eagle of immeasurable grace. Lord of
the Eagles are you.

W afts through the air on giant wings, riding
the wind currents with ease.

A mazing beauty. You are pure poetry in motion.
So large, yet, ever gentle.

I nto the battle you flew to take care of the
Nazgul's winged steeds.

H elped Gandalf when he was imprisoned atop
Orthanc. To Rivendell to deliver him you flew.

I mpressive creature always on the side of good.
A help in the fight against evil.

R escued Frodo from the side of Mt. Doom. Oh,
so gently you picked him up and carried him to
- Silivren Ithildin

To Soar with the eagles of Manwe
Would be such a joy for all day
Til hungry and tired
brought back to the eyrie
as food for his chicks you would stay!
- pi

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