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Aragorn's Hair - Dinledhwen
Aragorn's Revenge - Lothithil
Strider, by a Bree Tavern Patron - Baron Wilderness
Viggo Mortensen  - ElberethArathorn
A place where we'll go - Queen of Gondor
A Poem for our Aragorn - suzie sheelf & Magic Dreamer
Aragorn's Alliteration - Primula
Strider's Version of the Bath Song - Evermind
The Paths of the Dead - MithrandirCQ
Aragorn's Locks - Silivren Ithildin
Top Ten Reasons Aragorn left the Boards - Rider of the Rohirrim
For Aragorn - Nuroreiel

Aragorn’s HairA Lantern Poem

Needs a wash
Never stays clean

Aragorn's Revenge

Folks are always dis-ing me
'Cause of my lanky hair
No one seems to comment on
My steely, sea-gray stare

Nor do they take the time to comment
On my prowess with a sword
Gracefull as a ballet step, as I
Slaughter uruk-hai hoardes

My royal mein, my lantern jaw
My nicely grown in beard
I am the bloody King, you know
Someone to be honour and be feared!

But no... this is all I hear all day,
With Arwen giggling at what's said,
As she hands me another bottle of Suave...
I think I'll just shave my head!

- Lothithil

'Strider' by a Bree Tavern patron.

Always listening, never singing,
Tempers bristling, wisdom bringing.

Darkling corners, pipeweed smoking,
Never often laughing, joking.

Shattered, weapon, solemn marker,
Manner lately, sterner, darker,

Hidden purpose, splendor showing,
Telling nothing, simply knowing.

Fastest walker, swiftest rider,
Stranger, mystery, comrade, Strider.

<> - Baron Wilderness

Viggo Mortensen

Flickering images of you.
The outer physical reality of you portraying the inner emotional reality of a caricature written and rewritten by some writer, who knows how many times.
Not the true reality of you.
Does anyone? Will anyone see the true image of you?
The inner emotional reality of you?
Not the part you play to the world but, the man in the corner of a small work shop bearing his soul through the physical reality of art and the written word.
Even looking at your soul laying there naked could we ever understand that to be you?

- ElberethArathorn

A place where we'll go,
where Ecthelion will shine,
The King will return,
All in good time.
- Queen of Gondor

A poem for our Aragorn

Infant child so young and fair,
what does your future hold.
Dunedaian, Mortal, Isildur's heir,
Kept safe within the elven fold.

Estel the Elves called you,
Thorongil had the wanderer's feet.
"Chieftan" the rangers hail you,
In Lothlorien, you did Arwen meet.

Ranger "Strider" Wizard's friend,
Sitting in an inn at Bree.
Waiting for Gandalf's lonely errand,
Waiting patiently on a Hobbit plus three.

To the Hobbit you did swear your sword,
To save Middle-earth you'd give your life.
An heir of kings, an exiled Lord,
Your fondest dream, Arwen as your wife.
- Suzie Sheelf & Magic Dreamer

Aragorn's Alliteration
(The Council of Elrond)

Army activist angled adamantly "Appreciate Archenemy's adornment! Activation always agreeable."
Aragorn Arathornson answered an angry army activist; "Archenemy's adornment abases all, and amnesia answers any alternates!"
Army activist argued, "Alibi, alibi, any Ambler."
An ally announced "Any Ambler? Annulled! Ambler aka Aragorn Arathornson's ancestors actually accedes an apex authority, ages ago abandoned! Army activist's allegiance asked!"
Army activist answered apathetically, "Agateland's authority annulled. Agateland accepts anarchy."

- Primula

Strider's version of the Bath Song
(with apologies to Master Tolkien)

For mud and muckyness sing Hey!
It makes this skanky ranger's day!
A loon is he who bids me bathe
Or (horror of horrors) asks me to shave!
Oh water is fair that leaps on high
In fountain white beneath the sky!
But better than rain or rippling streams
is wallowing round in muddy dreams!
- Evermind

The Paths of the Dead

A trust forsaken , a pledge remains
The dead awaken, the King returns
The Stone of Erech, a doom contains
A trust forsaken , a pledge remains
Corsair ships taken, Gondor maintains
Angmar is slain, Minas Tirith burns
A trust forsaken , a pledge remains
The dead awaken, the King returns
- MithrandirCQ

Aragorn's Locks

Luxuriant, gentle waves
to your strong, broad shoulders fall.
Long, wonderful strands abound,
Careless fingers fix them all.

Mahogany in color,
Smooth and silky in texture.
Warm, vibrant tresses are yours.
Of this, Aragorn, I'm sure.
- Silivren Ithildin

As is my wont on theme days here is a top 10
Top 10 Reasons Aragorn left the boards....

10. He thought it was to stuffy in the dishwasher
9.He felt he was being called for to many foot massages
8.Arwen didn't like him hanging around so many girls
7.He felt he was getting to clean in the dishwasher and thought the other Rangers would laugh at him
6.He left because Gimli left
5.There was to much kareokee giving him a headache
4.The NOGS stayed up so late that he never got any sleep
3.To many girls were hanging around him
2.You haven't seen what people eat until you see their plates in the dishwasher (it's horable!)

And the number one reason Aragorn left the boards is....

1. he was afraid ROTR would give him more corn rows
Which I have been considering
- Rider of the Rohirrim

For Aragorn

Aragorn’s hair is a much-discussed thing
But does hair really make the man --
Or the King?

When a man wields a sword
And is watching your back,
Does it really matter if
It’s shampoo he lacks?

If he can lead
An army of the dead
What matters the state
Of the hair on his head?

Clean or dirty, lanky or smooth,
Bare to the winds, or under a crown,
It’s the deeds, not the “do”
That win him renown!
- Nuroreiel

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