Miscellaneous Bits & Short Verse for the Dark Places

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Denethor, Denethor - Eilenach
Shelob - Mr. Underhill
The Queen of Spiders - Shelob
The Icksy-Sicksy Spider - Mrs. FrodoBaggins
Dark Haiku - Primula
Commentary - Erech the Undead
Shelob's Lair, an Acrostic - gentle-giant

Denethor, Denethor
Looked in a Palantir,
Met there with Sauron, and
Saw only doom.

Madness has captured the
House of Anarion.
Flames leaping high, Gandalf
Closes the tomb.
- Eilenach


She lies in wait....

Her hunger patient...

Eyes piercing the darkness......

Legs poised to move quickly....

Orcs are her standard fare.......

But now something sweeter approaches her lair....
- Mr. Underhill

an acrostic
The Queen of Spiders

She was the daughter of Ungoliant
Her lair dark, silken webs across the door
Evil deceit was her hateful way
Long years she brooded and was bored
Only the very foolish came near this giant
Biting and stinging her unwary prey
- Shelob

The icksy-sicksy spider
Met up with Samwise stout
Down came the sword
And put her peeper out

Out came the Phial
And gave the crawler pain
So the icksy-sicksy spider
Hid in her lair again
- MrsFrodoBaggins

What places are these?
Fair things now dark, corrupted,
Where the light shines not.
- Primula

A literal dark place...  A huge key power junction failed this week in NZ, leaving about 100,000 kiwis in the Dark for hours or a day, I don't have the specifics.

My next T-shirt ( I rewrote an old line I saw somewhere )

''I walked there and back again, and all I got was this plain old Ring''
- Erech the Undead


Stalking ...
Silently stealing behind the darkness that blesses her home ....

Hearing ...
Hobbits have entered Death's silken domain; one good, one evil ....

Espying ...
Easy escape is not possible; not from this web-infested lair!

Legs ... lurching head ... a maw; tearing at countless strands, she nears the entangled one.

Opening ...
Orcs outside - even in great number - a lesser foe would be!

Beast boasts, instinctively; 'That ... thing! It has not yet seen the last of Shelob .... '

She stradles the rocks; an eight-legged black sky enshrouds the hobbit; Death ... looming ....


Looking ... listening; the hobbit spins about too late ... sees the stingers' swift assault!

Anguish ...
Agony advances ... frothing past his lips the very moment his chest is impaled.

Immediately ...
Infection invades his entire body ... his very soul may be lost; and yet ... returning ....

Robust ...
Rotund ... rattling pans ... Sam; and held within this gardener's hand - for planting - Sting ....
- gentle-giant

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