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A drabble in honor of Faramir - samwisegirl
an alliteration for Faramir - boriel
A found poem for Faramir - Linaewen
Links to Decipher's Faramir cards - Linaewen
Another alliteration for Faramir - Primula
How Many Stewards does it take to Change a Lightbulb?
Faramir of the Books & Faramir of the Movies - Jennan O Possums
Faramir, A Drabble - Silivren Ithildin
Faramir's March - Agape4Rivendell

A little drabble in honor of Faramir  

He could not see or move. He could hear the lunatic urgency in his father’s voice. Faramir was afraid. He knew something was not right with his father, and that a grievous harm was about to happen. “Don’t burn me father” he tried to whisper, but his throat would not obey him. His fever consumed him, and he had no idea if this was real or imagined. He longed for Boromir; he alone could have made things right. Faramir’s fevered brain burned, and he longed to look upon his father’s face one last time. For he loved him so.
- samwisegirl

an alliteration for faramir
forever following favored future *fiduciary*, faramir the fair flew in the face of fickle father and flourished, forever forging a fusion with a furry footed fellow by a fortuitous find which he forfeited freely back to the fellow, showing his quality.

*fiduciary=steward* and the last part is not 'f' but he did have quality :-) 
- boriel

Found Poem for  Faramir

From the words of Faramir to Frodo, in TTT chapter "The Window on the West"

"Alas that ever he went on that errand!
I should have been chosen by my father;
Being the older and the hardier,
He put himself forward, would not be stayed.
Alas for Boromir! What hope have we?
It is long since we had any hope.
We are a failing people, a springless autumn.
War must be, while we defend our lives
Against a destroyer who would devour all;
But I do not love the bright sword
For its sharpness, nor the arrow
For its swiftness, nor the warrior
For his glory.
I love only that which they defend...
Alas that ever he went, alas for Boromir!"

- Linaewen

Decipher's Faramir cards:  links from Linaewen.

Faramir, Ranger of Ithilien

Faramir, Captain of Gondor

Faramir, Son of Denethor

Another alliteration for Faramir
Feeling footloose and fancy, a fine fellow fidelious to a fickle father and frater who flew far to foreign fields, feated fabulously with faithful friends in the far forest. Felling frightening 'fantasms' formed the foundation for future fortitude. Faced with furry-footed fantastical fables with fiercesome fates, forthwith he found faith and foundation feeling a test foisted upon him by their fire folly.  "Fie!" he floundered. "For furry fables I have felt fraternity. Free to flee, they fleece us of fiery fated frippery. Fidelity is fine, for frater fell flat to this finger-fate. Fooey, for father will feel I've flunked! Fly, fable fellows!"  Forthwith the furry-footed fabled fellows fled; faraway foes found but fumbled them and festivities flared with fanfares and flags unfurled!

- Primula

How many Stewards does it take to change a lightbulb?

One. All he has to do is complain about how his favorite son would have done it better than anyone else... and his other, under-appreciated, son will do it for him. - Daerpethron

None - the King will show up soon to change it for him  - Tulkas

Gondor _has_ no light bulb.
Gondor _needs_ no light bulb. - Treblemaker

Or none, because
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be bulb that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.  - Treblemaker

At least two: one to change it and another to go on about the history and glory of those lightbulbs that had gone before!
 - Lothithil

Faramir, of the Books

Captain, someday Steward of Gondor.
Learned of lore, man of Westernness
His people love him, and will die for him;
Loved by a woman of great renown.
... Too bad he lost his job.

Faramir, of the Movies

High Captain of Gondor by default.
Claims to be a man of the Westernness.
Son who judges to please his father.
Lost his heart to a tart from Rohan.
Thinks it wise to send an insane halfling to Mordor,
With the One Great Ring,
After he just tried to give it to a Wraith on Wings.
... Man of empty brain pan.

- JennanOPossums

Living in the shadow of your brother and never measuring up in your father's eyes has had to have been unbelievably difficult for you, Faramir. Always trying to find some way for your character to shine through for your father to see, yet, time after time he has not wanted or cared to know what lies in your heart. Even having your brother's love and support can never make up for your father's callous disregard. How your heart must have been crushed when you found out Boromir had died. But, don't despair, Faramir, in his heart your father loves you.
- Siliven Ithildin

Faramir's March

and the drums quietly beat the time
and the men marched silently forward
and the people gently cried
and the children tenderly threw flowers

and the world screamed 'Nooooooo!'
- Agape4Rivendell

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