Oh Weep Men of Gondor

Oh weep men of Gondor
For dreams that will not be.
No silver trumpets on the morn
Nor banners in the breeze.

Oh weep men of Gondor
For hope's fast fleeing flame.
No end to evils nor to war
And Boromir is to blame.

Oh weep men of Gondor;
Your son has failed the test.
He lies upon the forest floor
With arrows in his chest.

Oh weep men of Gondor,
Fast comes the Ranger's best,
And kneeling there amid the gore
Of Fellow's once proud quest.

Oh weep men of Gondor,
The White City cannot last.
Western men shall be no more.
It's enemies are too vast.

Oh weep men of Gondor,
For one has heard the call.
Protect our people he has swore.
The White City shall not fall.

Oh weep men of Gondor.
Let cheering voices sing.
Now comes a man of ancient lore.
My brother. My Captain. My King.

- Yaralindi