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Gandalf Mithrandir - Lindorie
Ian McKellan - Rasputintx
Gandalf Haiku - Dandy
Grey betrayed by white - Anborn1
Two Wizard Poems - Lindorie
Mithrandir, Greyhame - Lindorie
For Sir Ian - Lindorie
Three Short Poems - Shelob
In Praise of Wizards - Shelob
Wizard Friend - Shelob
Mistaken Identity - Shelob
G is For...  - simpetarwen
What Bilbo really thinks when Gandalf visits... - Tori*Took
A last poem for Gandalf  - Vison
Drabble for Gandalf - samwisegirl
Hair, Istari Style - Lothithil
Grey - Primula

Gandalf Mithrandir
Wizard of the Fellowship
Istari of Old

- Lindorie

Ian McKellan:
Greatest Wizard on the screen,
Hero in real life.

- Rasputintx

Gandalf Haiku

Fellowship leader
a wizard who isn't late
good old Mithrandir

back from journey long
a final test to reveal
the ring on the hearth

falling fast downwards
a well without a bottom
chides fool of a Took

teacher, mentor, friend
old man with a thorny staff
Saurons Nemesis

Shadowfax rider
a wizard who cares for trees
Gandalf, the white one.

Wonderful fireworks
Long gray beard, blue pointy hat
never late, Gandalf

- Dandy

Grey betrayed by white
falls into darkest shadow
white, no longer grey

- Anborn1

The Wizard
(Based on "The Fog" by Carl Sandburg)

The Wizard comes
in small pony cart.

He sits looking over shire and party
While pipe smoke blowing
And then moves on.

The Wizard
(based on Rossetti's "Who has seen the Wind?")

Who has seen the Wizard?
Neither I nor you;
But when the sky is thundering,
'Tis Gandalf passing through.

Who has seen the Wizard?
Neither you nor I;
Yet somehow even yet we know,
When Gandalf passes by


 Mithrandir, Greyhame
Gandalf, Stormcrow
By many names you are known.
Wizard, Istari, Olorin,
Bearer of a Ring.
Your Power is not only in Spells,
But in your Steadfastness,
The Strength of your Humanity,
The Goodness of your Soul

- Lindorie

 For Sir Ian

With pointy hat and beard of grey
Sir Ian does become,
A Wizard known as Mithrandir--
The Gandalf we all love.

The robes of grey, the gnarled staff,
and eyebrows grey and long,
A long sharp sword, a silver scarf--
McKellen can't go wrong.

But things alone no wizard make,
It takes much more, you see,
To bring to life the Wizard's heart,
So real for him to be.

To you, Sir Ian one final wish,
One last thing I must say,
You've given to us such a gift--
To you--Happy Birthday!

- Lindorie

A Horse of Course!

Gandalf Grey started the trip,
From the mountain, into the mine.
Evil Balrog, snaking whip,
Into the abyss, lost in time.
Returns upon a great white horse,
We knew he was not dead, of course!

Have You Seen Him?

Do you know Gandalf the Grey?
Tall fellow, beard, pointy hat.
I've not seen him for many a day!
Might as well enjoy your stay in Bree,
Heaven knows where the next inn will be.

Flying High

Gandalf said to Saruman,
"Your not as powerful as I am!"
Lock me in your tower high.
Away on an eagle I will fly.
I will not even say "Good-bye"!

- Shelob

In Praise of Wizards

Gandalf nudged Bilbo out of his door.
No time even to sweep the floor!

Not a chance for a pipe, or to wash his plate.
Goodness sakes, even second breakfast had to wait!

Down the road he raced, the dwarves to find.
His pocket hankerchiefs left behind.

Most very helpful to have a wizard along.
Keep trolls a feudin', til' sun turns them stone!

Shining light, thru dark halls under mountain.
Directions he gives when paths are uncertain.

Fire he creates, snaps his staff with a jerk.
Of goblins and orcs, his sword makes short work.

Flame on wolf noses, howls of pain.
Eagles to carry you over the plain.

Here's good advice, if journey you must make.
Find a great wizard, with you to take!

- Shelob

Wizard Friend

Once there was a wizard wise, to friends, Gandalf Grey.
At Bilbo's birthday party, wonderous fireworks did display.

The Council of Elrond appointed him their leader,
Goblins and orcs? He was afraid of neither.

Along dark paths he led them, up mountain steep.
Unwilling, he conceded, to try the mines deep.

Great fear had he of Durin's Bain, Balrog of despair.
The Company did not know, they would leave him there.

"Fly fools" he cried, as the whip curled round his knees.
Running from the evil trap, tears drying in the breeze.

Refreshed, tho' grief no less, onward they go again.
Days much more dreary, without their wizard friend.

- Shelob

Mistaken Identity

The white horse came running at Gandalf's call,
Wizard leaped upon his back, he did'nt like it at all.

He kicked and he bucked and he stomped all around,
Til' he threw the old dude, crash on the ground.

"Dratted horse," he exclaimed, moaning in pain,
An easier way there must be, to cross the plain.

He looked to the sky and saw a great bird,
Whistling very loud, hoping he heard.

Lord Eagle flew down and softly landed,
Take me to the king, Gandalf commanded.

This darn horse won't do a thing that I say,
So he jumped on the bird and flew away.

Turns out this was not Shadowfax, but another,
White Tornado was his name, Shadowfax's brother!

- Shelob

G is For...

G is for the great guy who in Middle Earth leaves his mark,
A is for how he answers riddles in the dark,
N is never being very early or too late,
D is for the dwarves, elves, men, and hobbits who think he's simply great!
A is how he always encourages the finest out of me,
L is for his love of Southfarthing leaf and Shire tree,
F is for his fabulous fireworks galore,
without his love and guidance doom might reign forevermore.
Put them all together, they spell GANDALF -
He's the greatest, dearest wizard,
My friend, my guide, my leader,
A mentor unto me!

- simpetarwen

 What Bilbo really thinks when Gandalf visits...

Gandalf the Gray is coming my way
What do I do?! what do I do?!
Everytime I see him
Into a quest he drags me in
Oh what am I going to do?!

Should I put on my ring?
OH NO!!!
He's beginning to sing
OH NO!!!
OIh what am I going to do?!

- Tori*Took

A last poem for Gandalf

Gandalf day is over, it is come to the bitter end.
How many tributes honoured him, the Wizard we call friend.
Some poems made us giggle, some poems made us cry,
And every word we wrote told him--We think you're quite a guy!!!

We love our old Grey Pilgrim, dear Mithrandir our chum,
We spent all day with Gandalf and it was heaps of fun.
Sir Ian, if you're peeping into this board tonight
Remember that we think that you, to our amazed delight

Portrayed the cranky Wizard, with eyebrows thick as thatch
So perfectly that we believe you're Gandalf's mortal match.
We're waiting now for Christmas, but not for Santa Claus
But for the next great movie--JRRT's Two Towers!

- Vison

Saying Goodbye:

“Not all tears are evil…” He stood on the deck of the majestic ship, watching the three hobbits in the distance grow ever smaller. He knew his time had come, but his heart insisted that there was still more to see, to do, and to learn. Always there was more to taste, to touch, to feel. He would miss this place. Tears glistened in his eyes, and one escaped its prison and eased down his weathered cheek into his beard. A tiny hand crept into his, and brilliant blue eyes looked up at him. “Gandalf? Don’t cry. I am here.”
- samwisegirl

The last word on hair, Istari Style

Now is the time for Wisdom to speak
In the friendly little debate
About hair, between these goodly folks
Who, up til now, have been good mates.

There certainly is, without a doubt,
Some virtue to be said
Concering each individual and race
On the status of their heads

Not all can have hair sleek and blonde
Like Legolas the Vain,
Nor need it become snarly and skanky
...Excepting now and again.

Curly and cute or straight and sheer
Or plaited in rows like corn
Hair doesn't make us who we are
It is just something to adorn.

Of course, my own hair is a marvel
If you'll permit one so wise to brag
If I never trimmed my beard
Upon the floor it would now drag!

And my snowy locks, once cleaned and pressed
(Following the Balrog thingy)
Are full and show no sign of thinning
And are never, ever stringy!

Hobbits, yes, are cute enough
And Valar knows they're full of heart,
And Dwarves, unarguably, have braiding
Down to a fine art.

Men are brave and lucky,
And Elves are pretty even in the dark,
But in a contest of "who's got the 'do"
The Wizard is first off the mark!

So save your arguments, my friends,
For as fair as each of you are,
When it comes to the finest hair
The prize goes to the maiar!
- Lothithil


Over the sea he came for me,
Long years ago one of the three
He hid away to strengthen hearts,
By wisdom more than magic arts.

Now by the sea he waits for me,
To come with him upon the waves,
A way to a home I've never seen,
That hearts may be as once they've been.
- Primula

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