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Bilbo Baggins - Vison
An Acrostic for Bilbo - Primula
A Triolet for Bilbo - Primula
3 Cinquains for Bilbo - Primula
Silly Bilbo Acrostics - Primujla, Ladyhawk and Evermind
Ten Things Bilbo Wished the Dwarves had Packed - Primula
Bilbo - Tinidril
Outside the Gate - Primula
There are No Dragons Here - Daisy Gold

Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins
Is a thief!
Lovely precious gone!
Burglar, that's all he is,
Old hobbit Burglar, that's all.

An Acrostic for Bilbo

Beginning on your great Adventure
In the late-morning light,
Leaving your hat and pocket-handkerchief
Behind, as well as your Respectability -
Over hill and under hill you wandered.

Barrel-rider! Spider-stinger! Lucky Number!
All the names that you were given would
Gain you fame, and the attention of those whom
Great wisdom had set apart.  Such courage -
Into the dragon's tunnel you ventured, though
None would come with you, alone you faced
- Primula

Triolet for Bilbo

Though stature'd small, he made his mark
In history, blessed by the Elves.
Through fire bright and caverns dark,
Though stature'd small, he made his mark.
Until he sailed on that last barque,
With comfort, glad between themselves...
Though stature'd small, he made his mark
In history blessed by the Elves.
- Primula

3 Cinquains

Famous burglar
Out of the riddles dark
Brought sunlight to a darkened gold

Without breakfast,
No pocket handkerchiefs,
Nor even hat, nor walking stick,

Red-book filler,
Inscriber of poems -
So many read your unfinished
- Primula

Silly Bilbo Acrostics

But "No!,"
Our fans said.

Gah! We're
Googling for
Info on
So silly..."
- Primula

Bad writing
Inihibits the
Lacking need
Bid to
Opine here

Bilbo buglar
Answers adequately
Give gently
Generous gentlehobbit
Inspired inklings
Noting nonsensical
Sentimental silliness.
- Ladyhawk

Blushes at her lack of posts for Bilbo
I truly am sorry for not writing anything!
Lo! I don't even think I'll manage a whole acrostic!
Bad inkler that I am, to so neglect dear Bilbo!
Oh dear....
- Evermind

10 Things Bilbo Wished the Dwarves had Packed:

1. Handkerchiefs
2. Hats
3. Teapots and tea
4. Scones
5. Umbrellas
6. Extra buttons and thread.
7. Flame-proof suits
8. Bug-spray
9. Inflatable rubber rafts
10."101 Ways to Burgle"
- Primula

Brave at need
Likable fellow
Old Took's heir-apparent
- Tinidril

A Rondelet for Bilbo

Outside the gate,
Away, the notice is sending -
Outside the gate,
Come clopping hooves in dusty state,
Long-planned journey thus is ending,
Here arrives an old befriending,
Outside the gate.
- Primula

There are No Dragons Here

I love how Bilbo has become an expert on dragons by the time he returns to the Shire , after his adventures with the dwarves. So this is his poem to show what a really cool guy he is.

Across the land towards the Hill
A fuming dragon flies,
His threatening roars I can hear
From the darkening skies.

He flaps the air with stormy wings
Seeking out my home,
On fiery bolts his summons comes
Whilst I sit here alone.

A wrath of thunders he’s unleashed
Upon the Hill, blow by blow,
That raging anger unrelenting
Lets the tempest’s torrents flow.

Let him rattle at the windows
Frenzied fingers grasping
Roaring and bellowing down the flue,
His calls crazed and rasping.

I’ll lie upon my cushioned chair
And watch the embers glow,
Until all trace of him is gone
To where the wild winds blow.
- Daisy Gold

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