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Double Dactyl for Eowyn - onone
A Cinquain - Shelob
Three Cinquains for the Lady of Rohan - Bregalad
Eowyn - Holly Baggins
Four Double Dactyls for Eowyn - onone
A Double Dactyl for Eowyn - Bluebell
A Short Eowyn Poem - Evermind
An acrostic drabble for Eowyn - Silivren Ithildin

Double Dactyl for Eowyn

Eowyn, Eowyn
Shieldmaiden of Rohan
Loyal and brave and
Incredibly true
Heart of a warrior so
Great with a sword but
Beware her stew!
- Onone

A Cinquain

with golden hair
longed to go to war,
dressed as a man, to slay the
Witch King
- Shelob

Of kings, slender
And tall, girt in silver
And white, long hair like a river
Of gold

Something Aragorn might have said to her:

Of Rohan, fair
And lovely to behold,
Yet your eyes reflect a profound

In the gardens of the Houses of Healing;

Over the fields
Of Pelennor, her thoughts
Cold and bleak, a hand touches her
- Bregalad

Cold, Fair
Wanting, Losing, Despairing
Seeks death in battle
Healing, Finding, Changing
Warm, Gentle
New Love
- Holly Baggins

Riddermark Riddermark
Eowyn Shieldmaiden
“Those without swords can still
perish,” she said.
So do all those who try
Eating her cookery
Danger ahead!

Rider fair, Rider there
Dernhelm or Eowyn
Warrior or princess a
Man or a girl?
Way too confusing and
Theoden’s soldier or
Faramir’s pearl?

Shieldmaiden Fieldmaiden
Eowyn Fair of Face
Constant attraction for
Grima the Slime
This creepy suitor's base
Contrasts with Eowyn’s
Beauty sublime

Jiggery Pokery
Eowyn Eowyn
Eomer’s sister and
Faramir’s love
Pursued by Wormy-tongue
Then she and Theoden
Gave him the shove!
- onone

Eowyn, Eowyn
Shieldmaiden of the Mark
Never to battle was
Her only fear.
Almost succeeded in
Self-termination, but
Lived to revivity
With Faramir.
- Bluebell

A Short Eowyn Poem

Slender as a steel blade,
Fairer than the water,
Braver than the spring time sun,
Bold Eomund's daughter.
Evermind and lily cold
And spring again after,
Froxen as the icy moon,
And the stars' laughter.

Lol! just me stealing one of Tom Bombadil's songs! Hope no one minds!


E mpowered Shieldmaiden of Rohan. Skilled in the
Mastery of the Sword, she wanted the chance to
prove herself in battle, to protect those she loves.

O vercome with much grief when her cousin, Theodred,
and her Uncle Theoden died tragically.

W ent into battle disguised as Dernhelm so she could
fight for those she loved. Because of her, Merry
gets to fight at Minas Tirith and they slay the
Witch King together.

Y oung, royal Lady ready to lead when the need arose.
She was a help to her people.

N ever dreamed she would meet her future husband in
the Houses of Healing.
- Silivren Ithildin

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