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Steward, Steward  - Lithilien Quicksilver
Denethor in Art and Radio - KingundertheMountain
Deranged Denethor - Primula
Look Away - Primula
To Burn - Ashlyn
Sent Away - Ashlyn
City of Stone - Halona-Treeclan

A Burning Question for Denethor...

Steward, Steward, burning bright
In Rath Dinan in the night...
I must ask, though mad you are:
How'd you ever run that far?
 - Lithilien Quicksilver

Well, I had planned on actually writing something for Denethor day, but time sort of got away from me. :shock: But hopefully I can contribute at least something to all the fun, so here's some links to some really great artwork of Denethor, by Anke Eissmann.

Denethor Grieves for His Son

Your Son has Returned, Lord

Father and Son

As for radio, some clips of Denethor as portrayed by Peter Vaughan:

"And now, my first command to you: speak and be not silent!"

"He uses others as his weapons. So do all great lords, if they are wise, Master Halfling. Or why should I sit here in my tower and think, and watch, and wait, spending even my sons?"

"Your service has been short, and now it is drawing to its end. I release you from the little that remains."

"I say to thee, Gandalf Mithrandir, I will not be thy tool! I am Steward of the House of Anárion. I will not step down to be the dotard chamberlain of an upstart."

"But if doom denies this to me, then I will have naught: neither life diminished, nor love halved, nor honour abated."
- KingundertheMountain

Deranged Denethor

Delirious Denethor, desiring deficiently dangerous descendant to delight Daddy's domain, devolved a dasterdly demand.
"Do!" declared Denethor.
"Doubtful." dithered descendant. "Disappointed?"
"Doubly distrustful." drawled Denethor dourly.
Descendant drooped.
"Dang. Descendant is duplicitous, " decided Denethor.
Dignified descendant dared doozy defense, but dreadfully dark dart drugging drew him down, defeated.
"Dark days, death of dynamic dominance! Doom! Despair!" Deranged Denethor dragged darkly drugged descendant down to domicile of dead, dripped dangerously distilled detonatious dribbles, drenching decendant draped on deadwood debris.
"Die!" Denethor drove, "Do!"
"Don't! Desist!" declared dauntless Dalf, Gan (Dual-tone Diviner). "Doings diverge!" Diviner distinctly deflamed darling descendant.
"Drat!" Denethor darkly despaired, departing in dynamous decomposition.

- Primula

Look Away

You look upon me with
Your mother's eyes.
Son of my weakness,
Son of my sorrow.
Turn them away from me.
I do not wish her to see
What I have become.
- Primula

To burn me alive
Like the heathen kings of old
Tis what he meant to do
In his despair and madness

To burn me alive
The only thing I remember
Is the expression of love
Through the tracks of his tears.
- Ashlyn

I sent him away, unthanked, unblessed
Even now the house of his spirit crumbles
Yet still I sit and watch and hope
While unheeded tears scorch my face

I sent him away, unthanked, unblessed
Still I sit and watch, searching for a sign
A hope to drive away this despair
That threatens to consume me.
- Ashlyn

In the city of stone

in the court of the tree

bemoaned poor,Denethor

never to be king

seated at the foot of the throne

bewailing his son,who will never come home

"Boromir"...he weeps.
- Halona-Treeclan
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