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Acrostic for Boromir - Simpetarwen
For Boromir - fakoriginal
An Essay about the Gondorian Warder family - -Luthien
Four Haiku for Boromir - Dandy
A Boromir Acrostic - Linaewen
A Boromir Link - Linaewen
The Aftermath of Boromir Day - Hobbitlove
An now dear friends - boriel
You Have Kept your Honor - Silivren Ithildin
It's Good to Not be the King - Lothithil

ahem *taps microphone* BOROMIR - The Poem

B is for the muscular Brawn God gave you
O is for the One thing on your mind
R is for the Royalty you yearn for
O is for the Other king you find
M is for the Many friends who love you
I is how you Instantly respond
R is Resting now in peace, the horn blows no more,
We've shoved you over the falls into the pond.
Put them all together they spell Bor-o-mir....
He'll be in our hearts and minds, have no fear!

*bows while ducking from flying objects*
- Simpetarwen

For Boromir

See, see the morose sky
Marvel at its big burgundy depths.
Tell me, Isildur's Bane do you
Wonder why the Denethor ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel trecherous.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your Figwiticious facial growth
That looks like
A Gimli.
What's more, it knows
Your Balrog potting shed
Smells of Frodo.
Everything under the big morose sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm Boromir's.

An Essay about the Gondorian Warder family

I disagree with the statement. Boromir was to my opinion not "infected" by the
Ring before he went to Rivendell. Here're my arguments:

In the book (TTT), Faramir tells Frodo and Sam that Boromir went to Rivendell
because of the dream - and because he wanted to do his father a "favour"
(that's probably not the right word, but you get my meaning, right?). This was
the case not only with the Rivendell-issue, but with many more issue. Boromir
says it in the film, too, in Lothlorien: "[My father] looks at me to make things
right, and I would do it. I would see the glory of Gondor restored."

It's only logic that Boromir knows about the Ring in the Council: he's one of the
leaders of Minas Tirith and they're often involved with "Mordorish" things.
Faramir is better-read than his brother I think, but I also think that all Warders
of Gondor knew of the Ring-lore (the were the interim-Kings, sort of, so they
knew of it. At least Denethor knew very much about it - it is said in the Council
at Rivendell in the book. Probably only Saruman and Gandalf know more about
the whole Isildur-Ring business than Denethor). You can als look it up in the
book of RotK -there Denethor speaks in Pippin's presence about knowing
about it and giving the assignment to go to Rivendell to Boromir, I'm sure about

Anyway, I therefore think that Boromir had the best intentions in coming to
Rivendell. In the trailer for the extended FotR DVD you hear him saying to
Aragorn before the council: "Then we're here on common purpose". He means
that, but when he comes near the Ring, the bloody jewel immediately starts to
use its influence on him. He's a normal man (indeed, Aragorn is not - he's still
from Numenor) and therefore he (Boromir) is an easy prey for the Ring. The
moment he sees the Ring is the moment it doens't let him go anymore. And
Denethor is so infested with Mordorish depressing thinking because he looks so
often in the object-I-will-not-mention-here-for-spoiler-reasons-but-of-which-you-all-know-what-it-is,
that when he even hears about Boromir hadding a chance of getting the Ring,
he's "infected" at once, as well. But Faramir, who's much more well-read and of
a much more intelligent and gentle nature, has the strength to stand up to the
Ring when he's faced with it. Denethor can't stand up to anything like that
anymore because of the influence of that object-I-won't-mention-here and that's
why he breaks down in the end and tries to do

Boromir had the same sort of weakness as his father, but less deep, for he still
finds remorse and redemption in the end, but Denethor is lost. (Hope that was no spoiler).

My my! What an essay on the Gondorian Warder-family! You know what
think? If the mother of Boromir and Faramir would still have been alive, she
would have sorted things out between the men-folk. A father and two sons, of
which one is very much like him and the other completely unlike him, is bound
to go wrong, after all!

Why do you think it fares Aragorn so well? He has a very strong lady with a
very strong love backing him up: Arwen! (Why do you think Beren could steal
the Silmaril? Because of Luthien!) Gladly Faramir gets Eowyn in the end, too,
but with them, it's more that she needed him most, than the other way around!
For he could turn down the Ring already before he knew her! Well done, Faramir!

Four Haiku for Boromir

Mightily the horn
sounds upon the battlement
Boromir, my son

Gondor has no king
Who can rule if dad cannot
Gonder needs a king

Wind in the tower
our walls strong against the hoards
we will overcome

Brothers torn, fathers love
Faramir and I, united
Together in the end
- Dandy

A Boromir Acrostic
Brother beloved
Old man's hope
Ranger's companion
Orc slayer
Man of honor
Imrahil's nephew
Ring's prey
- Linaewen

A Boromir Link

This is a link to a gallery at the Tolkien Society - it links to a painting by Ted Nasmith of Boromir at the Falls of Rauros. - Linaewen


The Aftermath of Boromir Day
This was written by Hobbitlove after she saw the five pages of Boromir we had posted...

(Dr Hobbitlove arrives at the house of Linaewen) Knock, knock, knock (the door opens)

Mr. Linaewen: Oh Dr. Hobbitlove, I'm so glad you could make it. Come right this way

(the two walk to the computer room in the Linaewen houshold)

Mr. Lin: Dr., she's been like this all night. I don't know what to do.

(Linaewen is slumped over at the computer, hands sill on keyboard)

Dr. Hobbitlove: hmmm, I've been seeing a lot of this lately. Seems to be some kind of epidemic.

Dr. HL (to Lin) Linaewen? (Lin just lifts head up but continues to stare blankly at the screen mumbling something about silver trumpets) Linaewen, can you
hear me?

Linaewen: Gondor needs no King!

Dr. HL: uh huh.

Mr. Lin: What? What is it?

Dr. HL: I can't be sure yet. I have to do a few more tests. (to Lin) Now Lin, look at me. I want you to say the first thing that comes into your head when
say these words. (Lin nods slowliy, while still staring at the screen) Ring…

Lin: it could have been mine

Dr. HL: Hobbit…

Lin: the little ones, they took the little ones!

Dr HL: family…

Lin: Faramir!

Dr. HL: bird

Lin: Merry! Pippin! Hide!

Dr HL (shakes head) It's just as I feared.

Mr Lin: what? Dr. Please tell me what it is.

Dr. HL: Boromiritis

Mr. Lin (shocked) Oh no! not that!

Dr. HL: yes, I'm afraid so. This is a particularly bad case. I've only seen a couple as bad as this. There was one case up in Canada that was really bad.
Lady had to be taken from the computer by force and made to eat and sleep. It was really quite shocking. Then there was that Oregon case…(whistles). The
keyboard had to be surgically removed from her hands. Very sad. One lady, a (looks at planner) Shelob...we tried to trick her away from her computer by
telling her the house was on fire...she just said "What is this new devilry" and went back to her computer.

Mr Lin: so what do we do?

Dr. HL: well the prescription I've been giving the others which seems to be working is to stay away from the computer for at least a day, in this case
though, I'd recommend a week. The severity of this case warrants that kind of drastic approach I'm afraid. I've also been recommending that while they're
away from the computer they read the Return of the King.

Mr.Lin: Well, my wife has been reading FOTR a lot lately, is that ok.

Dr HL: NOO!! Don't you see, that book is full of Boromir! That's the problem. Return of the King is the book. She could read the Two Towers too,
 but not the first chapter. Have her stay away from the first chapter!

Mr. Lin: I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do it Dr. She does love to write. I don't know if I can stop her.

Linaewen: (under her breath having slumped back down) They have a cave troll.

Dr. HL: (sigh) then you have to get her to write limeriks about Hobbits. Sam, Merry, Pippin, Frodo, it doesn't matter. Even poems about Bilbo would be ok.
Better actually as he has no contact to speak of with Boromir. She could write stories about Elves or Darves too if she'd rather, but you must not allow her to
write stories or Poems about Boromir for at least a week and then after that, slowly let her go back. This is a very dangerous thing we're dealing with. It's all
over the country and spreading like wildfire. I'm just not sure if we'll be able to contain it.

Mr Lin: well, thank you Dr. I appreciate you coming out here. I wasn't sure how I was going to get her into the office with that computer attached to her. You've
been a great help.

Dr HL: glad to do it. Well, I must go. I have three other patients to see who seem to be having the same problem. Let me know how it goes. Goodbye

Linaewen:(from the computer room) I would have followed you, my brother, my captain, my king.

(Dr Hobbitlove exits the Linaewen household on her way to her next housecall)
Let's see, who's next. Dandy, then Varda. Phew! This is going to be a busy day.
- Hobbitlove

And now dear friends
tis sad to say,
this is the end
of Boromir day.

We've had some laughs,
and some tears,
We've shared his joys,
and his fears.

With each new post
we've gained a bit more
love and passion for
our favorite warrior.

And in our hearts
as our passions grew,
We've hoped that Sean and PJ
have shared our day too.

So the only thing left
for me to write
is pleasant dreams to all,
and to all a good night.

- Boriel

You have kept your honor
You have kept your honor, Son of Gondor. Your King bids you, Go in Peace. No more worries lay upon your weary head as the hope of your father. Isildur's Bane lays beyond your reach. No longer do you have to be the intermediary between your father and your brother. No longer do you have the cares you carried in life. You are free to explore the White Shores. You can go to the far, green country. Enter the halls of your ancestors and be at peace. Lay down your worries and your cares, leave them here, Son of Gondor.
--Silivren Ithildin

It's good not to be the King

It's nice to be the Steward's son
And bear the silver horn
It's pretty cool to be Denny's Heir
It's fun to be First Born

I am the captain of the Guard
My name my people sing
And best of all these wondrous things...
I don't have to become King!

No royal ballroom, no velvet drawers
No stuffy courtroom affairs
Nobody minds if I wear leather coats
Or if I ever wash my hair!

I am supposed to be a grimy Man
My contract says so clearly
If I was always perfectly coiffed
The fangirls would be chasing me!

They'd leave behind that lanky Ranger
And drop Frodo like a rock
And Orli's fans... well, if I was of a mind
I'd be shepherd of that flock!

But I am happy being me
An unprepossessing Man
I don't need the award of any Academy
With Linaewen as my biggest fan!
- Lothithil

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