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Gimli - Primula
Fifteen Lines to a Dwarf  - arianid, elvenmaid
Gimli, Son of Gloin, an acrostic - Namarie
An acrostic for Gimli Elf-Friend - Joyful
A Gimli acrostic...sort of! - Linaewen
'Found' in Farewell to Lórien - Joyful
A Gimli Poem for Gimli Day - Daydream Believer
Gimli - a poetic biography - Wheathills
Musing on Gimli  - Flame of Thangorodrim
A Villanelle for Gimli, son of Gloin - samwisegirl
Not quite a Hobbit not quite a Man - peregrine
My Middle Earth/Moria moment... - Emyn
Gimli, Gloin's Son - Mathom
Ode to Dwarvish Hair - Nuroreiel
2 Lantern Poems for Gimli - Dinledhwen
Golden Hair - Onono Laivindur


Moria, Moria
Gimli, gruff Gloin’s son
Luster to find.
Lacking prosperity,
Said contrastinctively
“It’s not a mine.”
- Primula

Fifteen Lines to a Dwarf
There once was a dwarf, son of Gloin.
Who mined for many jewels & coins.
An evil Ring came,
Gimli said, "I'm game!"
And so a Fellowship he did join!

The Fellowship had broken.
It all happened on Amon Hen.
It became Gimli's job,
to rescue hobbits from a mob,
And maybe be the comedian.

Finally, the Ring was destroyed.
Gimli is now unemployed.
But if ever there's some
Odd quest to be done,
By golly! you've got your boy!
- arianid, elvenmaid

Gimli, Son of Gloin: an acrostic

Good-hearted dwarf
Impressive warrior
Magnanimous spirit
Loyal friend
Indomitable soul
- Namarie

An acrostic for Gimli Elf-Friend.
From Appendix A: "We have heard tell that Legolas took Gimli Gloin's son with him because of their great friendship...But it is said that Gimli went also out of desire to see again the beauty of Galadriel; and it may be that she, being mighty among the Eldar, obtained this grace for him."

Grimly he sat before the Golden Lady
Images of grief
Moria, Balin’s tomb
Leadership lost
Imprinted on his mind

Soothing words
Open his heart, lessen the
Numbness and pain

One simple request, one strand
Fashioned everlasting affection

Given passage the
Lockbearer journeyed
Over the sea with Legolas
Into paradise and
Never-ending joy
- Joyful

A Gimli acrostic...sort of!

Gimli, son of Gloin,
Impatiently sought to battle the
Menace of the Ring;
Lifted axe high
In an attempt to destroy Evil.

Sauron made that Ring in
Orodruin's fiery furnace; it was
Not to be destroyed by any other power.

One way only to destroy it,
Fling it in the Fire.

Gimli offers his service,
Loyal companion he soon will become.
Once committed, never turning back;
Implacable towards the enemy, his courage
Never waning.

Gimli, son of Gloin

- Linaewen

I 'found' this in Farewell to Lórien...What gift would a dwarf ask? (txt) ... Joyful ... 07.11-09:06 What gift would a dwarf ask?
None, it is enough for me
To have seen the Lady
To have heard her gentle words

I name my desire
A single strand of hair
Which surpasses the gold
As the stars surpass gems of the mine

Set in crystal
A pledge between mountain and wood
An heirloom of my house
Henceforth, I will call nothing fair
Unless it be her gift

I have taken my worst wound
Memory is not what the heart desires
But the memory of Lothlórien
Shall remain ever clear

So says the heart
Of Gimli the Dwarf
Until the end of days
- Joyful

A Gimli poem for Gimli day
Gimli's is the finest axe
That my eyes have ever seen.
Combating Orcs, he's never lax
And his sweep is always clean.

But to this faithful servant,
Gimli never gave a name
And though his love for it is fervent,
This fact is quite a shame.
- Daydream Believer

Gimli - a poetic biography
When Gimli was a baby
His Daddy swelled with pride,
But adults fled at just one glimpse
And other babies cried.

If Mommy took him to the park
All around would stop and stare,
Yet baby Gimli would smile at them
Through his mass of facial hair.

When little Gimli went to school
All the children turned their backs,
So he would tip-toe up behind
And scare them with his axe.

But once they got to know him
They loved his style and grace,
So it didn't seem to matter
That they couldn't see his face.

By the time he went to college
Gimli was the coolest dwarf in town
And he was thrilled that on his Prom night
He was given the Prom Kings crown.

His yearbook entry made him laugh
Though he couldn't work out why
He was voted 'Most likely to succeed
In slaying Uruk-Hai'

So Gimli grew into a dwarf
With stature strong and fine
Then off went he to Rivendell
To become one of The Nine

The rest we know, we've read the book
It's written down for us to see.
We've grown to love this hairy dwarf
And the warrior he came to be.

(So, the moral of the story is
If you think that someone's weird,
Look really hard and you will find
A friend behind the beard).

Musing on Gimli
Whenever I read or think about the last battle in ROTK, I can't help but think about how much different the battle would have been if an army of dwarves from Erebor and the Iron Hills had showed up. I keep imagining Gimli as the commander of the dwarves. I really think Gondor and Rohan could have used some dwarven prowess. But just imagine that...a second Last Alliance...with dwarves!
- Flame of Thangorodrim

A Villanelle for Gimli, son of Gloin

He loved the good fight
He belonged to a race apart
He loved the lady of light

His bark was worse than his bite
In the Fellowship he played his part
He loved the good fight

His love for the lady was true and right
In Lothlorien he left his heart
He loved the lady of light

Across the chest his chain-mail was tight
His aim with the axe was like a dart
He loved the good fight

He would run all day and half the night
True to his companions from the start
He loved the lady of light

His axe wielding was quite a sight
His friendships were works of art
He loved the good fight
He loved the lady of light
- Samwisegirl

Not quite a Hobbit not quite a Man
Sure not an Elf or I'll be da---
But he's a good fellow
Sure ain't no yellow
When it comes to beatin' up them orcs
Figures there's no better sports
With his great swinging ax
With many a whack, whack, whacks!
Every Orc's doom
Makes Samwisegirl swoon
He's every girl's dream date--
He's Gimli the Great!

Gimli's a Dwarf--of that there's no doubt!
And what others say he'll just go an' shout
Great big shoulders and a long handsome beard
This is the guy that orcs are afeared
But he wasn't too keen on that Leggy blond Elf
He could destroy the Ring all by himself!
But the Elf boy was goin' and so he was, too
No way blondy was gonna tell him to shoo!

But then they went into Elven trees fair
And there Gimli got a three strands of Queen hair
And now there's no better friends than that queer set of boys
Killin' them orcs with them nice shiny toys
For who could not like that Great Gimli dude?
Anyone who doesn't is just plain rude!

I hope y'all liked this poem about Gimli the Great
The handsome young Dwarf whose Elf's best mate
'Cause there's no better Man than the one who's not
I wonder if Samwisegirl thinks he is hot . . .?
- Peregrine

My Middle Earth/Moria moment...
At work, we listen to National Public Radio to pass the later hours of the afternoon. The other day, the commentators were discussing the looting of the Baghdad museum and treasuries. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, my manager shouts out "They've taken the Bridge of Khazad-dum!" I had to laugh, despite the serious subject matter at hand, at the sheer implications of a group of looters carrying an ancient stone bridge out of a museum...not to mention the fact that the Dwarven language always seemed to sound a bit Middle-Eastern to me.

Speaking of the Dwarven language, and being that it is Gimli Day, I was recently wondering about the secrecy of Dwarven names. I'd been entertaining the thought as to what Gimli's real name was. Being that "Gimli" is such a short, cute, and cheerful sounding word, I figured his real name would be long, tedious, and dramatic like Montezuma or Kalamazoo. Or perhaps Rumplestiltskin?
- Emyn

Gimli, Gloin’s son, took his axe,
And gave the Uruk-Hai forty whacks.
When Gimli bragged what he had done,
Legolas answered “forty one!"
- Mathom

Ode to Dwarven Hair

Oh, Dwarven hair is a luxurious thing -
From head and chin it seems to spring.
No female Dwarves, you may have heard,
But that, of course, is quite absurd.
For this, this beards must take the blame,
For we both wear them just the same.
It is the Dwarven thing to do,
Because they're great for catching stew!
- Nuroreiel

Gimli – A Lantern Poem

Can’t jump
Super Dwarf
Don’t tell the Elf

The Game – A Lantern Poem

Dwarf’s forty-three
- Dinledhwen

Golden Hair

I have gazed upon your beauty
I will hold nothing as fair
I treasure ever your gift to me
Three strands of your golden hair
- Onono Laivindur

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