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Bill's Lament - Lilywillow
There once was a pony named Bill - Lindorie
There was only dear Bill left in Bree - Lilywillow
Pony Bill was Thin as a rail - Dandy
There was a brave pony from Bree - Annie Bayly
Poor Bill said goodby at the gate - Lilywillow
The poor pony named Bill was so thin - Lilywillow
The Crebain  - Lilywillow
A Pony's Journey  - Shelob
There once was a pony named Bill, - Primula
Ode to Bill  - Anarelen
Faithful beast of burden - MithrandirCQ
Sam, Frodo and Bill  - Barliman Butterbur
An acrostic drabble for Bill the Pony - Silivren Ithildin
Sam Speaks out for Bill the Pony - Primula

Bill's Lament

Night is at hand
When all but Bill make ready
To enter the Mines
The Mines!
You cannot go there,
Though you would follow him
Into a dragon's den.
Turn him adrift, you hear,
He is but a pony after all,
Not of the nine.
A beast of burden.
He has been a useful companion.
He stands dejected, trembling
Listening to Sam sob his sorrow.

- LilyWillow

There once was a pony named Bill
Who felt like he'd swallowed a pill
He was treated so bad;
Hobbits came, he was glad!
He'd never again eat Bill's swill!

The Fellowship nine took a break,
A nice and hot meal they did make,
While nibbling on grain
Bill looked up, "Oh Crebain"
While for cover the nine they did make!

The pots and the pans made a "clang"
When on Bill's poor back they swang;
The pots and the kettles
Were made all of metals,
What a racket they made! Whew! Gosh dang!

Old Bill he carried a pack,
Great and heavy it was on his back
The food he did carry
Kept four Hobbits merry
And of "taters" they never did lack!

One pony was got at great cost,
To replace all the horses they lost,
And though he was small
His heart was real tall
And happy, his head he did toss!

Ponies like Bill are quite rare,
Their likes are not found in thin air.
The hobbits, they bought him
and glad that they got 'im -
Their own loads they were glad to pare.

Bill climbed Caradhras tall
Whilst snow all around him did fall
He acted all sad
but the truth to be had
He thought that the snow was a "ball"

Let's have a song for old Bill
Who may dwell in Hobbiton, still.
He spends all the day
Getting fat on good hay,
And of treats he has more than his fill!

Bill was a pony, no doubt,
Got him from Bill Fermy, the lout!
He treated Bill badly
The Hobbits then gladly
Threw apples that hit with a clout!

- Lindorie

There was only dear Bill left in Bree
When someone let the horses run free
So they paid a steep price
For this pony so nice
That they never begrudged the fat fee!

When crebain flew down low overhead
Bill could not duck and hide, but instead
He stood very still
Leaning into the hill
'Be a rock' to himself he had said!

- lilywillow

Pony Bill was Thin as a rail
When he came into the tale;
Tormented by a man
Who had a cruel plan
But was saved by the hobbits trail.

Pony Bill hearing the call
came out of his pony stall
he went away
for a year and a day
but was home again in the fall

A pony named Bill they found,
They fattened him up by the pound;
He carried his load,
and went far on the road,
Without making one single sound.

In Hollin the Party did wait,
For the crebain flew from the gate.
The only sounds betrayal
Was the swish of Pony Bill's tail,
And the crack of Sam's joints when they grate.

- Dandy

There was a brave pony from Bree
Who was ailing and weak in the knee
The hobbits they bought him
Sam fed him and loved him
That sturdy old pony from Bree

- Annie Bayly

Poor Bill said goodby at the gate
Of Moria, to be left to his fate.
Sam hugged him and cried
Then he ran inside
For so long not to see his mate!

- lilywillow

The poor pony named Bill was so thin
That his ribs stuck right out of his skin
But then Sam took this steed
Fed him love and good feed
Now what wonderful shape he is in!

- lilywillow

The Crebain

Please tell me, Bill, how did you hide
When overhead those crebain flied?
Your ample but surely they spied
As under cover others hide?

How did they not see you, dear Bill
A-standing up there on the hill?
Or did you stand so very still
That of your self they saw but nil!

- LilyWillow

A Pony's Journey

Once there was a pony small,
He answered to "Bill", or not at all.

Into the tale of the One Ring he came,
With the Company he travelled, thru wind and rain.

Howling of wolves made him tremble with fear,
Snakes in the water caused him to disappear.

Bill did not want to leave his friends,
He hoped they would come home again.

As back he ran, thru the forest dark,
With thoughts of hobbits in his heart!

Bill Ferny's Pony

Sam found Bill at the Inn of Bree,
An old place called "the Prancing Pony."
Gave him an apple on the palm of his hand.
Anxious to go with them, Bill paws at the sand.
Even to travel on such a dark journey,
Was better than being the pony of Ferny!

True Devotion

A flick of his tail, a toss of his head.
Bill started out on a trail of dread.
He kept always close to Sam,
In Bill's pack was the frying pan.
Pony knew they loved tomatos and bacon,
So, with the grub, no chances was he takin!

A Happy Pony

There once was a pony called Bill
He lived in a village just over the hill.
Of hay and oats he was fond,
And fresh water from a pond.
Happiest he was with apples to munch on!

- Shelob

There once was a pony named Bill,
The tenth Fellowship slot he did fill,
He never complained,
Had a real easy name,
And of memorable lines, he had nil.

There once was a fine little steed,
Who filled desperate travelers need.
When their faces were pale,
He was ready for sale,
Bravely facing adventure and deeds!

There once was a Bill, brown and equine,
Four-legged, one-tailed, on grass dined.
His ribs sticking out
Made his horsy lips pout,
But he fattened right up in due time.

There once was a faithful horse pet,
The finest Sam ever had met.
He carried a lot -
The pans and the pots,
But has never complained, nope, not yet.

- Primula

Ode to Bill

Bill who is so sweet and fair,
And to Sam's service will never err.

Along the road they went as one,
Until their mission had been done.

Today is Bill's day, and could he say,
We'd surely hear, "have a pint for me today!"

So toast to Bill this fine day,
Sam's companion all the way.

- Anarelen

Faithful beast of burden
The wonders of Rivendell
Prancing Pony found
- Bill the Pony

- Mithrandir CQ

Sam, Frodo and Bill

Traveling till the daylight is spent,
Sleeping under the stars with no tent;
Up he is at the crack of morning dawn,
With post and pans to get breakfast on;
Fresh bacon, eggs, toast, and ham,
For himself and his friend Sam;
Over hills and throught some dales,
Singing songs and telling tales;
Friends they will ever be,
From now until eternity;
Grow old together they will;
Taking care of their pony Bill.

- Barliman Butterbur

Bill the Pony

B eloved pony who started out life knowing only sad days
as Bill Ferny's beast of burden. Even at thrice the
normal price you were well worth every silver penny.

I ntelligent one. You knew you would be well taken care
of when you became a helper of the Fellowship.

L eft Bree behind to see better days. No longer underfed
and dispirited with Sam looking after you. Your coat
now gleams and your ribs no longer stick out.

L oves the Fellowship and is loved by them. A gentle
creature with a beautiful heart. Long may you live,
ever may you be happy. 
- Silivren Ithildin

From Hair Tales
Sam speaks out for Bill the Pony

I must protest this blither-blether,
The bestest hair is worn with leather!
Why Bill's forelock is silky-soft,
His equine ways aren't held aloft
But still his patience does endure.
His mane n' tail best those coiffures.

For our good pony I give a vote,
His shinin' hide, under his totes,
It goes jus' fine with longer mane,
And his tail, it matches jus' the same.
No hair of ours could match this ponys -
Sayin' it's other is jus' plain phony.
- Primula

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