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Decipher Cards with Elrond on them - Linaewen
A Letter to My Father - Anarelen
Triolet for Elrond - Primula
A Quote from Elrond about Tom - Tolkien
An Alphabetic Verse for Elrond - Primula
Anagrams for Elrond Halfelven - Primula and Bluebell
Haiku for Elrond - Orangeblossom Took
A Father's Vigil (triolet) - Orangeblossom Took
A Drabble for Elrond - Nuroreiel
An acrostic drabble for Elrond - Silivren Ithildin
Lord of the Ego - Lothithil

Decipher Cards with Elrond on them:






- gathered by Lineawen

A Letter to My Father

Dearest Father,

I watch you leave this place, and it makes me wonder why you have stayed as long as you have.

I remember your laughter even if you do not. It seems all your joy left us when my mother did, and you still remained.

You bore the horror of war; watching as the final defeat of Sauron slipped through the fingers of man and yet you still remained.

I watched the guilt become further etched upon your face as you carried the burden of each new plight upon your shoulders.

As powerful as you are, you could not stop Isildur from keeping the ring; you could not prevent the orcs from taking mother, you could not halt Frodo from taking the ring to Mordor, and alas you cannot deter my love for Aragorn.

These are not failures, my father, and yet you embraced them and made them your own. You were no weaker or stronger than any one of us. Please accept that we all have choices to make, elves, men, dwarves, and hobbits alike.

Are we destined to our end? Or is a greater power at work allowing foibles and follies to be had in the hopes that a glorious good will be attained?

I will miss you, but still hope that you can find some remnant of joy as you embrace my mother once more.

Yes, hope. The one reason I remained, and what you secretly clung to all your years in Middle Earth. Hope that you, Elrond, could set right so many wrongs.

I finally understand that you did not abandon hope, and that is why you remained. Let that be what sustains you on your final journey; hope and my undying love for you.

Your daughter,

- Anarelen

Triolet for Elrond

With wisdom, keenly filled with light,
He's mighty among Elves and Men.
He brought them safety in their flight
With wisdom keenly filled with light,
Lifting the waters to great height;
Holding the peace within this glen
With wisdom keenly filled with light.
He's mighty among Elves and Men.

- Primula

A quote from Elrond about Tom:

'But I had forgotten Bombadil, if indeed this is still the same that walked the woods and hills long ago, and even then was older than old. That was not then his name. Iarwain Ben-adar we called him, oldest and fatherless. But many another name he ahs since been given by other folkd: Forn by the Dwarves, Orald by Northern Men, and other names beside. He is a strange creature, but maybe I should have summoned him to our Council'

'He would not have come,' said Gandalf.

An alphabetic verse wherein the entire alphabet is in the title, and also in each 4-line stanza.

Wherein Poor Elrond Halfelven Juxtaposes A Quick End to the Bad Boy's Zonal Quest Game

Many the ages Elrond Halfelven ruled
Beside those bright and sparkling wetly
Soft green-jade quiet pools
Zealously exacting in his choosing every tool. 

A zillion quests selected under his watchful brow
Careful his perusing, nine-numbered and flawless
All groups a-jigging, axes backed by bows,
Lining them up, verily shortest to tallest.

Previous was tallest, the gangliest that bore
Questing item to the crack, yet another doom to end.
A joke suddenly fluttered Elrond to his core
Zounds! Exactly! What a good one he would fend!

This current group waited, quite a mix for questing,
The brawniest expecting to be chosen to bear.
He laughed, and selected for this round of testing
The tiny one, viz a joke! Too little to be snared! 

Quest after quest he had sent out in endless line
Weary fatigue of keeping evil Sauron well-supplied.
The exit was apparent! No zonal expert's crime
To be a bit creative in this one bearer's size.

As they exited the dell, he was riven of his cares.
Just to see Morgoth's face he wished quite a lot.
Sez he, these mismatched bumblers, they will be a snare.
Led by a hobbit! He'll think it's a pack of rot!

- Primula

Anagrams of Elrond Halfelven

He'll non-fever lad

Lard fennel hovel

Have droll fennel

Never hold fallen

Flannel held over

Fall! He rend novel.

- Primula and Bluebell

Haiku for Elrond

hands glow with healing
soft voice sings away the pain
all wounds are banished

hair black as the night
eyes gray as a stormy sea
tall lord of the elves

a warning he gave
cast it into the hot flames
wise words unheeded

- Orangeblossom Took

A Father's Vigil  (a triolet)

He watches the sparkling sea
Though he knows no ship will bear her
He remembers his children three
With tears, his eyes begin to blurr
The water and stars bring no glee
Transfixed, he looks and makes no stir
He watches the sparkling sea
Though he knows no ship will bear her
- Orangeblossom Took

For Elrond

Arwen came in to find Elrond staring pensively out the window.

“What troubles you?” she asked.

“So few of them,” he replied. “What chance do they have? A lone elf, Mithrandir, the dwarf, the Southren, Elessar…” his voice trailed off and he sighed. “I would that the little ones had stayed here. They are not suited for such a trial.”

“They would not remain behind while Frodo went,” she reminded him. “You said yourself, the Ring could not remain here. There was no other choice.”

As she left Elrond laid his head on his arms.

“I wonder,” he said wearily.
- Nuroreiel


E lven Lord of Rivendell. Son of Earendil. Father of
Arwen, Elrohir and Elladan.

L ed Aragorn to the decision to go enlist the aid of the
Army of the Dead.

R eforged the Sword to give hope back to Men. He delivered
Anduril, Flame of the West, to Aragorn at Dunharrow.

O cean blue eyes that can see the future.

N ow residing in Valinor after being called back home
across the sea.

D oes not want to leave Arwen behind when he leaves for
Valinor, but, he finally accepts this is going to happen
as there is no ship that can bear her yet.
- Silivren Ithildin

Lord of the Ego

Oh, you go on about the hobbits hair
About the Men and Elves's
The Dwarves have got a way of
Speaking out about themselves

But don't be concerned, I'm not insulted
That you've neglected to complete
The list of Outstanding Hairstyles
... I am nothing if not discrete!

So let me take this moment
Of my eloquence make trial
Of my own hair, after all
Where'd you think Arwen got her sense of style?

Long and straight, and black as night
Never ever a hint of grey
These locks have never seen the ink
No matter what some folk say!

And my headbands are the envy
Of all tasteful, stylish sidhe
Oh, I don't listen to those heathens
Who so often poke fun at me

I taught Aragorn all he knows
About hair-care on the run
But he doesn't heed my useful advice
... Well, he is my FOSTER son!

Now Elladan and Elrohir
They make a handsome pair
They never go beyond Rivendell
Without a braid or two in their hair

So keep that in mind, my dear Mellyn
When hair is the conversation on
And make an appointment with Lord Elrond
At the Last Homely House and Salon!
- Lothithil

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